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  1. Anyone work for or knows someone that works for Rolls Royce in Catcliffe? I'm trying to find out what shift patterns they work. Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks.
  2. Like Nickscape says .. Peak Imaging they did all my mounting for my British Institute of Professional Photography and Master Photographers association qualifications.
  3. Never had any problems at all .. both with the peace gardens and the winter gardens .. the public have always respected the situation and stood back and watched.
  4. Moonbird .. Ive only been in the old rooms when shooting brides and wedding guests, lovely gorgeous rooms and quite a lot of them too.. so Im sure you could request one when booking. Synthpulse .. The forum asks you to search before starting a new thread so you are perfectly within your rights to use this thread ..best of luck with your planning.
  5. The thread as resurfaced due to a new enquiry about the hall rockonvynil in march this year.
  6. I have worked at Wortley Hall many times over the years and you just cant go wrong having your wedding there ..its great!! also if you have bad weather it has some nice spots inside to take wedding photographs and its roomy so your guests have room to move around. Good luck with your plans.
  7. They could do those mini fish and chip cones tho ..couldnt they? .. I see these alot at weddings and everyone loves them.. I think they are a great idea Laura.
  8. Hiya, You need to clear your messages I cant send you a PM. I can do you 2 hours of pro photography and all your images edited on USB in colour and black/white for £350.. I normally charge £499 but November is off season to me. I have been shooting weddings at Wortley Hall for the last 19 years. Regards Lisa
  9. Hi.. £65 for shoot in your own home with mobile studio. Includes 2 x 12x8 prints ..online secure proofing ..20% off your next shoot. Fully insured and over 18 years experience.. take a look at my baby website http://www.babyitsyou.co.uk or my face book group https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-Abbott-Photography/242172795903669?ref_type=bookmark
  10. Thanks Playpen .. My friend was a witness at the scene and was in a shocking state ... I really hope he makes a full recovery. This little B*****D was arrested buying booze at an off-licence .. It makes my blood boil!!
  11. I havnt seen the Star ... Loxley Road was bad before with the pot-holes and people speeding .. now they have resurfaced it ..its even worse!!
  12. All I know is a man was trapped under his car .. and it took the fire brigade 2 hours to get him out .. he was still alive at the scene. He was changing a wheel .. a car travelling from the direction of Bradfield lost control and hit his car which went over him. The driver ran .. but the passenger stayed to help. The driver was arrested later. I havnt heard how the man is .. hope he's ok.
  13. Yes .. dont worry .. he can stay with you all day. I have been in a few times for the day and its never been a problem
  14. Was deffo Tapton Masonic Hall, Shore lane just up from Broomhill. I do a lot of weddings at this venue
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