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  1. The biggest factor is whether the house is heated with electricity rather than gas. Landlords like the former since they don't have to pay out to get gas appliances maintained and inspected, but heating with electricity (especially if not Economy 7) is around 3 times more expensive than gas.
  2. There was a shortage of GPs even before COVID hit. The ones that are left have had to cope with 18 months of pandemic, and are now having to deal with an 18 month backlog of non-COVID stuff, while still handling all the extra precautions and workload of COVID. The ones who haven't taken early retirement because of burnout have had to take on their workload too. I think the idea that GPs are work-shy is nonsense. Which is not to say that there isn't the occasional lazy GP or awful surgery receptionist, but they aren't the norm.
  3. As makapaka says. Meadowhall is a major interchange, with buses, trams, and direct trains to Leeds.
  4. The Debenham's building would be tiny for a hospital. Maybe you could move a quarter of the Hallamshire's outpatients services there.
  5. The UK unemployment rate is about 5%. And of those, a decent proportion will be claiming benefits only because they genuinely cannot find employment at the moment. The vast bulk of the tax paid by the UK population goes on the health service, pensioners and schools. The amount used in supporting the lifestyles of "benefit scroungers" is tiny, but it always makes good Daily Mail type headlines to provoke faux outrage.
  6. So do you accept or not that the AZ vaccine is being sold at cost?
  7. The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, the most widely used one in the UK, is being sold at cost by AZ
  8. The areas in Sheffield where people typically have to do on-street parking are often full of Victorian terraces. The roads there are mostly full of parked cars, with very little spare land about. I can't see where space for all these new cars parks are going to be found for everyone to move their cars into.
  9. Well at a motorway service station it's likely to be in near constant use for large periods of the day. The cable to the car would have to carry 200 times the power of a cable used for an electric kettle. These are problems the infrastructure people are aware of, but don't necessarily have answers for, -at least not answers which are economically viable.
  10. Which is all well and good, but the electricity supply needed for just that one charge point is about the equivalent of the current infrastructure for about 600 houses - think of the equivalent of several substations devoted to just one charge point. And the charge cable would have to cope with (for example) 600A at 1000V.
  11. I just checked, and you're right. You learn something new every day! (Or rather you unlearn something old every day).
  12. Is this one of those MOT things like a spare tyre, where it's not a fail to have a missing spare tyre, but is a failure to have a worn or under-pressure spare tyre (so remove the spare tyre befoe the MOT)?
  13. Fly posting is hard to prosecute due to the proof required. Otherwise, if a restaurant annoyed me I could just fly post a few posters with their name on them, then give the council an anonymous tip-off. Bingo, restaurant owner prosecuted!
  14. Wow, a tweet 2 weeks after the first tentative signs that several people associated with a wet market in Wuhan had caught a novel coronovirus, and the WHO saying that the Chinese government had stated that they had not yet found clear evidence of human-to-human transmission. What a coverup!!!
  15. That's the thing: you are holding a completely inconsistent position. On the one hand you're saying that we can't really be sure of anything, because media/internet etc. On the other hand, this thread has been chock full of you making sweeping statements of firm beliefs - about the extent of the pandemic, safety of vaccines, funding of NHS etc. We can't be sure of anything, but the NHS is definitely not underfunded and is wasteful. We can't be sure of anything, but the pandemic is definitely exaggerated. We can't be sure of anything, but NHS staff are is definitely being bribed to lie/keep quiet. We can't be sure of anything, but supermaket staff are definitely not catching coronavirus. So which is it?
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