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  1. Hey. Has anyone had there bill yet this year? I’m assuming with everything that’s happening they might be late.
  2. Hey all. Im looking for someone who will deliver a couple of ton of manure / compost to the Archer Lane allotment site, there’s a drivable road around the site but only for a small flatbed - a lot of companies only deliver on large trucks and they won get round. Any contacts much appreciated.
  3. Hello - I could be interested in this. Im local is it possible to pop up and have a look if its worth hiring a van to collect? Thanks
  4. Hey thanks for the replies. Unfortunately Infield Lane is a solid 40-60 min return drive from me so just to far out. There a great project call Incredible Edible that started out as a gorilla gardening project using public and waste land - again none I can think of close to here though that I could take a claim to. Still its a great project to wave in front of councillors to show the huge community benefit of releasing more useful land to grow food on a local level. incredibleediblenetwork (dot) org (dot) uk
  5. Hello I've been on the Archer Road waiting list for over 3 years now with no sign of getting a plot this year either. I wondered if anyone would like a hand or had a spare corner they would like to rent? Long shot I know as the waiting lists on many sites are so long but Im happy to help. Ive been square foot gardening in raised beds in the back garden for a number of years but space is limited and we only get 6-8 hours of sun all day. Still we manage a decent kale, brassica and Chinese greens harvest each year and the contrary to predictions the tomatoes also do really well in the limited sunlight. Be great to branch out into a bigger space if you know of any. Thanks!
  6. Hello - If this is available I would be very interest. I live just around the corner, professional with green fingers.
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