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  1. Brexit' doesn't mean anything does it other than Britains exit. ---------- Post added 03-08-2017 at 10:53 ---------- So you're saying that of the four thousand odd posts that make up the 'consequences' fiasco that there are no insults or accusations, not even in Latin
  2. Well that's rich, these posts are full of insult and accusation levelled at Leave and I'm to accept that gracefully. I don't have to make an argument do I, brexit in whatever form it takes will unfold as it happens and the consequences of it will be revealed. Until that point YOU can only speculate and report what is readily available from the media anyway.
  3. But that doesn't stop my enjoyment does it. I voted out and out won so yes I have and this succession of threads confirms my decision. You've been arguing your point for I don't know how many posts now, 3-4 thousand maybe more and it's done nothing to make me think otherwise, the opposite in fact. I barely read them, I rarely open the links because it's a tired argument. Any validity you may have had was lost a long time ago. In short, I'm not listening because there's nothing to hear. It's just a bit of fun to comment, which is what it should be (Again, you and your are generalisations)
  4. It'll calm down in due course. Me, I've always took delays as a part of the holiday experience, and newspapers are for wrapping fish n' chips. I don't mind what happens now, all these tails of woe float past on the breeze, I skim through these posts, some I read in full, others are just too long winded. I voted leave and I'm happy to have won, the rest is up to others now.
  5. ...and then there's DONE which has a sound all its own. It's almost as if the South and the North reached a compromise
  6. So why is it not the Stonn of Sconn?
  7. The media yes but they're handy to quote from when it suits eh! I look forward to the next one, humour keeps us feeling good and this thread is full of laughs, thanks Remain. ---------- Post added 02-08-2017 at 17:33 ---------- No, sad is when no one from leave is commenting and yet you all still chunter on to one another.
  8. Though according to the Guardian (recommended by some posters) this is more to do with security checks in light of recent attacks than anything else.
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