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  1. Hilarious comment. If our country's representative democratic MPs had any respect for democracy then they wouldn't seek to block the will of the people who democratically chose to leave the EU.
  2. I support any legislation that is brought through good intentions.
  3. If Brexit doesn't happen at the end of October then that is a bad thing because democracy will have been ruined in our country.
  4. Please don't have a tantrum and throw your toys out of the pram because I don't treat your non democratic posts seriously. I don't comment about the prospects of investing in the UK because those discussions were debated and discussed before the democratic 2016 EU Referendum vote and have no relevance now because the decision has been made for our country to leave the EU by our own democratic people.
  5. Hello, I am the poster who always says sensible things because I didn't vote to leave the EU but does understand basic maths that the leave lot won because more people voted for them than us. Respecting democracy is more sensible than not respecting democracy in my own personal opinion which I believe is good for a sovereign country.
  6. There were about 550 other MPs who also supported an "in-out" referendum which is why they voted in favour of holding the 2016 EU referendum. It's a bit like going to Ladbrokes and placing a bet and wanting your money back if your horse doesn't win. Any normal honest person wouldn't support holding a referendum if they are not prepared to accept both potential results. To be fair to the SNP they never supported holding the 2016 EU referendum so they have some justification for not supporting the result.
  7. Jo Swinson supports moving the goalposts again. She said she won't support any deal but will support a confirmation referendum vote on a deal with remaining in the EU being the other choice on the ballot paper. However, she has already stated she wouldn't support the result of another referendum if it delivered another leave majority. What is happening is shameful because Parliament passed legislation to stop Boris from leaving the EU without a deal, stating the reason was they didn't trust him to even try to negotiate a new deal with the EU. Now against all the odds with his hands tied behind his back Boris is close to getting a new deal with the EU and Parliament still seek to block the implementation of Brexit by attaching a confirmation referendum clause. There was no mention of any confirmation referendum vote when Parliament triggered Artice 50 and made leaving the EU without a deal the legal default position. As you correctly pointed out any referendum will take months to organise and you can guarantee there will be legal challenges to the wording and questions asked on the ballot paper.
  8. Brexit has nothing to do with recent changes in the car industry. Honda has't blamed Brexit for their decision to close the plant in Swindon. The new trade deal or economic partnership between Japan and the EU would have still happened regardless of the democratic 2016 EU referendum result. Job losses happen all the time as market forces change and new jobs are also created in the changing World. Brexit has caused uncertainty and is also a convenient excuse to be used to justify uncomfortable decisions made by big business owners.
  9. Jo Swinson the Lib Dems leader said on Sky News this morning that the Scottish Independent Referendum result should be respected and there is no justification for another Scottish Independence Referendum. BUT she doesn't say the same about the 2016 EU Referendum result and supports another EU Referendum with Remain on the ballot paper because she doesn't like the 2016 result. I think Jo Swinson will make a good cherry-picker when she doesn't become Prime Minister after the next General Election.
  10. Making general comments about a group is not the same as making personal comments directed towards a named individual. How many times have Leave voters been labelled xenophobic and racist on all the eight Brexit threads? It's not fair to imply Nick Clegg lied. The Lib Dems didn't win the 2010 General Election which meant they couldn't deliver all their manifesto pledges in their role as the very junior partner in a coalition Government. If hung parliaments become a regular event then it will be normal for pledges in manifestos to be traded to form coalition Governments. Remaining in the customs union and single market will make a mockery of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result. There can be no justification for having another EU referendum before the result of the 2016 EU referendum result has been implemented. And to have another EU Referendum with remain on the ballot paper will kill democracy in this country. David Cameron who was the Prime Minister made it clear our country wouldn't have a chance to change it's mind if the democratic people voted to leave. You sound like a broken record by continually mentioning David Davis. I haven't said I support lying by politicians. You're kidding yourself if you think the remain campaign was totally honest and the leave campaign were totally dishonest. We are all grown ups and should be capable of choosing which way to vote by trusting our own judgement.
  11. Germany would be the last member to leave if the UK are seen to be hugely successful as a consequence of leaving the EU. The EU benefits Germany the most because they are the EU's biggest exporter to other EU nations thanks to their strong manufacturing industries. You do make a valid point about peace in Europe which was the original reason for the EU because Germany and France were always causing wars.
  12. None of us know the true details of what's being negotiated at the moment. The DUP trust Boris much more than they ever trusted Theresa May. Boris is a much better Politician than Theresa May. The DUP will face another General Election soon and it's in their own interest not to lose support from their regular voters. It's in the Labour Party's interest, as well as the Tory Party's interest to get Brexit resolved before a General Election. There are reports of over 20 Labour MPs who will support a deal and most of the 21 Tory rebels who lost the whip will support a deal. A deal has a very good chance of getting through Parliament now. Also the individual EU Nations must be tired of Brexit negotiations and want it sorted out now. There has also been a report suggesting the EU might hold another emergency summit before the 31st October deadline, if agreements are not made this week. That would surely alter the legal situation regarding Boris asking for an extension to Article 50.
  13. You need to calm down and read comments more carefully. I haven't labelled any posters personally. If I was a snowflake I would take offence at your personal comments directed at me. The 17.4 million who voted to leave didn't tell any lies and don't deserve to be cheated out of their democratic wish. Politicians from both sides of the arguments are equally guilty of being economical with the truth both before and after the democratic 2016 EU Referendum vote.
  14. Let's be honest those seeking another referendum are not doing so because they have the interests of the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU at heart. The people who want another referendum are hoping if there is another vote, then the result will be what they want next time which is a selfish wish. The last major vote in this country was the European Elections where the Brexit Party won the most seats and the most votes with one aim which was for our country to leave the EU without a deal. The people seeking another referendum don't even want the option of a no deal on the ballot paper of another EU referendum despite the fact nearly 5.25 million people voted for the Brexit Party in May this year in the European Elections. To be honest, I think I am being too fair by just labelling groups of people selfish because they also want to rig the ballot paper of another EU referendum to deny those wishing to leave the EU without a deal that choice which is the legal default position.
  15. I wasn't calling any individual here selfish and certainly not you . I didn't say everyone seeking another referendum is selfish either but many are. It's a selfish trait not to respect the wishes of the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU. My original comments were when quoting another member who implied dead people's wishes don't count. You're always spinning. I voted to remain so am most certainly not bias.
  16. I didn't say that those seeking another referendum are just using dead people as an excuse to justify another vote. Stop spinning. The issue of dead people has cropped up more recently. Last week there was a discussion on the Jeremy Vine show in which Nina Myskow stated another referendum was justified due to the amount of people who have died since 2016. In fairness to Nina Myskow she did acknowledge that she was an old person herself. What I find distasteful is when then younger generation bring up the issue of dead people and criticise their grandparents if they voted to leave the EU. The truth is many people who want another referendum are just selfish people.
  17. I noticed yesterday a Thomas Cook shop was open again on the high street. The company who have bought the shops have moved quickly and have helped to save some jobs.
  18. Of course the wishes of dead people who voted in 2016 should count. Many voters at the time, who sadly are no longer with us knew they wouldn't be around for years to come and will of voted thinking about how their vote was likely to affect the future of their country after they had died. Both remain and leave voters have died and it it is wrong to ignore their wishes. It's shameful that those seeking another referendum should use dead people to justify another vote.
  19. Of course there could be a managed exit. At the moment the EU still think there is a chance the UK will stay in the EU and that is the only reason they are making things difficult. Once the UK leave the EU then it will be in the EU's interest to agree amicable arrangements with the UK regarding trade and other matters given the fact they currently have a big trade surplus with the UK. Hilarious. The ERG are blameless for the current mess because they are happy to leave the EU by the default legal position. The best example of a Tory MP behaving badly is Anna Soubry. Yes, I know she no longer is a Tory MP but she voted in favour of holding the 2016 EU Referendum, voted in favour of triggering Article 50 and stood for re-election as a Tory MP in 2017 with a manifesto to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.
  20. I'm blaming the MPs who voted against Theresa May's Withdrawal on offer from the EU and also voted to rule out a no-deal regardless of which party they represent for our country not leaving the EU on 29th March. At the end of the day both the Labour Party and the Tory Party stated in their 2017 General Election manifestos they would implement the EU referendum result and both parties knew leaving the EU without a deal was the default legal position, because Article 50 had been triggered before the General Election. The Labour Party lost the 2017 General Election which is why they couldn't do the negotiations with the EU, but their MPs should still have supported the Withdrawal Agreement on offer if they thought it was better than a no-deal rather than playing party politics or seeking to block the implementation of the democratic 2016 EU referendum result. Some Tory MPs have behaved badly but the Labour Party leadership have behaved shamefully throughout the Brexit negotiations.
  21. I will try again. At the moment there are a large number of MPs seeking to stop Brexit all together. Once our country has left the EU on 31st October these MPs will no longer be able to stop Brexit because it will have happened. Then it will be in everyone's interest to work to achieve the best future trade deals and arrangements with he EU and other countries. There will only be a transitional period if a Withdrawal Agreement or a Managed Exit is agreed between the UK and EU. If all the MPs in Parliament who thought Theresa May's and Oliver Robbins deal was better than a no-deal had voted for the deal then we would have left on 29th March. The MPs who thought no-deal was better than the deal on offer are not to blame for the delay in leaving the EU because they supported our country leaving the EU on 29th March by the default legal position.
  22. I am struggling to understand what point your are trying to make. The current mess has been caused by the MPs who seek to block Brexit. Once our country leaves the EU on the 31st October then our country will be able to sort out future arrangements with EU and trade deals elsewhere because the argument about whether are country should remain or leave the EU will have been finally settled.
  23. We don't know whether our country is going to leave the EU on 31st October with or without a deal. If we leave with a deal then there will be a transitional period where nothing will really change on 1st November. In the future it will be up to the Government of the day to decide issues such as farm subsidies. None of know how things will turn out after Brexit is fully implemented because it hasn't happened yet. Similarly none of us know whether England will have a good Rugby World Cup because it hasn't really started yet for England. However, we do know Scotland haven't had a good Rugby World Cup because of what happened yesterday.
  24. No, I'm playing the Today's date card which is 14th October and before the 31st October when our country leaves the EU.
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