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  1. That is hilarious given the fact more UK people turned out to vote in the democratic 2016 EU Referendum than any other national vote in UK history. No, it's your double Dutch logic that says Labour should not stand in the upcoming General Election. A referendum on one single issue is not the same as a General Election which has to happen at least ever 5 years.
  2. They would want a General Election if they respected democracy because 80% of voters chose Parties who had manifestos to implement the EU 2016 Referendum result when they voted in the 2017 General Election. The opposition alliance are not acting in our country's interest because all they seek to do is block the implementation of the 2016 EU Referendum result and continue the uncertainty. Neither the Labour Party or the Tory Party had a provision for another referendum in their 2017 General Election manifestos. There is no mandate from the UK people to have another referendum. The only way there could be a mandate for another referendum is if a Party or a coalition of Parties won a General Election after having manifestos stating they would offer another referendum. The 2016 EU Referendum only happened because the Tory Party won a clear majority in the 2015 General Election with a manifesto to hold an IN/OUT EU Referendum. Because 52% is greater than 48%.
  3. I'm not arguing for another referendum or for no-deal to be on any referendum ballot paper. There is no justification for Remain to be on any referendum ballot paper because that option was rejected by our democratic people in 2016. However, if a referendum took place on how our country is going to leave the EU then there would be no justification for no-deal not to be on the ballot paper. Just to make my position perfectly clear I don't support any new referendum because I respect the result of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum and support that result to be implemented either with the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer or by way of no-deal which is the default legal position as a consequence of Parliament overwhelmingly voting to trigger Article 50 before the 2017 General Election. Regarding the Benn Act surely that act ceases to apply after the EU make their decision about whether to extend Article 50 beyond 31st October.
  4. Those wishing for our country to leave the EU took the only democratic chance they believed they would have and voted with their feet. It was no fluke that over one million more UK people voted to leave than remain. Leave voters reluctance to have another referendum has every to do with democracy because so far they have been cheated out of their democratic wish to leave the EU. The undemocratic people wishing to overturn the result of the 2016 EU Referendum result want to choose the questions on the ballot paper that don't include no-deal which is the legal default position. The new Withdrawal Agreement deal is a compromise and only has any justification for being on a referendum ballot paper if the other option is no-deal.
  5. Don't be ridiculous, honest people care what was said and what the democratic people voted for in 2016 and 2017. Boris is trying to move things on but is being blocked from doing so by a dishonest Parliament who keep moving the goalposts.
  6. What is happening is shameful. Both the Labour Party and Tory Party had manifestos during the 2017 General Election to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result. Holding another referendum with Remain on the ballot is not implementing the 2016 EU Referendum result. This rogue Parliament seek to block the implementation of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result and block holding a General Election.
  7. I don't think the people of Barnsley speak double Dutch like you. The people of Barnsley are the people of the UK who democratically voted to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016 and have every right to expect their democratic wish to leave the EU, to be implemented.
  8. That's true. The only way it could work is if those MPs who voted in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement bill progressing but voted against the timetable can be persuaded to support the further legislation necessary. There are only about a dozen MPs who fall into that category so it won't take long to establish whether there is any chance they will play ball.
  9. The EU also has to officially agree to support the new Withdrawal Agreement in the European Parliament. It is understandable they have decided to postpone having a vote in the European Parliament after yesterday's events in our Parliament.
  10. If the extension is granted until 31st January then we couldn't leave until that date unless there is a brake clause, even if all the relevant legislation is passed through Parliament.
  11. It would still be an extension to January 31st with a brake clause. The EU hasn't anything to lose with a brake clause that could only come into operation in the next month assuming they really want the new deal ratified by the UK Parliament . I agree a lack of trust in the current political system or behaviour of our politicians is justified.
  12. I am in agreement that the Brexit Party will not do any better than UKIP did in the General Elections. The Brexit Party can only prevent the Tory Party from gaining a working majority after the General Election.
  13. Of course the first vote was more important because the bill passed the first stage which is further than what Theresa May got with her Withdrawal Agreement. Boris would have pulled the bill if he hadn't won the first vote, but has only paused the bill because he lost the second timetable vote meaning the legislation can't be completed before 31st October deadline. We don't know the terms of the extension yet assuming it will be granted, but last night one of the reporters stated there could be a brake clause allowing for an exit on 15th November or 1st December if the bill is brought back and goes through all the stages in Parliament. However, a General Election does look more likely to happen now meaning our country won't leave the EU before 31st January next year. Nigel Farage is losing support because most Brexit Party voters will accept the compromise Withdrawal Agreement that Boris negotiated with the EU. Most reasonable people understand that it is not the fault of Boris that 31st October deadline won't be met and Nigel Farage's credibility is on a downward slide and hasn't be helped by his recent comments.
  14. I think the EU might offer a shorter extension of one month or less to allow time for the bill to discussed in Parliament. There will be a new Speaker of the House after 31st October which is good news for the Government. The first vote tonight was the more important vote that Boris won. The law forcing an extension could very well backfire on the Brexit blockers in Parliament.
  15. You're exactly correct. It's in the Labour Party's best interest for the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result to be delivered on 31st October. There was a BBC News report last week from Barnsley which is a very strong Labour supporting area. Every person who was interviewed said they had voted for Labour in the past but support Boris for what he is trying do which is to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result. The BBC stated they went to Barnsley on 24th June 2016 and the support for our country leaving the EU hasn't lessened from the people of Barnsley during the time that has passed
  16. Boris isn't going to lose any support if the new Withdrawal Agreement doesn't get through Parliament before the General Election because his supporters know he is not to blame for the actions of the dishonest rogue Parliament. The fact that the EU have supported Boris with the new Withdrawal Agreement is to his advantage. You do make a sensible point regarding the Brexit Party because there is a danger some votes that would have gone to a Tory candidate will open the door for a Lib Dem candidate winning a seat by default. The DUP are not going to be wiped out and will only lose one or two seats at worse. Hopefully Boris will not need their support after the General Election because he will have a working majority.
  17. You are most likely correct. The Tory Party are the only Party with any chance of winning a workable majority. The reality is that by negotiating a new deal with the EU, Boris is in a much stronger position to win an outright majority in the General Election than he would have been if Parliament had allowed a General Election before the EU summit. An extension if granted by the EU won't damage Boris because everyone knows he had a gun to his head and was forced by a dishonest Parliament to write the letter. The truth is the dishonest parliament continue to seek to prevent Boris doing the job of the Government which is to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.
  18. I'm saying Boris will have known that there was a risk that proroguing Parliament would be challenged in the courts and he would lose. Also Boris will have known that a ruling against him in the Supreme Court won't damage him politically because the honest section of the general public support his efforts by whatever means to get the democratic 2016 EU Referendum implemented. Boris is the good guy in the eyes of all reasonable honest people who respect the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.
  19. Don't be so naive. The Government and Boris tell their legal advisers what they want to achieve and legal advice is given to support and not support their aim. The Government legal advisers will have told Boris it was highly likely he would lose in the Supreme Court. The same legal people who argue against Boris would argue for him if they were working for him. To suggest the legal experts who advice Boris are not the very best is ludicrous
  20. Corbyn the leader of the Labour Party made it clear he was going to vote against the new Withdrawal Agreement before the details were announced and confirmation by the EU that an agreement had been made . The dishonest MPs with the help of the speaker, who still seek to block the implementation of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result have turned Parliament into a pantomime.
  21. They have had over three years to debate the issue and no amount of extra time will change the minds of the MPs who don't respect the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result. Those MPs will never support any deal to leave the EU.
  22. The Government legal advisers to Boris won't need educating about Padfield.
  23. How can Boris be blamed if the EU don't grant an extension? The EU made it clear before Saturday's vote in Parliament that they didn't want there to be an extension. Juncker said within minutes of confirmation of the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer last Thursday that there was no justification for an extension and he wouldn't support one.
  24. How on earth can you say that I am claiming to be something that I am not when I have stated I voted to remain in the EU but support leaving the EU and implementing the 2016 EU Referendum result because I respect democracy? You're in no position to ask me to desist from doing anything because you're not a forum moderator.
  25. You're the one who is being ridiculous because it is a historic fact that Leave won the 2016 democratic EU Referendum vote. Another referendum vote with the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer on the ballot paper and No-Deal would most certainly end up with a victory for the new Withdrawal Agreement on offer because that is a compromise option for Remain voters. Who made you a forum moderator? I will continue to respect democracy.
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