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  1. Fly posting is hard to prosecute due to the proof required. Otherwise, if a restaurant annoyed me I could just fly post a few posters with their name on them, then give the council an anonymous tip-off. Bingo, restaurant owner prosecuted!
  2. Wow, a tweet 2 weeks after the first tentative signs that several people associated with a wet market in Wuhan had caught a novel coronovirus, and the WHO saying that the Chinese government had stated that they had not yet found clear evidence of human-to-human transmission. What a coverup!!!
  3. That's the thing: you are holding a completely inconsistent position. On the one hand you're saying that we can't really be sure of anything, because media/internet etc. On the other hand, this thread has been chock full of you making sweeping statements of firm beliefs - about the extent of the pandemic, safety of vaccines, funding of NHS etc. We can't be sure of anything, but the NHS is definitely not underfunded and is wasteful. We can't be sure of anything, but the pandemic is definitely exaggerated. We can't be sure of anything, but NHS staff are is definitely being bribed to lie/keep quiet. We can't be sure of anything, but supermaket staff are definitely not catching coronavirus. So which is it?
  4. Whereas the long-term effects of unchecked coronvirus are well-known: 1% of the population dead, and many more with debilitating long-term health issues. Anyway, we've had millions of people vaccinated for several months now, and with fatalities measured in the 1-in-million range. We know that having the vaccine is thousands of times safer than having coronavirus.
  5. Throughout this thread you haven't come up with a single reason (let alone a good reason) why all this is happening and how they're getting away with it. So, NHS staff are "warned" not to put anything on social media. Warned by who, and with what consequence? You're fully aware that people can post anonymously, right? There are tens of thousands of NHS staff working in and around Sheffield, many of whom are on forums like this one. Yet not a single one has anonymously come on this thread an said something to the effect that "top4718 is right, the whole thing is an exaggerrated lie, I should know - I work in a hospital, and we've never had more than the usual number of patients with respiratory illnesses, the intensive care wards have been no busier than usual etc". Not one. Not a single one. Either there is the hugest biggest most fantastic conspiracy going on the the world has ever known, or maybe - just maybe - it's possible that personal experience and anecdote turns out to be not such a good guide to things.
  6. Do you have any evidence that that there haven't been such mass cases? But specifically - construction staff tend to work outdoors or in well-ventilated spaces. In supermarkets, customers are required by law to wear masks. The staff wear masks. People are mostly social distancing inside supermarkets. People with coughs and feeling unwell are generally avoiding supermarkets. Supermarkets are well-ventilated. First off, that is simply untrue - some will, but most people have integrity. But even supposing everyone could be bought. There are over a million NHS staff. Are you proposing that the vast majority of them have been bought off by the government? How much would that cost? How would the government get away with it without anyone noticing? But most crucially, why the ever-loving **** would the government choose to do this? What would they gain? Why has every government in the world all joined in this vast conspiracy? Your position seems to be that because you personally haven't come across any significant effects of coronvirus, the whole medical world must be in on some vast conspiracy. I do not thing this is a reasonable position to hold, and (and I mean this sincerely) I think you should step back and reconsider your position.
  7. So you believe that people have died on smart motorways (and for it to be relevant, you are presumably claiming that people are dying in larger numbers on smart motorways than normal ones). Now, were you on the motorway at the time? Did you see the dead body? Since the answer is no, you've got to consider how you came about this knowledge. I've driven all over the place and I've never seen a single smart motorway death. I've seen zero evidence of a death, none. The point I'm trying to make, and its a really really important point, is that personal anecdotes are a really really poor way of finding out what's going on in the world. You are falling prey to a cognitive bias. If government statistics are to be believed, about one in 500 people in this country have died of coronavirus, predominantly people in their 70's or above. Since most people will know only a handful of people in this age bracket (i.e. a lot less 500), most people will not personally have known someone who has died of it. I shouldn't conclude there are no smart motorways deaths just because I haven't personally seen one. You shouldn't conclude there are no coronvirus deaths just because you haven't personally seen one.
  8. So because you personally haven't seen any deaths, you are able to jump to the sweeping conclusion that all those death certificates are lies, that no-one is dying, that all the doctors are lying etc. Well I have a similar issue. I have never personally known anyone who died in a car crash. Is it then reasonable for me to conclude that car crash deaths are a lie, that the Office for National Statistics are making up all the death certificates about car deaths, all the hospitals and ambulance crews are telling porkies etc? Anecdotes are the worst possible form of data. But if you prefer anecdotes, then here we go. First, I dealt with a firm of funeral directors last summer. I asked how covid had affected them, and they said that they had been extremely busy during the peak but it had now calmed down. Second, at the beginning of last year, there was a TV crew doing a "fly-on-the-wall" documentary series at the Royal Free Hospital in London. So they were around when the pandemic hit. That hospital's big tank of oxygen, which in normal times fed the whole hospital for a month, was needing to be refilled every 2-3 days.
  9. Lets ignore for now whether the cause of death on death certificates is accurate. Do you agree that the total number of death certificates issued each week in England accurately matches the number of people dying each week from all causes, even if the reason for the death might not be accurate? Do you accept that during March last year and Januray this year a lot more death certificates were issued than would normally be expected at those times of year. If not, lease explain why not. If yes, please explain what has caused all these extra deaths, if not a coronavirus.
  10. Yes, in fact the flu has mostly gone away this last year. Because all the measures taken to stop the coronavirus spreading have also drastically reduced the number of flu infections. But even if there were as many flu infections as normal this year, it doesn't get round the fact that the weekly total total deaths registered have been much higher around march last year and January this year than what would normally have been expected. Look, please, please, take a step back for a moment and look at the big picture. Has just about every health care professional, every epidemiologist etc, in just about every country in the world collectively got it completely wrong, or perhaps are in some vast conspiracy to make up a pandemic? No. Now, of course they will have got some of the details and predictions wrong, especially at the start. But the overall state that lots more people are dying than usual, and that it is due to a novel coronavirus that has been studied in enormous detail, is not wrong.
  11. This is simply not true. Covid and Flu viruses aren't from the same family of viruses.
  12. If the growth in cases continues at the same rate as for the last 4 weeks (based on 7-day moving average), then we'll be back at January's peak level in about 200 days. This however will mostly be among the young as the older population is heavily vaccinated, so there will not be nearly as many hospitalisations or deaths. In reality, further vaccination among younger groups will slow this down, while further mutations will have unpredictable effects on rate and mortality.
  13. In just about any event, from football to opera, it's a fair bet that at least some people turn up late and the worst for wear. The issue is whether that was the proximate cause of the crush. The answer is a clear no, as has been determined by various enquiries. But even supposing the answer was yes, it would still be incompetent or negligent crowd management by the police and/or stewards and/or stadium management which turned a bunch of (entirely foreseeable) lubricated latecomers into a major tragedy.
  14. There were 7 turnstiles to admit 10,000 standing supporters. Suppose most people turned up at the stadium in the 20 minute period prior to the "please have arrived 15 minutes before kickoff" deadline. That means each fan having 1.2 seconds to present their ticket for inspection and clear the turnstile. It's not surprising a queue built up. Were there some drunk fans? Yes. Were there some people without tickets? Yes. Were there enough of them to cause problems? No. Were the fans the cause of the crush? No. Bear in mind that there have been repeated fatal crushes at the annual Hajj in Mecca. No alcohol or ticketless fans involved there. It's just a well-known phenomenon that once a crowd of people start rushing then get impeded, the visibility/reaction of the people behind is too slow to avoid a crush. The area the fans were fed into by the opening of the gate had no stewards, and had 3 exits into the stands, but the exit in front was the obvious one and is where all the fans headed, since there were no stewards to redirect them.
  15. They were accused of misleading a public inquiry (to make SYP look better) which, it turns out, isn't the criminal offence of perverting the course of justice they were charged with, since the inquiry wasn't a court. So really the case should never have bought, and the judge was right to throw it out. So the particular behaviour being prosecuted was arguably reprehensible, but not criminal. Note that this case is unrelated to whether anyone should be been prosecuted for actions / inactions on the day which caused the deaths.
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