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  1. he thinks he;s an American... and as we know they all think their John wayne
  2. You mean people that actually get up and work hard for themselves ?? better themselves and make a better life for them and their families... work 6/7 days a week.. is that what you mean.. dont be jealous matey, have a go yourself.. why should it always be the low achievers that get all the hand outs..
  3. lol.... you.d never know it was me tho...
  4. lol.. very much doubt that mate...
  5. Too deep for me,,,, revenge to me is mandatory...
  6. we are on Little London rd, not too far from you....
  7. yeh, think thats a great sentence, hopefully they will die in jail anyway... they deserve to..
  8. yes, however Lee Rigby had done nothing wrong, these two freaks did... great news about the sentences though, should have given both of the ***** full life tho...
  9. same response as any stranger would get on my driveway
  10. great attitude, little wonder the countries in a state with attitudes like that, maybe if we stopped wasting money on wasters we would have enough money to police properly... so, why would someone be on your private driveway ?? what reason would they have ?? maybe they lost their ball
  11. yes I would expect them to turn up... thats how you cut down crime, when we lived in canada we had our shed broke into, all they took was our 5 years olds bike, 2 patrol cars arrived within 10 mins and were not happy that someone stole a kids bike, they never got it back, but at least they tried, the OP;s situation is a disgrace, sort yourselves out SY police, thats a disgrace... and BF.. why should someone be on private property uninvited ??
  12. like i said mate.. bye.... done on here...
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