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  1. I know feelings ran strong but that was then and this is now but even I can't guarantee that my own opinions will not be susceptible to change over the next 20,30 even 40 years. I've been young (if memory serves me correctly) and during those times I was more likely to display my feelings more vociferously than I am now. It passes and in the end it doesn't matter. Problems are overcome and replaced by new ones. Besides, politics is a personal thing.
  2. That would depend on what you consider to be young but either way, I wouldn't be able to guess their frame of mind for the next 80 odd years.
  3. I think this more a case of you transferring your own displeasure onto others. There are always examples of two minds so that statement carries very little weight.
  4. It's because they overfill them and the handles give out as they're lifted from checkout. The real question should be why do they generally only have one bag? Their fridges put the Tardis to shame, surely it makes sense to buy in bulk!
  5. I'm not sure I can agree with your theory of resentment Cyclone. What reasons would they have to resent someone for having something that they haven't? I don't resent anyone for having more than we do, I'd like to have a bank balance that doesn't favour red of course I would and in essence I have the same as someone earning thousands a week but it just takes a lot more care to keep it going. It might be that our son struggles to get somewhere of his own, his kids should he have any may do likewise but I'd like to believe that neither will harbour any bitterness to previous generations simply because their lives encounter difficulty. I certainly don't feel as though I owe anyone anything for what we have. We get one chance at life, make the most of it we're told. There's no mention that as you approach your senior years you need to give up thinking of yourself and live instead for the next two generations as some kind of penance.
  6. Seems a little bit nose, spite face. Are they shut permanently or just for one night?
  7. Hey, craft projects are nothing. They ask for proof of age round our way for purchasing eggs at Halloween.
  8. Well there you go then. But even with that, it's so simple to arm yourself. Just seen your edit.
  9. To the extent that America has, no, we don't but there are still crimes involving guns. Knives are a different proposition, they aren't so easy to deal with simply because you can buy one in many high street stores. Kitchens have an array of knives razor sharp so they're available to everyone​. I'm assuming as far as selling goes some form of I'd is required to purchase one?
  10. Exactly. The Dunblane killings were done with legally held pistols. The fact is it took two incidences (Dunblane and Hungerford) for the UK to pretty much wipe out gun ownership, sometimes we get it right.
  11. Driver had a few attempts at it though
  12. It's common practice to leave them as they break down and act as a natural fertiliser for the soil, its a gardening tip, though they should be spread evenly.
  13. This is true but their laws give renters far more protection than our own. Contracts can be over a much longer period as well so it's still possible to plan long term in many European countries. I do question the mentality here to own somewhere and there have been many times when I've wished we didn't.
  14. I read it as humour but I might be wrong.
  15. This sounds like the start of an ad for NEW UNBLOKO or something.
  16. We're all wrong that's why God gave us Cyclone
  17. I get that after a few minutes so you do well.
  18. The UK did at one time have a Bill of Rights that permitted ownership but there weren't many takers. It remained that way for almost 200 years. From that point a series of tighter restrictions were introduced along with licences. From the late 1800's to date tighter and tighter restrictions have been introduced coming to head after the Hungerford massacre which saw carrying and owning almost every firearm an offence. The Dunblane massacre witnessed an amendment that covered everything else. We now can't manufacture buy or sell imitation guns. It appears that with the exception of a few countries the worlds inhabitants are happy the way things are.
  19. I read more than I post and I guess like Manlinose I'll weigh it up first. I find it can be very judgemental and lacking humour but then I've gone for politics like a fool it's not so friendly. I've made a conscious decision not to bother my backside anymore with those threads.
  20. Is there any chance of you clarifying what old is in your eyes only a lot of us myself included have kids at university and I for one care very much for ours. Our politics differ in the main though we agree in principle on many things that are obviously wrong. He voted Labour not because of Corbyn's ability to talk but for the promise of student fees being removed. Since voting his view has changed and he regrets his decision and in hindsight feels he should have spoiled, why, because he's already grown tired of the rubbish spilling out from those that also voted Labour. He makes his own mind and despite everything that's happened still looks forward to a bright future. He voted remain but isn't hung up on the result. He has hopes and dreams the same as anyone young and old. He has no expectations of an older generation to alter their politics for his future when they still have their own.
  21. That would be the alternative yes, pay more. ---------- Post added 26-06-2017 at 11:19 ---------- I don't care who solves the issue!
  22. Aye, that'll do it, that's the clincher.
  23. .and you won't until they make not working less inviting than being given money for doing nothing.
  24. We're playing the Once Bitten rule here
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