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  1. Wanted 4th player to make up Solo School, Friday afternoons Handsworth Pub. 2 - 3 hours max.
  2. Anyone on hear play Solo ? we have a school Friday afternoons in Handsworth, due to an illness we are looking for a forth to make the school up.
  3. Wanted, 4th player to make up a Solo school.
  4. " We do not have distinct ethnic areas like them " What planet are you on ?
  5. Well said Robin, plus were not sweeping up leaves for months on end or risking breaking our necks slipping on wet leaves. If I had the know how to do it safely they'd be down by now trust me, and I'd have the full backing of the people who live here.
  6. Killjoy............ ---------- Post added 09-03-2017 at 15:55 ---------- Oh and by the way the correct spelling is Lurg Mhor.
  7. The majority of people on our road voted in favour of tree felling, but STAG came and stopped the work yesterday, why should WE THE LOCAL RESIDENTS be dictated to by STAG, these trees are nightmare, we are sweeping up leaves from September to March, they make the pavement dangerous to walk on and they clog the drains which leads to flooding, and God only knows what damage the roots are doing to foundations. ---------- Post added 09-03-2017 at 15:26 ----------
  8. Anyone know where the Guinness tent is this year ?
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