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  1. hubby has been suffering now with toothache for a week and I know it must be bad cos he doesn't complain about much,does anyone know if any emergency dentists are still operating?We rang Charles Clifford they just said to take paracetamol and ibroprofen
  2. Pathfinder im glad Ive been able to help albeit in a small way,its always good to talk with someone who as actually been through it,i hope you wont be waiting to much longer,i will say the 1st date we got was cancelled due to an emergency but he got another date I think it was the following month.
  3. Oh we had a nightmare when we got back from Corfu as we were told my husband would be able to have the operation done straight away therefore allowing us to go to Cyprus for our anniversary,but as the days went along we heard nothing and we were ringing up most days to see if he could get a cancellation but eventually we were told that no way would he be allowed to have the operation so soon and therefore we had to cancel the Cyprus holiday,his consultants secretary was the most helpful lady and she sorted it all out for us and explained that we should never have been told in first place that he would get the operation so soon as it was just too risky,but we had a holiday to cancel and luckily she got us a letter to say he wasn't fit to fly and therefore we only lost a small percentage of the holiday.
  4. Hi Pathfinder,If you have had an infected Gall Bladder then your wait will be longer than if you had not,i know this as my husband and I was on holiday in Corfu the end of June last year and we hadn't been there 24 hours when he was rolling about in agony and to cut a long story short he was taken into a private clinic in Corfu town to be put on IV antibiotics and that's where he stayed for the rest of our holiday only to be let out 3 hours before we flew home,i was at the other side of the Island alone and had to travel there and back every day at a cost of 80 euros each way in a taxi.We did not know he had gallstones and for 3 days we didn't know what the problem was,then when they did find out they wanted to operate there and then but thankfully our insurance wouldn't allow it as they said the infection had to be delt with 1st,so we came home and he eventually got the operation to remove the gall bladder at the beginning of December,the consultant said his body needed to recover from the infection before they would operate so im guessing this is why you are not getting your op just yet.We not only had that holiday ruined but it was our 25th wedding anniversary in Sept when we were going to CYprus for 2 weeks and we were advised not to go (the insurance would have been through the roof anway ).At the end of the day hubby is now fit and well and has returned t work and im thankful that he had the op here and not over in Corfu.
  5. where in Sheffield can we pick up a house alarm battery ?
  6. think will just drive ourselves didnt realise it would be that much:| ---------- Post added 15-02-2017 at 18:40 ---------- i would have done this had it been a weekend but its a monday flight and so people at work
  7. thanks growup just tried to do this put it doesnt seem to be working just keeps on loading
  8. anyone recentley had a taxi to and from doncaster airport? was just wondering what the price is
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