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  1. have you check out the rent for some places? a small shop on union street was £380 a week in rent. how does any small business suppose to survive there
  2. Can you sent me more detail on Volvo?
  3. Yeah great idea. The smack cuts himself then gets mad and smash the van up.
  4. i understood what you said. its that guy trying to look clever ---------- Post added 08-06-2018 at 13:29 ---------- if you read the efficiency of a electric motor compare to a diesel . especially in stop start traffic then you might understand why electric is the way forward.
  5. do you have his contacts as i am looking for a room to convert to wet room please
  6. 6 days before they get story our! why people pay for that old news paper?
  7. It was Chinese vs English , still nothing on Sheffield star
  8. I heard rumors there was a big fight in toilets and the casino was for the rest of the night.anyone got more details , was it true?
  9. I got the befang bbs02 kit, parts and battery will cost around 600, + a donee bike , much cheaper then buying off the shelf
  10. You don’t have a clue, most electric car owners uses renewable energy like https://www.ecotricity.co.uk/ as it provide cheaper on road charging aswell
  11. How can they? police got them, will probably release on bail, then 6 months to a year! police are not going to stab him with screw driver!! ---------- Post added 08-04-2018 at 12:06 ---------- Think deeper! if you was homeless! If he gets away he might have a few thousand to spend, if he gets caught he will have warm room and 3 meals a days. miles better then sleeping rough and not knowing when next meal might be coming from
  12. It’s rent and minimum wage that’s killing the high street
  13. I have a few rental houses and over the year have notice people on DSS don’t care for the house and it’s generally dirty compare to a working person who has pride in his life
  14. when will the closing down sale begin? As i want a DJI mavic
  15. What’s the point in CCTV ? All you get is recording of someone in your house? Best way is to stop people getting in in first place, since all doors are secure, your next weakest point will be windows. It takes less then a minute to remove the glass, steel shutters on all ground floor will delays those naughty boys
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