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  1. Have you checked online at some of the printing companies? Printed.com seems to do it
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah getting references isn't a problem and I'd expect to give a higher deposit/multiple months up front in an arrangement like this. Though I totally understand the concern landlords may have regarding renting a property to someone they haven't met. Going to Sheffield ahead of time in a temporary accommodation isn't ideal, but if it's the only option then of course we'd need to do it. The main reason we're keen to get something arranged beforehand is due to the shipment of our possessions from the US. Arranging for it to go to storage while we house hunt and then from storage to that property seems to be a bit of a logistical nightmare.
  3. Hi guys, So I moved over to the US two years ago. But the wife and I are looking to move back to the UK later this year and we'll be moving back to Sheffield. What I was wondering though was whether it's difficult to rent a place before we move over to the UK? Ideally I'd like to sign a tenancy agreement a month or so before I arrive, so that we have a place waiting for us upon arrival. Has anyone heard of landlords/agencies doing this? Or if you're a landlord/agent, would you be willing to setup something along these lines? For checking the place out I'd send my mother who is still in Sheffield. Any advice you can give would be great. Or if there are any companies you know of that help with international moves. Ta Luke
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