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  1. What is wrong with giving someone your name when asked,when you in turn are asking about a guys immediate family ! Bowls has obviously ignored this request and moved on to another contributor.As for jad279,he has freely stated many times that he is called Jim,a user name has nothing to do with it !! regards Botham lad thats because i used to live on Botham street and i was a lad at the time. Cheers.
  2. The Firth Browns fire happened on saturday 26th July 1969,start of works holiday fortnight.We went to Cleethorpes on the sat morning for our holiday and missed it all.My Father worked there but not in the workshop where it started.The alarm was raised by a guy named Hutchinson,he lived on Botham street, I remember sitting reading the morning paper with my dad on the Monday.
  3. Jane,as mentioned earlier in this thread,there were loads of Butlers scattered around Grimesthorpe ,but i'm sure they wer'nt all related to each other.Your right ,it was referred to as Crown Hill.I remember Pat getting married to Roland,and after that he decided to park his car in our yard,that put a bit of a dampner on our cricket and football games.Angela and my sister were always doing there skipping thing !! one day they rigged a swing up and within a few minutes my sister fell off and broke her arm.
  4. I remember that happening.Both my parents at the time worked there,it was the first day of the works holiday and we had been taken to Cleethorpes for a couple of weeks,we didnt find out for a while till my dad bought a newspaper.I'm sure a guy who was living on Botham street raised the alarm,think he was a railway worker on his way to work or coming home,might have been 1968 or 69.
  5. I lived at the bottom of Botham street,first house.Different Butler family shared our yard.
  6. Hi there B.G. sorry ive never heard of the Welshaws.Francis Butler just ran the Boys Guild,it was a junior football team.
  7. yeah.i remember the blue shirts.i certainly remember the british bull dog in the main hall,some physical stuff went on in that game,loved it !! didnt like playing footie in the all white kit though,too much like leeds.think it might have only ran for a couple of years if that.
  8. All those years living in the same yard as the butler family,Francis Butler's name was never mentioned.I went to the boys club,in the small chapel on grimesthorpe road for a couple of years they had a football team,remember we played in all white kit, which Francis Butler ran,i have to say i didnt like him much.
  9. Thats right ,we lived at 275 sicey avenue.We had elderly neighbours either side of us,they were so friendly and helpful.
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