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  1. 15 minutes ago, tinfoilhat said:

    Who originally put forward this theory?

    Have you never heard of the theory jump before you get pushed?   You're in a much better position when applying for a new job by saying that you left your previous job because of death threats and personal abuse than saying you left your former job because you have been given the sack which happens to MPs who lose their seats at a General Election.

  2. 9 hours ago, Mister M said:

    I've been watching Newsnight this evening, and the issue of the sheer level of abuse, death threats against MPs and family members was a motivating factor behind MPs decision to quit front line politics. I can't say that I blame them to be honest.

    The whole Brexit issue really has poisoned the public arena, pretty much from day one, even before the referendum was held. I think Johnson should be very careful as he goes into the election with the whole 'people versus parliament' narrative, not least because it stokes up a toxic atmosphere. 

    Another theory is that many of these MPs not standing again expected to lose their seat and believe they will be at the front of the queue for a lucrative job outside of Parliament by not seeking re-election.

  3. 12 minutes ago, hobinfoot said:

    I can’t see anything but a conservative win looking at the opposition. I think they will get an overall majority not a big one but a workable one.

    I absolutely agree there is only one way the General Election result will go and that is an overall majority for the Conservative Party.  The 2015 General Election result was a surprise because most people expected a hung Parliament.   Boris has much more support from traditional Labour voters than David Cameron ever did.  The Labour Party are less electable now than they were when  Ed Miliband led them in 2015 and Corbyn's popularity has fallen since the 2017 General Election.  I predict the Conservative Party will win with a bigger majority than David Cameron had in 2015 and also won't have the rebel MPs that Boris inherited. It's all looking positive  for a good Christmas and a happy new year when Brexit will be implemented meaning our country can finally move on.

  4. 35 minutes ago, Pettytom said:

    Until Theresa May and Boris Johnson conspired to flush it down the toilet, the Conservative Party had a commons majority.


    It was their job to pass Brexit. They failed.


    You should consider changing your vote as they are clearly not the party to deliver Brexit.

    Theresa May made a massive mistake by taking the electorate for granted when she called the 2017 snap General Election.  When the General Election was called in 2017 the electorate wrongly believed the 2016 EU Referendum result would be implemented because Article 50 had been triggered and were led to believe both the Labour Party and Tory Party would respect the wishes of the people who voted to leave.  Boris Johnson has sought  to do what he said he intended to do before he became our new Prime Minister and inherited  the mess Theresa May caused by losing the majority.


    The Tory Party are the only main party who will deliver Brexit if they win an outright majority at the General Election.  I didn't vote to leave the EU but I respect the decision the majority made and will continue to support the party that respects the wishes of the majority and don't seek to cheat 17.4 million people out of their democratic wish to leave the EU.  Our country will not move on until Brexit is implemented which is why I will continue to support and vote for the Tory party.

  5. 31 minutes ago, stifflersmom said:

    But that isn't what happened. The two largest parties were demonstrably willing to implement the referendum result as they pledged in their manifestos. They just couldn't find an agreed path to do so.

    The Tory Party MPs  were more willing to implement the referendum result than the the MPs from the Labour Party.  Staying in the single market  in which  free movement of people  continues and staying in the customs union what the Labour leadership suggested would make a mockery of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.  Too many MPs had no intention of finding an agreed path to leave the EU  because their aim was to get the referendum result overturned and not implement the wishes of the 17.4 million.

  6. 2 hours ago, Obelix said:

    So you mean that Parliament is just a rubber stamp for the manifesto then?

    You have a truly bizzare idea of what Parliement is.

    I don't mean that at all.  A honest Parliament wouldn't backslide on decisions they have already rubber stamped and keep moving the goalposts to prevent the implementation of a referendum result they rubber stamped to take place.

  7. 37 minutes ago, Obelix said:


    How is a Parliament rogue and dishonest for doing exactly what it is meant to do?

    For the 2017 General Election campaign both the Labour Party and Tory Party had manifestos pledging to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.  The Labour Party and Tory Party won 579 seats between them and had over 80% share of the vote in the 2017 General Election.   This rogue dishonest Parliament hasn't done exactly what it was elected to do because it has blocked the implementation of the EU 2016 Referendum result and not implemented it as pledged in the manifestos of the two main parties. 

  8. 11 minutes ago, L00b said:

    He has been repeatedly elected as an MEP.


    He is popular because people are either gullible, or ignorant, or disinterested, or all of these attributes together. Hence his repeat election as an MEP, despite his EU Parliamentary record.

    The poster was obviously referring to the House of Commons and not the European Parliament.  Nigel Farage has stood seven times to be elected as an MP and has failed to get elected each time.  If he stands this time then it will be the sixth time in a General Election.

  9. 8 minutes ago, banjodeano said:

    how come if farage is so popular he has never been elected?

    Farage is a one issue politician and is popular because he has a lot of support regarding that one issue.  It's very hard to win a seat at the Westminster Parliament when you don't represent one of the main political parties.  Independent candidates  also rarely win seats.

  10. 8 hours ago, janie48 said:

    Holding a General Election just before Christmas is absolute madness there will be a poor turnout, and many people won't welcome political leaflets posted at the same time as their Christmas cards. 


    It's not ideal but needs to be done to get rid of the rogue dishonest Parliament.  A Tory working majority will be the best Christmas present for our country.

  11. 39 minutes ago, Top Cats Hat said:

    There was no result to implement.


    It was an advisory referendum where not only did neither side attract the support of even 40% of the electorate, but there was only 1% between the two options. As I have said many times, it was an act of great political cowardice to promise to leave the EU based on that inconclusive, discredited referendum, not least because every poll before and since has shown that the majority of citizens wish to remain in the EU.

    You continue to spout meaningless irrelevant loser no democratic rhetoric. On 24th June 2016  when David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister it was made perfectly clear the advice to leave the EU which the democratic people gave was intended to be accepted. This advice was put into law when Article 50 was triggered after Parliament gave their permission to do so.


    34 minutes ago, NERVY-OWL said:

    Corbyn is an absolute joke. I won't support an election until no deal is off the table, how rediculous. How's about let the public decide how they want Brexit to go with the election. Everyone will know the different party's stance on how they want us to leave so let us decide or does he know he will struggle to win after all that boasting labour are ready for it

    You're absolutely correct.   What is happening at the moment is absolutely shameful. The opposition parties sole aim is to block whatever the Government of the day wishes to do, but refuse to allow a General Election to take place which would give the democratic UK people a chance to choose a different Government.   The sad thing is that many good honest people aren't going to even bother voting in future elections as a consequence of the shameful dishonest behaviour of the current rogue Parliament.

  12. 31 minutes ago, Top Cats Hat said:

    And when an advisory referendum no longer reflects the views of the electorate, it is normal to reconsider the result of that referendum.

    How is it normal because we've never had a democratic referendum in which afterwards  parliament has failed to implement the result?


    29 minutes ago, Longcol said:

    Another lie Boris told - along with his reasons for proroguing parliament and having a Queens Speech.


    They aren't half adding up.

    Hilarious.  Are you saying  Boris has lied because he is not dead in a ditch?

  13. 4 hours ago, Obelix said:



    I'm waiting for Bojo to be found dead in a ditch. Then we can have a new election. Until then he's hoist on his own petard of spite from getting rid of all his MP's.


    Bojo can have an election when everyone else says he can and not before...

    Let's be honest whatever Boris does you will criticise him.  Honest people acknowledge that Boris has done everything in his power to try to get the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result  implemented on 31st October.  The people who supported Boris becoming Tory leader and Prime Minister will continue to support him after 31st October has passed.  Only losers who have no respect for democracy will try to use the 'dead in the ditch' comment against him.


    2 hours ago, Pettytom said:

    The trouble with single issues is that they generally turn out to be not single issues. Only a simpleton would think that EU membership was simply a question of being in, or out.


    As Margaret Thatcher said , referenda are devices of dictators and demagogues.

    If referendums are such a bad idea then why did 550 MPs vote in favour of holding the democratic 2016 EU Referendum?

  14. 1 hour ago, Pettytom said:

    I don’t particularly want another referendum. I didn’t want the last one. I think that they are foolish and anti-democratic devices, usually used by weak leaders.


    To answer your question. I’m the kind of democrat who thinks that we elected a parliament two years ago, let them  get on with their work. I think this is a fine parliament 

    Oh dear, democracy is not your strong suit.  A referendum is the most democratic way to decide the outcome of one single issue.  The parliament we have at the moment is a rogue dishonest parliament because both the Labour Party and Tory Party  won 80% of the 2017 General Election vote had manifestos to implement the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.  Implementation of the EU Referendum result can  been done in either of two ways which is either to accept the Withdrawal Agreement on offer or leave the EU by the legal no-deal default position.   Blocking Brexit  which the current Parliament continues to do is not implementing the  2016 EU Referendum result.



    36 minutes ago, ads36 said:

    here's the justification :


    everything that the leave campaigners said was a lie - 'leave' in reality, looks nothing like the promises.


    there, whether or not you're convinced is immaterial, it can be justified.

    You're clearly bias because everything the leave campaign said wasn't a lie.  Both the leave and remain campaigns were poor and slanted the information to suit their own agendas.  There can be no justification for not implementing the 2016 EU Referendum result and cheating 17.4 million UK people out of their democratic wish because the voters never told any lies when they chose which box  to place a cross in on the ballot paper.

  15. 1 minute ago, ads36 said:

    so, we can have a General Election every few months, but only one referendum?

    Don't be ridiculous we don't have General Elections every few months.  When a ruling party loses it's working majority it 's normal to have a General Election.  We had a EU/EEC Referendum in 1975 and the EU Referendum in 2016.  The 2016 Referendum result hasn't been implemented yet so there is no justification for having another EU Referendum anytime soon.

  16. 18 minutes ago, Car Boot said:

    Let's have a Brexit general election in December!


    Or are the Remainers frit?

    On one of the news channels they had a report from Broxtowe  and those interviewed wanted a General Election. The MP for Broxtowe  is Anna Soubry the leader of CHANGE-UK,  who doesn't want a General Election  because she says nothing will change after a General Election. Anna Soubry is wrong because the democratic people of Broxtowe will have a change of MP after the General Election.

  17. 14 minutes ago, RJRB said:

    Sort out a Brexit withdrawal  first either through Parliament or if that remains deadlocked by a second referendum.

    General election to follow either by consensus or at the end of term.

    Don’t let Boris the hapless bulldozer and driver Dominic  continue to wreck the country.

    There are many fronts to fight in a GE,and to allow it to be virtually a single issue vote is no benefit to anyone.

    The truth is that the current Parliament are only interested in blocking Brexit.   The Withdrawal Agreement is a treaty and can't be amended or altered by Parliament because agreement has been reached jointly between the EU and the UK Government.  The reason why the opposition parties don't want a General Election is because the likelihood is after a General Election they would no longer be able  to block the implementation of the democratic 2016 EU Referendum result.  It's the rogue dishonest Parliament who continue to wreck our country and not Boris.

  18. 3 minutes ago, Pettytom said:

    I think I’ve grasped your position now.


    You don’t like the result of the democratic General Election of 2017, so you’d like another vote now, despite the fact that the parliament still has three years to run.'s


    You do like the result of the 2016 EU referendum, so you oppose another vote on that.


    Some would say that your position is a touch hypocritical.

    I have never stated I don't like or respect the result of the 2017 General Election.  It's  normal for there to be another General Election after a ruling party loses their working majority in Parliament.  It's only because of the recent  new fixed term Parliament Act that the opposition alliance can block a General Election being held. The intention of the fixed term Parliament Act wasn't to allow the opposition parties to block whatever the Government wants to do. 

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