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  1. I've never understood the hostility in principle to HS2. There hasn't been a major intercity route built in the UK for 100 years or more, and it seems to me that we're well overdue for another one. Of course I see that there should be lots of debate about the detail - routes and stuff - but that's different. On the other hand I'm bemused by the cost and cost overruns - we built HS1 not that long ago, so should have a reasonable handle on how much these things cost in reality. There seems to be something deeply wrong with how these things are budgeted.
  2. It's always surprised me that its considered acceptable for someone to be bitten by a dog - with skin punctured, bleeding etc - merely on suspicion of being a criminal
  3. I've used Fix My Denture before. A quick while-you-wait service with a rather pokey waiting room. Would recommend. The entrance is by the junction of Wicker lane and Stanley Lane, up the metal stairs. The back yard parking area is only for the pharmacy, but there's on-street parking nearby and a P&D car park on Stanley Lane.
  4. The original intention of the slogan was always to be "black lives matter too". Some people interpreted it as "only black lives matter", leading to the retort "all lives matter!". Hillary Clinton for example fell into that trap; but when it was explained to her, she apologised. The difficulty is that other people, when it is pointed out to them, continue to say "all lives matter", which then leads to the suspicion that they are racists. Which quickly degenerates into an argument over how can "all lives matter" possibly be a racist statement. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam...
  5. That site was the Godrey Dam until around the 1960's, so I can imagine there might be issues with deep silt deposits etc.
  6. And yet that Reg article shows the system displaying a log for a specific VRM. Perhaps SCC lied?? To quote the article (my bold):
  7. For example, I was involved with the tree protests. Council officials could have tracked my car in order to obtain information about my activities and movements. Or someone who works at the council could track the regular travel habits of their estranged (and possibly abused) partner. You cannot assume that authorities will only ever use such information for good. Rather than relying on their goodwill, it is better that they don't have access to such data in the first place. History is replete with authorities abusing their power - such as the FBI's investigation of Martin Luther King.
  8. The Register article implied that the data was growing over time, which tended to imply that the data was certainly retained, if not indefinitely, then possibly back to Nov 2018. If you have more specific details, feel free to share. If the data was being kept purely for traffic planning purposes, then it should at least have been anonymised - as a simple example, each new day at 3am, all records for the last 24H are automatically scanned, and each unique reg is replaced with a unique random token. This is trivial to achieve if the will is there. Note that the VRM is classified as personal data by the ICO, and under the GDPR, it mustn't be unnecessarily retained. That was a very long thread you referred to - I only scanned the first 8 pages of it. If there's anything pertinent that I I haven't covered, you'll have to mention it again.
  9. Even leaving aside the data breach, why is that data being logged and stored indefinitely anyway? It's one thing for a traffic camera to log the VRM of a car detected as having jumped a red light or whatever - what reasonable cause do SCC have to indefinitely save the details of every vehicle passing any camera? Or to put it another way, anyone at SCC with suitable access (and until just now that meant anyone in the world with internet access) can do a search of my VRM and get a complete log of all the car journeys I've made in the last two years.
  10. I am not a lawyer, but my understanding is that travelling non-locally for exercise etc is not forbidden by the newly-issued regulations (which have legal force), but is forbidden by the government's published guidelines (which don't have legal force, but which the police are likely to misinterpret as having legal force). See this article.
  11. At the risk or repeating myself... So rather then just endlessly repeating the fact that prior to verification there were invalid entries on the petition, can you instead make a coherent case as to why you think that fact is important?
  12. Anne, you have been told repeatedly that SCCs electoral services have verified the petition against the electoral register and found enough valid entries. The fact that there were other invalid entries added by people out of an abundance of enthusiasm, or malice, or whatever motivated them, seems irrelevant. So rather then just endlessly repeating the fact that prior to verification there were invalid entries on the petition, can you instead make a coherent case as to why you think that fact is important?
  13. Its called a private prosecution. Anyone can do it, and the RSPCA do it a lot (somewhat controversially). Personally I think that the ability to bring a private prosecution is a relic from the 18th century and should be abolished.
  14. Note that in local councils the wages that councillors are paid are referred to as "expenses". So if Julie Dore is getting "£30k in expenses", that doesn't mean she's been jetting off around the world, it means she's been paid a salary for doing a job. (Whether she's done the job well is of course a matter for political debate).
  15. At the time of the worldwide Credit Crunch, the UK's National debt was lower as a percentage of GDP than when Labour came into power.
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