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  1. I have the opportunity for a house on this road but I don't know what it is like. I am wary of Butterthwaite Road but the Crescent seems more tucked away and quieter. Can anyone advise me please? There was a post 10 years ago that wasn't too encouraging but a lot can change in 10 years I imagine. And if it isn't good, what other roads in Shiregreen are ok and to be avoided? I have always liked Shiregreen for the views and how green it is but I don't want to make a mistake. There are other houses on Ronksley Road and Wooley Wood Road. How about these roads? Thank you!
  2. I might be getting a property on Hartley Brook Avenue and I really need to find out what the area is like. I will be lower numbers nearer the Nethershire shops. I don't expect perfection but I would like to feel safe and for it to hopefully be a place I can finally put down roots. If this is a massive no no please can anyone point me in the direction of some roads that can be recommended in the area or alternatively roads that would be a mistake to live in. I have lived in a couple of areas now where I had bad neighbours and I am desperate not to have to go through this again. Thank you

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