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  1. I overstayed in a scuzzy small car park at bottom of Bailey Lane on corner with Broad Lane and thought surely no one would notice. Wrong!!! Letter arrived 2 days later from Parking Eye camera company - £100 fine for overstaying by about 40mins after 11.00pm. DO NOT PARK THERE AND OVERSTAY BY ANY TIME!! Parking Eye company - get lots of bad press for being cowboy rip-offsters.... But legal so unable to challenge - so chuffing crazy there's no regulation of these companies!!!!!!
  2. Livesy Street, Hillsborough, junction with Penistone Road 17.15 today. > Witness told me she saw a driver of small silver car go from stationary to deliberately plough through mum and 7 ducklings crossing road; > Mother duck - broken leg - distressed made for river > 3 duckings flattened on the road dead > 4 ducklings distressed running away from fantastic staff from Evans Halshaw doing a great job of rounding them up on a big heap of stones where they were escaping. > EH staff apparently reported to RSPCA who were sending someone. Did anyone see this or get the numberplate? Thanks!
  3. Build a great big beautiful sky wall, Mars or Jupiter, we dont care which, will pay. We will make them pay. We will make them pay so bad. Were gonna have the best sky hooks to hang our wall on..The good folks of Lowedges will once again sleep safely in their beds knowing these murdering, graping aliens (i hear some of them are actually good people) can never bother them again.
  4. Hay everybody... I don't think you're taking this seriously. I'm here bridling at your comedy responses. Maybe I showily jumped to conclusions on here but for you others hoof also seen the guy you've got to wonder where are the Police? I called it in at 1.10pm and it's down the Moor at 3pm?? I fear only the police canter-n this horse loving traffic hazzard around now. After all none of us want to MisterEd in any manure whilst shopping in town.
  5. I post this because nothing about this seemed right and if you have had a horse stolen it could be yours? Just going on but along Arundle Gate at 1.05pm today and saw a beautiful brown/chestnut horse seemed in good condition (young maybe - I'm not an expert!) ridden by a man (in his late 20's early 30's?) wearing dark Adidas tracksuit trouser no proper gear, no helmet, no blinkers, no illuminated gear. He had a 'long' whip i.e maybe 2foot rigid part (not a crop). Horse was skittish and unsure - whenever a car or bus went by rider swerved horse into the kerb. Full of wrongness!!! Dangerous if horse bolted in middle of town. I called it in immediately on 101 so police made aware.
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