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  1. The only substantive point is both you and I voted to Remain in the EU, but unlike you I respect democracy and support those who are attempting to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result. Yes, I supported the actions of our democratically elected Parliament who voted overwhelmingly to hold the 2016 EU Referendum and then overwhelmingly voted to trigger Article 50. I don't support our democratically elected Parliament when they backslide and attempt to cheat 17.4 million of their own people out of their democratic wish to leave the EU. No honest person who respects democracy could respect how Parliament has behaved since the democratic 2016 EU Referendum vote.
  2. Our democratically elected parliament should have never voted in favour of holding the 2016 EU Referendum if they were not prepared to implement both of the choices on the ballot paper. I am not hypocritical at all. I went to the polling station on 23rd June 2016 believing if my personal choice was in the majority then that choice would be implemented. I personally chose the Remain option and expected our country to remain in the EU, if the majority chose the Remain option. I would be a hypocrite if I didn't support the winning choice which was Leave that I personally didn't vote for from being implemented.
  3. That's exactly correct. Then every voter has a say in the way our country leave the EU. I don't support another referendum though because our MPs should have a straight choice between the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer or a no-deal exit on the 31st October. The speaker shouldn't have allowed the Letwin amendment vote on Saturday. It should have been a vote whether to support the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer or not support it. The speaker of the house is not neutral otherwise he wouldn't allow amendments to be voted on that are intended to block the implementation of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.
  4. Since the democratic 2016 Referendum result our country has been divided. Our country isn't divided between Remainers and Leavers, but it is divided between those who Respect Democracy and those who DON'T Respect Democracy. I am in the Respect Democracy camp and support the way Boris has behaved and what he has done since becoming our country's Prime Minister because he is doing his very best to get the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result implemented on 31st October. It's no coincidence that those who don't support Boris are in the DON'T Respect Democracy camp.
  5. hobinfoot believes like all reasonable people that the Prime Minster has complied fully with the law of the land which is the point he made. As a democratic I am entitled to say when I think court time is being wasted just as our Prime Minister is entitled to express his view for an extension to Article 50 is not in the best interest of our country and the EU.
  6. I am not disputing that people go to jail for contempt. Those getting the courts involved about the letters are only do so for political reasons and are wasting the court's time.
  7. The whole legal argument is ludicrous. The letter has been acted upon and the EU leaders will be considering whether to grant an extension. They can't send Boris the Prime Minister of our country to jail for expressing an opinion that an extension is not in our country's interest or the EU's interest.
  8. It will be the responsibility of our own Parliament to decide whatever future legislation is necessary to protect our own workers and environment. We have General Elections to decide which Party or Parties decide what is enshrined in law.
  9. It has been pointed out the average amount of paid holiday EU workers get a year is 4 weeks and the average amount of paid holiday UK workers get is just over 5 weeks. We shouldn't need the EU to tell our country how to treat our own workers. You're arguing with yourself again because everyone already knew Bassetlaw voted 70% to Leave and 30% to Remain. They only counted the votes of constituents who voted just like everywhere else in the UK.
  10. I don't need to be convinced by the Leave campaign because the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result changed me to supporting our country leaving the EU. It will be bad for our country if the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result is not implemented. The only way our country can move on is by implementing the 2016 EU Referendum result because overturning the result will kill democracy in our country.
  11. Because the Leave campaign hadn't convinced me that I or my family would be any better off if our country left the EU. The Remain campaign didn't convince me to vote to remain either, but it made more sense to keep the current situation and vote remain when I was unsure what was best for me and my family. I supported leaving the EU on 24th June 2016 because that was the wishes of the majority who voted and I respect democracy.
  12. The 17.4 million who placed a cross in the leave box on the ballot paper didn't cheat and lie. Both campaigns were bad campaigns and used biased information to support their own agenda. Only adults over 18 were allowed to vote in the democratic 2016 EU Referendum.
  13. Of course you're more likely to listen to legal advice from the legal expert who tells you what you want to hear. If all the laws were all straight forward and unambiguous the legal experts would be out of a job.
  14. The prorogation situation this year was unprecedented. It's standard practice for the Government of the day to take advice from their own legal experts and not the opposition's legal experts.
  15. Everyone knows that the majority that voted in favour of the Letwin amendment did so to play for more time to attempt to overturn the democratic 2016 EU referendum result. Corbyn didn't need more time to scrutinise the new Withdrawal Agreement because he had already made his mind up to vote against it before the announcement a new agreement had been reached. The SNP similarly don't need more time to scrutinise the new agreement because they won't change their mind and support the UK leaving the EU. That old undemocratic chestnut about putting it back to the people with the option of Remain on the ballot paper doesn't respect democracy because Remain lost the democratic 2016 EU referendum. It's a bit like letting Ireland play New Zealand again in the year's Rugby World Cup and the winners being allowed to play England in the Semi Final.
  16. He made an undertaken before he got the new Withdrawal Agreement with the EU. Yesterday's amendment moved the goalposts and Boris will have sought the advice of Government legal experts and not bias members of the Sheffield Forum who don't respect democracy before sending out the letters. The Letwin amendment was not necessary because the ERG had publicly stated they wouldn't sabotage the Withdrawal legislation and risk a no-deal exit by accident after they vote in favour of supporting the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer. We had a democratic referendum in 2016 where the majority voted to leave the EU which is why MPs intend to vote in favour of the new Withdrawal Agreement because it respects and implements the wishes of the majority who voted.
  17. The people who are behaving like children are those criticising Boris over the letters. It's the job of the UK Government and not Parliament to negotiate treaties. Boris and the EU negotiated in good faith last week where compromises were made on both sides to get a new Withdrawal Agreement in the hope of ending the Brexit uncertainty on 31st October. It's absolutely ludicrous to expect our Prime Minister not to express his public objection to an extension being granted when he doesn't support an extension which he was forced to ask for because of Parliamentary playground game playing.
  18. Exactly correct. Boris stated in Parliament yesterday after the vote that it wasn't against the law for him not to negotiate with the EU for an extension. It was Corbyn and Blackford who embarrassed themselves with their rants about laying down the law to Boris
  19. Parliament have turned our country into a laughing stock. Parliament could have ruled out no-deal yesterday if they had voted to support the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer. The speaker of the house shouldn't have allowed the amendment.
  20. Boris has obviously taken legal advice because he never wanted to send the letter. Your biased opinion and following others who have bias opinions is the reason you say Boris is breaking the law and not legal knowledge. Boris has been taken seriously on the World stage otherwise the Withdrawal Agreement wouldn't have been re-opened. It's Parliament and those MPs who seek to block the implementation of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result who are playing the games and resorting to pranks.
  21. My MP supports the new Withdrawal Agreement. Let's face it you wouldn't support any agreement because you have no respect for democracy.
  22. It's strange the people complaining about the new agreement were saying it was 95% the same as Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement so there is no justification for delaying voting on. He shouldn't have allowed the amendment for a delay. At first they wanted Boris to ask for an extension if he didn't get a new deal in order to prevent a no-deal and now he has got a new deal they still want an extension. They only reason those seeking an extension is to block the implementation of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.
  23. The EU stated for months that the Withdrawal Agreement agreed by Theresa May was not going to be re-negotiated. When Boris became Prime Minister the EU told him the Withdrawal Agreement could not be re-opened. Through strong persistence Boris successfully got the EU to move their position regarding the Backstop. Boris has achieved his goal by having the Backstop removed which Theresa May failed to do. This is now it, the EU are not going to offer the UK a third Withdrawal Agreement. Our country democratically voted to leave the EU and the choice is simple if our country is to remain a democratic nation and that is either our country accepts the new deal on offer or our country leaves the EU without a deal.
  24. All those seeking to cheat 17.4 million of their own people out of democracy should carefully look at the situation in Spain where an illegal referendum took place. A football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid has been postponed because of fears about civil unrest. Democracy is a serious business and those cheated out it will not be happy. The difference between the Catalonia and the 2016 UK EU Referendum is that the UK EU Referendum was legally sanctioned and the result should be honoured and accepted by everyone.
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