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  1. Ah right!! Hello!! Had it in my head that the polo shirt was white don't know why! So did you start in 93 same as me then? Can you remember what class you were in? I can't remember her name but I remember she was a biology teacher and looked like wisardora!!
  2. Hi all, I left HGS in 1994 the year before it was closed down. We we're give the option (then in year 7) to either stay on for another year or go right away. I then moved to Stocksbridge comp for year 8. We the. Moved to Devon halfway through the school year. Anyway, I have great memories of the school... Looking back I remember it being quite a small school in terms of class sizes etc. Seemed quite "cozy" if that makes sense. Certainly far more so than my school in a Devon...maybe just because I grew up there and knew most of the kids from primary?.... (Sorry I'm waffling now) I was hoping somebody may have some photos of the school? I can't find anything anywhere!! Also I'm trying to remember the uniform? I can recall the logo HGS on the jumper but that's about it...of course any other memories you may have Lee Wardle
  3. I went to School with a lad called Andrew Maw - Lived in High Green...His dad always had an gold MkI Cortina outside. Valley Road I think.... We're friends on Facebook of that helps!!
  4. Sorry mum ....Actually, you wouldn't know how to work the internet if I hadn't showed you....!!
  5. Me and my mum were talking about this yesterday!! She used to say this (and still does) when My brother/sister/myself were in the way.... or stood not doing....Mum thought it was her mums saying as in the yard opposite when she was little (mid 60's now...sorry mum) was an out of work chap called Clem Orwin, who just used to stand there aimlessly with nothing to do.... "Wot tha just bloody standing theer like Clem fo?" Mum was totally bewildered however when she saw someone else mention it on this forum....I wonder if the families were all from the same place? Mum was brought up on Hurst Rd just off the bottom of Clarence St at the bottom of the Moor. (Obviously long gone!)
  6. I remember the park well as I walked in front of my older sister on the swing when I was a toddler and knock myself out! Blood everywhere too! I remember I wasn't allowed up to the little climbing frame thing....
  7. GrannyPat...Apologise at once to Cookingfat How rude!
  8. Bruvva! Small forum! I remember Mrs Pet.... She was horrible!! YOu know the Peter Kay sketch about the pink dinner ladies in tabards.... IT@S SPITTING!!! Always reminds me of the dinnerladies from Woodhouse. Ringing the bell.EVERYBODY IN!!!!
  9. Born and grew up in Sheffield, went to Woodhouse West Primary (no longer there) and then High Green Comp (then it closed down) then to Stocksbrige comp feofre moving down to Devon in 1995. A chap came into my shop today from sheffield and we got chatting about Woodhouse and where I used to Live. Top bloke! I left when I was 12 so lots of memories but some Hazy - he showed me where I used to Live (Wickfield Place) (my earliest memories) and Sadly where Woodhouse West School used to be (where the walls of the boiler house were shiny from years of warmed-bums in the winter!!) I was amazed to see that most of the Vic Hallam houses on our old estate have been knocked down! But it means I've totally lost my bearings!! ha ha We live at 32 Wickfield place, I think this is where Ive drawn it?! I remember the path going down through the trees into the old park but I'm pretty sure there was an old climbing frame up a little path at the top of the hill?!! I also remember there being a little shop clad in wood we called "the hut" but I can't place it on the picture!! If anyone can fill in the blanks of my memory I would appreciate it! I assume that the estate is totally gone now? Which is sad Lee Wardle
  10. Still after some photo's if anyone has any?!!!!
  11. Thank you for the offer of the photocopy, however it's mainly photographs I'm after. It's quite strange nowadays to imagine an entire school heated only by a coal boiler.
  12. Were you a pupil there? It seems so sad to me. You always imagine that somewhere like a shcool would just go on forever. My older Brother and Sister both went there. We were talking when we met at christmas about the hot bricks around the boiler room. I can still remember the smell, I kind of sulphury/smokey smell. Any idea where I can get a copy of ''A HUNDRED NOT OUT"?
  13. Blimy, Mr porteous was the headmaster when I was there (1987). Was there a reason for the demolition/Closure?
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