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  1. I judge only about what Boris has done since he has become Prime Minister and so far he has done exactly what he set out to achieve by securing a new deal with the EU. The last time I saw such likeness for a foreign leader that Boris enjoyed yesterday was when Barack Obama attended his first G8 summit. Hilarious. I am not the one smoking dodgy substances. Have a look in the mirror.
  2. Read the comments made today by Donald Tusk regarding Boris.
  3. The UK has been in the EU or Common Market for 45 years now. Forty five years ago outside toilets were a common feature in most homes and they are obsolete now and that isn't because of the EU. The World has moved on in 45 years and our country would have improved itself regarding workers rights regardless of whether we had been a member of the EEC community. The biggest outrage in workers rights since 1975 is the movement away from full time jobs to part time jobs. The EU has done nothing to stop the exploitation of workers who are on zero hours contracts. I am only a very small business owner who runs a family business to basically help my own family. However, we do employ non family members and wouldn't dream of exploiting any of them by offering zero hour contracts which the EU has done nothing to prevent.
  4. What precedent? The Labour Party were proposing a four day week for workers at their recent party conference if they win the next General Election. Are the EU planning to bring in legislation so all EU workers are on a four day week?
  5. John Mann stated the the issue of workers rights and environmental protection is a red herring because Parliament can give the UK workers better workers rights and have more environmental protection after our country leave the EU.
  6. The figure is obviously 70% of the people who voted, chose the leave option on the democratic 2016 EU Referendum ballot paper in the Bassetlaw area which John Mann is the Labour MP for.
  7. I am not personally bothered if Ireland eventually unifies. The MPs had three opportunities to vote in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement containing a backstop and rejected it every time. England, Wales and Scotland will not be stuck in any backstop with the new agreement. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that will have a land border with the EU and the Agreement on offer ensures an open border without any cameras or infrastructure there. The DUP are justified in voting against the agreement because they are not seeking to prevent Brexit happening and accept the default no-deal legal position.
  8. The backstop is the 5% that has been changed. Boris has done exactly what he said he would do and got it removed. Brexiteers like many Remainers and the general public are sick and tired of all the shenanigans and want our country to move on. There are reports that over ten Labour MPs will support the agreement now. John Mann has publicly stated he will vote for the new agreement. Sorry just seen your comment about the Labour MPs
  9. Robert Peston stated last night he thinks there is a good chance the deal will get through Parliament. Robert Peston pointed out he always said that Theresa May's deal never had any chance the deal would get through Parliament. There is a report this morning that Corbyn's adviser expects the deal to get through Parliament.
  10. Nigel Farage started throwing his toys out of the pram weeks ago when Boris made it clear there wouldn't be a General Election pact between the Tory Party and the Brexit Party.
  11. You're exactly correct. The MPs should vote in favour of the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer. Tory leave supporting MPs are prepared to compromise and support a deal that is not perfect. Labour MPs should also do the same. At the end of the day Remain lost the democratic 2016 EU Referendum vote and remain supporting MPs should also compromise and support the agreement which is better than the default legal option of leaving the EU without a deal. It's unacceptable in a democratic country for any MP who supported holding the 2016 EU Referendum, to vote against the new agreement with the aim of getting Brexit stopped and to cheat 17.4 million leave voters out their wish to leave the EU.
  12. You're arguing with yourself about Nigel Farage. There is no doubt Boris is liked by the people who meet him. Theresa May never received such a warm welcome at the EU summits.
  13. That's exactly what Juncker was suggesting by his comments. Any MP who thinks the new deal on offer is better than a no deal is taking a big gamble by voting against it in the hope the deadline is extended after 31st October. No-deal is the default legal position and the only way to guarantee that will not happen is if Parliament supports the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer.
  14. My argument is that Nigel Farage who is a MEP interpreted Junckers comments as there will not be another extension to the 31st October deadline. I'm not disputing the irony of Farage's tweet and did read the comments about his tweet in the twitter feed. If I was unkind to you I would say that you only made a comment about the irony of Farage's tweet after reading the comments of Twitter uses made and you have no opinions of your own.
  15. I haven't stated anything about individual countries agreeing to another extension. The BBC stated that off the record four countries told them that they would agree to grant another extension. It only would take one country to refuse to grant another extension to stop one being given.
  16. I'm not a Brexit Party supporter. I retweeted him because he clearly believes there will be no extension from Junckers words. Nigel Farage is a member of the European Parliament and is better placed than you to understand what's going on.
  17. You need to calm down. Take your anger out with the BBC and not me. The BBC News are saying Juncker has ruled out another extension and he wouldn't support granting one if one was asked for.
  18. Boris will not be taking the UK out of the EU without a deal because it will be Parliament doing that if they reject the new deal on offer. Parliament made leaving the EU without a deal the default legal position when they overwhelmingly voted to trigger Article 50 not Boris.
  19. The BBC News channel had a Breaking News banner stating Juncker had ruled out an extension. Don't shoot the messenger. The Benn Act was done because Parliament didn't trust Boris to seriously negotiate a new deal with the EU. Parliament has been proved wrong. Leaving the EU on the 31st October is the default legal position if Parliament reject the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer negotiated by Boris.
  20. BBC Breaking News is stating Juncker has ruled out granting an extension.
  21. Northern Ireland will remain in the same customs union as the rest of the UK. The new Withdrawal Agreement will get through Parliament if the EU rule out any further extensions because the default legal position is a no-deal exit on 31st October.
  22. Hello, I am just one person who took part in the democratic 2016 referendum vote. My personal choice was to remain in the EU but more people voted to leave the EU. What am I doing wrong by accepting the decision the majority voted for?
  23. Personally if the MPs voted to revoke Article 50 that would suit me and my family just fine. But I wouldn't be happy because I have friends and family who voted to leave the EU and I truly believe their wishes should be respected because they and like minded people were in the majority and were on the winning side. I could walk down the road tomorrow and see someone drop a £20 note and pick it up and put it in my wallet, but I would take no enjoyment from spending the £20 because I would know it would be dishonest to do so. I personally don't understand why those who don't respect the democratic 2016 EU referendum can live with themselves if they cheat 17.4 million of their own people out of their democratic wish.
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