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  1. I didn't want to ask them anything I was just wondering if there was a group for general chit chat like in the interest & hobbies.
  2. is there a magicians group on here I cant find anything
  3. anywhere that's good for pike
  4. hi all where are some good places to go pike fishing on rivers in Yorkshire area later this year
  5. has anyone been fishing in Benidorm on the Amadorio Reservoir
  6. Anyone know of any amateur magicians places in Sheffield
  7. Office furniture on Stevenson road down attercliffe load on display to test
  8. Am I allowed to sell my iPhone x for more money on this forum I don’t want to advertise it & get in trouble
  9. I'm not posting my items while next week so I will of been A member for over a week and will have made at least five posts
  10. Try Sheffield archives or City library it's amazing what you can find on their pictures of old Sheffield
  11. I'm same not been fishing for a few yrs I've heard Bradley's ponds at ford have some nice fish also a few cat fish & that's my next task to catch a cat fish
  12. Try rainbow international they clean & also dye carpets also clean upholstery & curtains a friend of mine use to work for them
  13. Thank you just a few items lieing around the house that I no longer use ---------- Post added 13-02-2017 at 15:45 ---------- Am I allowed to post or reply in the news & discussion section for my 5 posts thank you
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