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  1. this topics probably been covered before but where did you have your first pint or similar and which pub, for me i was 17 back in 1968 and it was in the jack in the box on silkstone rd frecheville . how about you
  2. hi only just fond this thread its a few years old but anitajm i was one of your brother michaels best friends we were at thornbridge grammer together it was in our last years there when we used to wag school we always went to your house to spend the day as your mum was at work, iremember youas his sister. roy was a bit of a tearaway and john was in the air force or army if i remember right but i dont remember your older sister, the knight brothers lived across the road before emigrating to australia are you in contact with michael we both went our own ways when we left school
  3. why is it that once your in a relationship your called babe or hun or darl etc your never called by your real name again,and once you have kids your not called by an affectionate name ,your just dad does anyone have any other names they are affectionally called
  4. does anyone remember the name of the restaurant back in the late 80s next door to the big tree on chesterfield rd it was behind the offices of i ithink a building company .you drove through the gates and was met by someone who parked your car for you. the staff were all italian and it was quite inexpensive .mainly burgers and pasta dishes .if it was your birthday or some other occasion and they got to know they would come out to your table with sparklers in there hands and sing happy birthday in there italian accent, cant for the life of me remember the name of it i dont think it lasted too long
  5. a couple of years ago i did a job for a couple and when i finished the husband paid me and said before you go my wife and i would like you to have this.i was hoping for a nice tip but instead he put a small blue bible from the seventh day adventist church.feeling let down i left quickly after a quick thanks just wondering if anyone else has recieved things they didnt expect or want
  6. all i can say is australia 4 gbr3 WOO HOO
  7. talking of being sexist i can recall my wedding night to wife number 1 after doing the buisness and lying side by side she said dont think your doing this every night and she was true to her word. why did she get to call the shots by the way im onto wife number 3
  8. i have a useless step son that lives down the garden in a converted garage who decided to get a mutt as useless as he is,my other half has to go and feed it and let it out.i have to pick up all its buisness before i can mow the grass so i scoop it up on the shovel and throw it under his window cant wait for summer and it gets warm
  9. I recall my wife saying “If I find out that you have been having sex with me I will be extremely annoyed”. `
  10. hey rockers rule the other half an ozzie use to make liver bacon and tomatoes regularly until i pointed out where the liver came from, and now she wont make it anymore poor little lambs,as for the frey bentos pie in a tin yes can get that easily but its like eating dog food with flaky pastry on top im sure im going to remember more, one to forget was the school tapioca pudding like eating fish eyes
  11. been in australia now for 30 years but still miss certain foods .cant buy frey bentos steak and kydney puddings anywhere. remember after a night out you could get cod and chips covered in curry sauce yum over here everything closes by 9pm no going for a curry on london rd at midnight.if ever im on my own i have homemade chips and fried egg with a slice of fresh bread and butter what a treat my other half turns her nose up at it , and dont mention yorkshire puddings its enough to make me pack up and come home anybody else miss there favourite foods because of where they live
  12. Does anyone still take sandwiches to work for lunch ,with all the take aways etc so convenient but years ago before all these sprung up what did you take to work for lunch. I remember my dad back inthe 50s use to take cold bacon sandwiches , mum would make his pack up the night before and put it in his bag for work , a khaki nap sack from the army and general store
  13. Just recently been introduced into australia,you take them to the waste recycling centre ,they are spread around the city .its about the size of a large skip,as soon as you start feeding them through the hole it clocks up every bottle you send through at the end you can either press todonate the money or you get a docket to to take to woolworths and get a cash refund, in oz every bottle or canis 10 cents but it doesnt accept wine bottles, not a fortune to be made but it adds up and the garbage bin is emptier
  14. Im out here in oz is there a way of finding out if my names still on the deeds of a house i lived in with my ex in woodseats, i dont have any contact with her but i believe she still lives there
  15. It was on hill st his name was armando i bought my lambretta from him it had a shop glass front and was about 2 steps up the front room was full of scooters and had to put a plank down to get a scooter out of the shop,
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