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  1. Also most supermarkets and the indoor market sell them. They're not exactly difficult to find.
  2. From a decent coal merchant you should be able to get different quality coals, depending on what you're willing to pay for. I buy the stuff from petrol station forecourts for the few coal fires I have. It burns ok, but leaves a lot of ash. This is for a proper Victorian hearth rather than a burner.
  3. It's worth fighting any fines if you have even the flimsiest of pretexts. I recently fought a fine, took it all the way to appealing to the adjudicator and SCC then gave in and didn't fight it. I heard they have recently laid off a lot of people from the parking enforcement dept. of the council and they just don't have the manpower or resources to fight appeals.
  4. Dunno, I couldn't find anything online, why not phone the town hall and ask them?
  5. Yes, it's one of very few still operating and is far more efficient at moving people than conventional lifts.
  6. Then try 'O! Lucky Man', also directed by Linsdsay Anderson and starring Malcolm McDowell. It's not as good as If, but it's thoroughly surreal.
  7. All taxis in the Scandinavian countries have CCTV. They also take credit cards. Why don't British cabs take credit cards? Is it because their earnings could be taxed properly?
  8. And they fracked the Hardtoft well before that. It's on the Chatsworth Estate near Hardwick Hall. But both Eakring and Hardtoft are a different type of fracking, so you can't really compare. BTW you can visit the site of the Hardtoft oil well which is now a garden centre. They sell samples of the oil which still seeps out of the well http://www.derbyshireheritage.co.uk/Menu/Industries/hardstoft_oilwell.php
  9. I've been to a couple of these events and they're worth going to. I never realised there was so much space back there behind Ecclesall Road Coop.
  10. Why wouldn't it open at 8:30am? Look at their website, it says - THE WAGGON & HORSES MILLHOUSES, SET TO OPEN DAILY FOR BREAKFAST FROM 8:30 https://www.thewaggonsheffield.co.uk/news/2017/2/24/the-waggon-horses-millhouses-set-to-open-daily-for-breakfast
  11. So what's the problem with making plastic? I bet you used a plastic keyboard to type your post.
  12. The impact on the countryside is the one and only fear I have about fracking. It needs to be well regulated, unlike in the USA, so that many long reach wells are drilled from each site to reduce the number of drilling sites. It's perfectly do-able, it just needs the government to impose the necessary regulation because left to themselves the oil and gas companies will take the cheap option, which is to mess up the countryside unnecessarily.
  13. 65,000 people have lost their jobs in the North Sea oil and gas industry in the last couple of years due to the low oil price. A bit of work would be welcome.
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