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  1. I became aware of a new scam nocking Around.. As I was driving in city centre and s9 postcode. As I was on main road a taxi driver refused me to over take him on a duel carriage way and kept on swerving in front of me as I went behind him and kept my distance from him he then braked hard in order for me to go in back of him and put in a claim. Later I found out from a taxi driver friend If they've got a old car say 54 plate or in that year age they need to get a new taxi in order to carry on with work and older cars are not allowed on road due to condition of the car... Please be careful out there PEACE
  2. Hello world Am currently working towards a good healthy start after My bowel cancer op and chemotherapy Am looking to join or start a group with like minded individuals who have the passion.. and to help me on the road to recovery.. Am also Hoping to start a group or join one Who will guild me and each other along the way If you know anyone or thinking about it please D/M me thank you so much..
  3. Does anyone know the number of city council to get a fall tree branch removed due to high winds
  4. There's a video on YouTube abt it ufo over Sheffield find it it posted today use your filter to edit out old videos
  5. Hi did any notice a ufo over Sheffield in the Richmond area
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