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  1. Doom Bar, how appropriate. Go out and buy a pint in your local, whilst it is still there.
  2. No the legal age to drink alcohol should be 16. But the alcohol on sale should be of a low percentage. This will get young people used to socialising with people from different generations, used to drinking socially, and will help with the transgression between youth and adult. In addition it will open up a world beyond the internet, Face-ache and Twit-ter. Anyone that listens to the yankee doodle, bible bashing, two faced rhetoric coming from the other side of the pond wants their head loking at. Cos they do it in the USA doesn't mean it's right.
  3. Funny you should say that. I was thinking l havent seen an earwig for ages then there, was one under a plank of wood in my garden. How odd.
  4. I agree with most people on this subject. The impatient driver is at fault here end of, no iffs, no buts. Overtaking in an agressive manor making rude gestures. I wonder who's side Mr Police Officer would come down on. Lets get one thing straight, The speed limit is the speed limit, if you choose to go over the limit then it is your fault should you get caught (and i've been caught) It defenately is not the fault of the motorist in front of you, if you think he or she isn't going fast enough, tough, they are not breaking the law.
  5. Blimey! Saw Jimmy Carol in Talk of the Town the other week. Hope he recovers and the low life that did this gets caught. Presumably the woman involved knows him. I am pretty sure Jimmy will press charges and there will be plenty of witness's. ---------- Post added 05-07-2018 at 07:30 ---------- Meantime all the best Jimmy hope you pull through okay.
  6. Ha ha ha... That's funny ---------- Post added 04-07-2018 at 11:31 ---------- Proper summers? No you didn't. Check out the met office archive, pick a date, any date, and my money is on 18C 66F ish cloudy, chance of rain. Go on try it. l did it with my grandmother, random dates during the summer fifties and sixties and that's what happens nine times out of ten.
  7. Went to a quiz night in Liverpool. Don't know much about quizes so l put Stephen Gerrard and The Beatles for every other answer.... Came second.
  8. Saw the Gutter Band there in the 90s Part of the Stone's Roadshow. Saw a band called Bad Madness too They were great.
  9. I went on the internet, did a highway code quiz and got 90%. Ive been driving for 30 years, I am a rubbish driver I admit it, but then so are most people. Trouble is they won't admit it. It's always someone elses fault.
  10. My cat makes loads of ammonia. perhaps we can come to some arrangement?
  11. There's a stall in Chorley market that sells Dundee biscuits. I'm moving to Chorley
  12. How would you like it if they built a new one and some youths from the council estate broke in at night and started messing about in the pool? What goes around comes around ---------- Post added 29-06-2018 at 13:46 ---------- Or some drunken loonies from the local pub?
  13. Yes. I agree. with modern technology an all year round heated outdoor swimming pool with a retractable roof should be easy peasy. What sort of pool would you want? would you want a liesure pool with slides and waves or a swimming pool for lane swimmers. You can only have one, so come on, decide...
  14. There used to be a chippy on the corner of Weedon Street back in the 80s and a newsagent that had all the dirty books in the window. I used to secretly fancy the girl who worked behind the counter in the chippy.
  15. I like the poem. But the buses aren't ramshackle. The ones up our end are quite new and in good condition. Expensive though, £2 for a mile up the road FFFFFFF!
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