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  1. Carboot. Is this the same 'Blair' who brought in the minimum wage, 28 days paid holiday pay, the Pension Credit, Winter Fuel allowance, Free TV licences for the over 75's, Surestart, and trebled the funding of the NHS which amongst other things reduced the maximum waiting time for operations from years to 18 weeks. Why would someone who hated the working class do these things?
  2. BigPP


    The full range is showing as available on my online Sainsbury's account which I believe is picked and dispatched from the Archer Road store.
  3. BigPP


    Sainsbury's seem to have the biggest range. http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/brands/Surcare_in_Sainsburys.html Click on 'Sainsbury's on the left for other supermarkets.
  4. It must have been somewhere like Cleethorpes. After all, when Armstrong came down the ladder for the first time there was already a camera on the surface to record it.
  5. On the Radio 4's Today programme this morning Sir Alan Duncan, Johnson's No 2 at the Foreign Office, told the story of another country's Foreign Minister asking Duncan 'What's it like to be Boris's pooper scooper!' Ouch!!
  6. The lesson of history is if we want to live in peace we need to treat our neighbours as friends, not foes, and to share sovereignty with them where it is agreed to do so. For me this is more important than the undoubted economic benefits of EU membership. The EU has made a major contribution to making conflict in Europe unthinkable but we must never take it for granted. Long live the European Union.
  7. Elton John is spot on. Nationalists are NOT patriots.
  8. Postal vote photographed at home before placing in the envelope and then passed to the media or put on Facebook?
  9. Here's a few more that appear to have been forgotten by anti-Blairites: 28 days holiday pay Working tax credits Sure Start Centres Pension Credit £200/£300 Winter fuel allowance Free TV licenses for the over 75's NHS funding trebled (All targets achieved ). Now, under the Tories none are. If you want to make a difference you have to get into power and then stay in power. It's no use being a protest movement. All that leads to is permanent Tory government.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/headlines/47662526/brexit-three-moments-that-raised-a-smile This is amusing too,
  11. Spot on tinfoilhat. The programme is 'Tonight: The Border Blocking Brexit'. It explains exactly why we cannot leave without a trade deal with the EU. Everyone who posts on here should watch the programme. It's here https://www.itv.com/hub/tonight/1a9757a0087 You'll need to open an ITV Hub account if you don't have one.
  12. Penny. We owe the £39bn regardless of whether or not there's a deal. It's our divorce bill and we've already agreed to pay it. Donald Tusk refers to Brexiteer's who even now claim we can leave without a deal. We can't. No Deal means customs checks on the Irish border and this contravenes the Good Friday agreement. If we do this there is a real risk of a return to the troubles. My suspicion is that most Brexiteer's really don't care about any of this.
  13. Steve Bruce's sidekicks Steve Agnew and Stephen Clemence are watching at Hillsborough today. Rumour is they will be Caretaker Managers until Bruce arrives in January,
  14. Here is the email address for the CEO Tom Mockridge. I have used this in the past and received a prompt response. tom.mockridge@virginmedia.co.uk
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