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  1. Iv recently moved to the area and have decided to continue with my pet care business (was running over 5yrs at previous area professionally and a lot longer just for friends) I have spaces available for dogs in and around walkley, crookesmoor and central hillsborough plus neepsend. All dogs are walked from the door - no vans involved and max of 4 dogs but I prefer 2 dogs for safety although have handled 6 regularly. Walk prices are per walk (from £10), as I'm starting up again walks can be over an hour based on your dogs exercise requirements and will also include playtime, exercise, individual interaction and any training requirements (just basic manners) I have experience with many breeds and have successfully integrated 2 dogs with reactivity issues into group walks over the space of a year having started as 1-2-1 onlead only dogs. I have owned rescue dogs including a large reactive breed, dogs with limited recall and my current rescue is a collie cross "teenager" I will be happy to discuss you and your dogs needs at a free meet and greet visit please message me or visit my Facebook page Facebook.com/affordabledogcare where you can message me and also see all the pictures of my previous clients out and about on their walks. I am also available to do pop in home visits in the walkley area for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens etc and an currently quite flexible for arranging any times for walks or visits Also please feel free to say hi if you see me about with my pup (Ollie the fluffy bearded x border collie) around walkley..... he's very friendly even if he does bark a lot! He's on home number 5 so is still learning everything but loves to play and run round with everyone
  2. Recently moved to shefffield and suffer from mental health issues and wondered what services and support there was around the area. Also looking for a good doctor in s6 that is good with people with mental health issues. Part of my issues involves struggling to cope in new situations and social anxiety so find it hard to approach people and join in so looking for friendly supportive places where people won't judge me and I can feel safe while joining in at my own pace. I am currently under assessment for autism as well as having generalised anxiety, social anxiety and depression plus seizures caused by panic attacks.
  3. Thanks. Will check out bolehills.he loves a good run offlead every day. My pups an assistance dog in training so he's allowed on the tram as long as wearing his vest and is clean.
  4. Can anyone recommend good places to walk in and around walkley. I don't have a car so needs to not be too far away. And don't want to be paying for buses or trams constantly although happy to visit places occasionally if on tram route. We already know about rivelin valley woods which will likely be our local morning/evening walk as only 5-10mins from house but wondered what else there is. Ideally without loads of people or animals as our collie pup does get excited We will be around walkley lane (in process of moving)
  5. hi, i am due to relocate to sheffield soon due to my partners work and know nothing about the area! we will be around neepsend area hopefully (still looking for dogfriendly housing to rent!) i have a 15mth collie who is used to running round with friends for 4-6hrs a day in countryside but from google maps is unlikely to be able to do that here as couldn't see much large areas of land nearby. - any reccomendations for good offlead areas within walking distance of neepsend for an active dog? - are there any dog meet ups to get to know other owners and see places. i struggle making friends easily so friendly doggy groups are best for me. - who is the best vet? reasonable rates but also good care. - any dog friendly cafes that are teccomeded in city centre or near neepsend?, where i currently live nearly every cafe and pub lets them in so we go out for breakfast and an afternoon coffee! - any other great places i should visit with my pup or any essential advice or info. thanks in advance for advice/help etc
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