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  1. Hi, I am looking to see if there is anyone around who offers a antique valuation? My grandfather has passed away and we have found a lot of what seem to be antiques in his home ranging for memorial, art and pottery. Does anyone know a company that will visit the house and value the items
  2. The appropriate speed camera sign is below the camera but after doing some research online I think it could be an ANPR camera
  3. Hi All, I’ve just drove past the leisure centre on penistone road and noticed what appears to be a new small white speed camera attached to a lamp post, has anyone got anymore information?
  4. Hi So I have recently been looking through my grandparents items and I have discovered two framed metal maps of "British as it was devided in the tyme of the English saxons especially during their heptarchy" and "the west ridinge of yorkeshyre" but both of the items have "with the compliments of C. W. G. Nettleship, Ltd, Sheffield" scrolled on the bottom, does any know anything about the maps or if the company is still trading?
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