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  1. Hi jmdee ... yes I did thanks ... will consider it but am looking at other options.
  2. Hi All, We have been in SHeffield now for 7 months and will soon be moving on again. We have really enjoyed our time here and got to see quite a lot of the town and the peaks and experienced some great moments and so we would like to take with us something that means something to us and will make us remember this time. One of the things that really stood out for us was a map that we saw hanging in a pub in Nether Edge that was called "where the bombs fell in Sheffield" (or similar) ..... does anyone know where I could get a copy of that map. Not an online thing ... something I can buy ... I think it was printed by The Star (or Sheffield Star?) Thanks for the help Vic
  3. No definately not any of those. I have seen many Greylags before and the other two just have too dark a head - was definately very, very white. Looked online and it seems as if there may be some introduced individuals around the UK ...
  4. Hi all, I am new to the area and quite new to the European birding environment (originally from Africa) so please excuse me if this is a silly question: My wife and I went through to Fairholmes Visitor Centre in the Peak District and on the way there, across the dam is a farm with sheep and geese and while I was scanning the banks I noticed that one of the geese amongst the Canada Geese was a lot more white, with yellow/orange legs and bill and was also somewhat smaller than the Canada's ..... is it possible that this could be a BAR-HEADED GOOSE ? I know this is an Asian species, but could it be domesticated somehow? Just wondering ..... Thanks Victor
  5. Hi Everyone, Just thought I would say "HI" .... my wife and I have recently moved to Sheffield (1 week now) and was looking at getting to know the city and what it has to offer. A little bit of who we are : - We are originally from South Africa, having moved to the UK in October last year - I am an Engineer (43) and my wife is a Dentist (34) - our interests are photography, wildlife, the outdoors, birding, crossfit amongst other things. To start with ... if I could get some basic information: - I know Sheffield has the largest Crossfit in the country, and we will be joining that soon :-) - Are there any other South Africans around the city? - Can anyone give me some good tips on where to go birding? - Any birding groups/clubs in the city? - Any photography groups/clubs in the city? Any other tips and tricks would be very cool ... Thanks guys, Cheers for now Victor
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