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  1. Patrick has been posting videos regularly since then. Once or twice a month. Have a look here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCotAaGWMZeAJ5Mj_pCj94CQ
  2. They're listed as BERKS INSULATION LIMITED Company number 08783848 Website: https://www.berksinsulation.com/ A pretty good 4.1/5 on Google reviews
  3. As a life long Owl I have to agree. i have seen a video of the Leppings Lane end made by West Midlands police as part of the investigation (sadly no longer available). In my opinion it was absolutely shocking. It showed a large 'Standing' sign above the tunnel, a tiny 'Standing' sign high up on a pole to the right and no sign at all to the left to indicate access to standing there. Also the tunnel itself was flat for the first half and then sloped down steeply on to the terraces. Of course, if the behaviour of some football fans at the time hadn't been so appalling there wouldn't have been a need for fences and side pens and the disaster probably wouldn't have happened but that's another story.
  4. At the bottom of the Bank of England list it states: Not all banking and saving brands protected by the FSCS are included in this table. If your banking and saving brand does not appear in this table you can ask them directly how your money is protected or check the Financial Services Register to find out whether it has several brands under the same authorisation. Search our Register under 'Financial services firms', then click 'Names' for a list of brands used by the authorised institution. as Sheffield87 says, BLME deposits are covered by the FSCS.
  5. I have two fixed rate accounts with BLME. A 1 year account due to mature in May 2020 and a 2 year account due in September 2021. The expected profit on these is 2.2% and 2.35% respectively. Clearly rates have fallen significantly since then unfortunately. The expected profit isn't guaranteed but this from their FAQ's should help. https://www.blme.com/products-and-services/savings/faq/ 4. Is the profit rate guaranteed? Why do you call it Expected Profit Rate? As a Sharia’a bank we do not deal in interest-based products and we cannot guarantee the profit rates on our accounts. However, BLME offer our savings accounts with the aim of reaching the Expected Profit Rate. In the unlikely event that your deposit is not producing the agreed profit rate we will contact you. If you then tell us you do not wish to continue with your savings account, we will end your deposit and we will return the original deposit amount in full plus the profit at the original Expected Profit Rate. In this circumstance you will not be penalised for terminating your agreement early.
  6. Carboot. Is this the same 'Blair' who brought in the minimum wage, 28 days paid holiday pay, the Pension Credit, Winter Fuel allowance, Free TV licences for the over 75's, Surestart, and trebled the funding of the NHS which amongst other things reduced the maximum waiting time for operations from years to 18 weeks. Why would someone who hated the working class do these things?
  7. BigPP


    The full range is showing as available on my online Sainsbury's account which I believe is picked and dispatched from the Archer Road store.
  8. BigPP


    Sainsbury's seem to have the biggest range. http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/brands/Surcare_in_Sainsburys.html Click on 'Sainsbury's on the left for other supermarkets.
  9. It must have been somewhere like Cleethorpes. After all, when Armstrong came down the ladder for the first time there was already a camera on the surface to record it.
  10. On the Radio 4's Today programme this morning Sir Alan Duncan, Johnson's No 2 at the Foreign Office, told the story of another country's Foreign Minister asking Duncan 'What's it like to be Boris's pooper scooper!' Ouch!!
  11. The lesson of history is if we want to live in peace we need to treat our neighbours as friends, not foes, and to share sovereignty with them where it is agreed to do so. For me this is more important than the undoubted economic benefits of EU membership. The EU has made a major contribution to making conflict in Europe unthinkable but we must never take it for granted. Long live the European Union.
  12. Postal vote photographed at home before placing in the envelope and then passed to the media or put on Facebook?
  13. Here's a few more that appear to have been forgotten by anti-Blairites: 28 days holiday pay Working tax credits Sure Start Centres Pension Credit £200/£300 Winter fuel allowance Free TV licenses for the over 75's NHS funding trebled (All targets achieved ). Now, under the Tories none are. If you want to make a difference you have to get into power and then stay in power. It's no use being a protest movement. All that leads to is permanent Tory government.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/headlines/47662526/brexit-three-moments-that-raised-a-smile This is amusing too,
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