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  1. Does anyone still take sandwiches to work for lunch ,with all the take aways etc so convenient but years ago before all these sprung up what did you take to work for lunch. I remember my dad back inthe 50s use to take cold bacon sandwiches , mum would make his pack up the night before and put it in his bag for work , a khaki nap sack from the army and general store
  2. Just recently been introduced into australia,you take them to the waste recycling centre ,they are spread around the city .its about the size of a large skip,as soon as you start feeding them through the hole it clocks up every bottle you send through at the end you can either press todonate the money or you get a docket to to take to woolworths and get a cash refund, in oz every bottle or canis 10 cents but it doesnt accept wine bottles, not a fortune to be made but it adds up and the garbage bin is emptier
  3. Im out here in oz is there a way of finding out if my names still on the deeds of a house i lived in with my ex in woodseats, i dont have any contact with her but i believe she still lives there
  4. It was on hill st his name was armando i bought my lambretta from him it had a shop glass front and was about 2 steps up the front room was full of scooters and had to put a plank down to get a scooter out of the shop,
  5. Met my 1st wife in there when l was 18 she had a boyfriend in prison as well, every body told me to keep clear but l got married to her anyway, 7 years later she met him again by chance when we were out shopping in town one saturday afternoon ,she ended up having an affair with him and we got divorced, its a cruel world
  6. The birley hotel was my local in the late60s and 70s had live bands every night if i remember, i was a member of the birley boys we had the tables altogether down the centre of the room. Watched bands like the daisies, great times. occasionally the boys from the old blue bell would come in for a good group, sometimes it would kick off and had a good fight ,my best mate was looking out for me one fight and hit one of them over the head with one of those heavy pint pots with the handle ,great days
  7. Just been stung for 10000 by a phoney paypal reported to police but dont think ill get my money back
  8. First wage was in 67 as an apprentice gasfitter and was 5 pounds
  9. I was a 16 yrold apprentice gas fitter went for christmas drinks in the raven off west st beers then vodka and orange was absolutley legless but the bloke who took me in looked after me and delivered me home to my mother.
  10. Are you in australia cos its not easy at all if theres anyone reading in oz id be grateful for any input how to get back on live chat if i press on the previos links for live chat it says account dissabled
  11. Been to the bank today and they advize to call the fraud squad over the entropay withdrawal i will do that tomorrow , how long do paypal transactions usually take,when i bid to buy on gumtree the seller would not accept payment any other way than paypal, she said do it through live help and they will guide you through it,because it was 9000 they said it would need a merchant bank to do the transaction,well i must have supplied abou a dozen photos of me, my drivers licence me with my drivers licence utility bill etc any way they gave me the bank details to pay the 9000 into,i thought it would be safer to do it via my bank so i went in they did a bank withdrawal from my account and then sent to the bank as i was given details.however ther was a 9 number reference to be put on the deposit slip but the bank could only put a 7 number reference on,i informed paypal so they could inform the merhant bank and now im where im at ,i dont know if my money is floating around in cyber space,the guy from paypal said it was automated an would not recognise the deposit as i said previosly i cannot now get into live help,by the way ive spoken to 4 operators now and thy are all called david ,is it a coincidence
  12. Hi just wondering if anyone has lost completly on paypal, im in australia and think ive just been shafted for almost 10000 dollars ,i bid on a motorhome for 9000 and the seller would only deal through paypal, at the moment ive been on live help line ive sent 9000 via bank transfer to a merchant bank i think is in the uk because of the amount,they also took out of my account almost 900 dollars without permission someone called entro pay, now i cant get in touch with paypal any way there are no phone numbers only the help chat line and you have to be invited, its been ongoing now for 3 weeks ,is it just paypal that is slow to make interest on the money i dont know how to check
  13. Yes i remember pete , i too was an apprentice gas fitter andwe were in the same class at tech he was always drumming on the desk and remember him with gary glitter there were another couple of lads in bands in the same class but cant remember there names ---------- Post added 25-01-2018 at 04:45 ---------- Just came to me one of the others wasphil brodie played with bitter suite if i remember right the other one didnt do much .
  14. I remember after sunday lunch the ice cream van would come around playing greensleeves and mum would go out and buy a bowl of icecream and wafers for desert, and us kids would have an old strap on roller skate with the beano hard back annual balanced on it ,going down hill was great until you wanted to stop or go around a corner,had many a graze from coming off.
  15. Hi all lived in sheffield until i was 40 and then moved to newcastle nsw in 1991 and havent been back but still like to see whats happening back there
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