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  1. I voted to Remain and if that had been the choice of the majority then I would have expected our country to remain 100% in the EU. Let's be honest if Remain had won 52% to 48% then nobody would listen to anyone suggesting we look for the middle ground. It's not happened yet and nobody knows whether it will turn out to be a bad idea. We're all lucky to live in the UK regardless of whether the UK is a member of the EU.
  2. Let's be honest those Politicians seeking to get Article 50 extended beyond 31st October are not doing so because they want more time to negotiate a deal with the EU. We all know the real reason they want more time is to use it to reverse the 2016 EU Referendum result and cheat 17.4 million of their own people out of their democratic wish.
  3. You're clutching at straws. It will be a bad thing for democracy in our country if the 2016 EU Referendum result is not implemented on 31st October with or without a deal. Our country also needs to move on to give other issues the importance they deserve. Very good.
  4. I'm not a Brexiteer because I voted to remain. I support the implementation of the 2016 EU referendum result because I respect democracy. Why should leave voters support another referendum when they have already won and witnessed the backsliding in Parliament over the last three years? The Lib Dem leader stated she supports another referendum but wouldn't support the result if it was not to remain in the EU. A second referendum victory for Leave would still face opposition from the same people who don't respect the 2016 democratic EU Referendum result.
  5. As stated I don't buy your spin. The only new information that Leave voters now know is that Parliament have engineered a situation to make it more difficult to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result. The European election results showed the desire to leave the EU hasn't lessened since 2016 otherwise the Brexit Party wouldn't have done better than what UKIP did in 2014. The truth is the undemocratic people who still want our country to remain in the EU don't care about the wishes of the people who voted to leave the EU. The truth is those undemocratic people seeking another EU referendum think the result would be different next time because they believe significant leave voters have died and new voters now old enough to vote want our country to remain in the EU. The reason that significant Leave voters have changed their minds since 2016 to justify another referendum is a deliberate red herring.
  6. With all due respect I don't buy your spin. The only people who want another referendum are Remain voters who still want to remain in the EU and they have no respect for the wishes of the 17.4 million leave voters. There is arguably justification for a referendum asking the questions .... Do you want the deal on offer from the EU Do you want to leave the EU without a deal I am stating Mr Farage had no authority. Mr Farage proved before the 2016 referendum result was announced he wouldn't have respected democracy by his rant when he thought remain had won. There is no doubt he would have continued campaigning for the UK to leave the EU if Remain had won just like Nicola Sturgeon is still campaigning for Scottish Independence.
  7. Only someone who has no respect for democracy would ask that question. It's relevant because on 23rd June 2016 nearly 34 million UK people went to polling stations and placed a tick on a ballot paper believing the winning choice would be implemented by their Government. Both Remain and Leave voters expected the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result to be honoured and respected when they placed their tick on the ballot paper on 23rd June 2016. It's only irrelevant that David Cameron is no longer our Prime Minister if you have no respect for democracy and are happy to cheat 17.4 million of your own people out of their democratic wish.
  8. The person you are referring to had no authority. The leader of our country stated that whatever the UK people decided on 23rd June 2016 would be implemented and there would be no re-negotiations or another referendum. Do you remember that?
  9. But, you implied that Boris is seeking a confirmatory referendum which simply isn't true. Just a reminder of what you wrote below. Boris is seeking to do exactly what he stated he would do before he became Prime Minister and that is to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result on 31st October.
  10. It's a good thing because if the DUP support any new agreement with the EU then most likely Boris will get the support in Parliament to prevent a no-deal exit on 31st October. It's time our country moved on from the Brexit shenanigans to enable other issues that need attention to be sorted out.
  11. Boris is proposing no such thing. There's only been talk about the Stormont Assembly having a vote on the proposed Custom arrangements every four years. The good thing is that the DUP seem to be on board with the proposal.
  12. It's all looking good now that we will be out on 31st October. It's time for our country to move on and give other issues the serious attention they deserve.
  13. You're most welcome. The most disturbing statistic is that the number of homicides/murders using knives has more than doubled in the last forty years. I agree record keeping has improved over the years.
  14. Ten charts on the rise of knife crime in England and Wales https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42749089
  15. You're not comparing like for like. It's ludicrous to compare private toilet facilities in your own home to public facilities. Swimming baths and hospitals are not the same as small businesses which provide facilities to oblige customers. At one time not too long ago, it would have been unthinkable for Swimming baths and hospitals to have mixed sexed changing areas and mixed sexed wards, and it's ridiculous and a sad reflection of how moral values have deteriorated in such a short period of time we are even having this discussion.
  16. It says more about yourself than me that you don't understand what the problem is and why you have to ask why people object to being forced to share mixed sexed facilities. You have made an excellent point. Nobody is at their best when in hospital and the older generation are more likely to be more adversely affected by being placed in a mixed sex ward than the younger generation.
  17. There never use to be random attacks which is what this incident appears to be. At least our gun laws are strict which means incidents that happen in our country are not as bad as what happens in the USA. All very sad and a sign of the times. Social Media hasn't helped.
  18. I don't need to deal with anything because I respect the democratic 2016 EU referendum vote despite that it wasn't what I personally voted for. The people who have problems are those who can't deal with a democratic choice that didn't go their way and support every dreamed up excuse under the sun to justify cheating 17.4 million of their own people out of their democratic wish. Regarding the Soviet Union/Russia I will mention the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962 when the USA quite correctly were not happy about Soviet Missiles being based on their door step. The Russians have every right to be worried today about the closeness of Western controlled missiles being based on their own door step due to the expansion of the EU.
  19. The was an interesting News item last night about the fall of the Berlin War and former Soviet military bases in East Germany. The last Russian General to leave former East Germany made a valid point that the US and UK still have military bases in Germany while Russia who made a big effort to help defeat Germany in World War II don't have any presence today. The expansion of the EU to the East and borders of Russia hasn't helped to improve relations between Russia and the West.
  20. I haven't stated I object to mixed changing rooms, but I do object to there not being changing rooms/areas available for only male and female swimmers. It shouldn't really be difficult to understand. On the toilet thread I made a similar point that I have no objection to gender neutral toilets but don't support them replacing toilets just for males and females. Two years ago isn't long ago and the USA have similar traditional family moral values to our own country. Your understanding of human dignity is different to mine. The Government decided to phase out same sex wards because they don't provide the same human dignity for patients as single sex wards.
  21. I haven't stated mixed sex changing areas with cubicles should be banned. The title of this topic is 'Same Changing Room For Male/Female at Swimming Baths' which I original stated was unacceptable. In my opinion there should be separate changing areas available for both male and females for reasons I have already explained.
  22. You asked about the good reasons regarding stopping mixed sex wards in hospitals and I tried to help you out. Mixed sex hospital wards are a sensible issue to be brought up in this discussion. What has banning the burka got to do with this topic?
  23. Depends who is in charge at the White House. Mistakes have been made in the past. I think a US led NATO will be better to end conflicts than an EU army and are more likely to deter a Third World War.
  24. Human dignity. I am not here to spoon feed you. Read this article Mixed Sex wards endanger and humiliate women https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jul/30/mixed-sexed-wards-endanger-and-humiliate-women
  25. The UK are a member of NATO. We haven't had a third World War mainly because of NATO and not the EU. NATO ended the Balkans War not EU diplomacy An EU army wouldn't be better than NATO.
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