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  1. I left in 67 so you must have been in an older year than me,can't you remember anybodies names from your year I can remember a few. Whereabouts on GV did you live
  2. Did your sisters live in the maisonettes on Gaunt rd
  3. He had another hit with a record called Mama,
  4. Would they be allowed to fill the quarry, as the Crested Newt is protected
  5. Yes she was,she was from Belgium,Mr Howe was his nickname Plod?
  6. I was there 63 to 67 don't recall Mr Smith, Mr Proctor was Art,I think he was our House (Kestrel) leader
  7. Yes Miss Chapman the girls P.E. teacher in her hockey skirt
  8. My Great Grandma lived in that house in the 50ts,my Grandma,your Auntie Lucy lived next door
  9. I was going to mention the oranges,then I thought am I right with that,I remember watching him at Filbert st we beat Leicester 1.0 he got 10 in the News of the World ratings on Sunday morning.Not sure, but I think it was the first time I'd seen that
  10. And Ron Springett, you can't miss him out, He was my hero as a kid,
  11. Excellent I can just picture that goalie,but water polo on Friday night after school ?
  12. I could use someone like your sister, can she sew?
  13. There was a nice Pub in Middleton, Manchester called Who'd A Thowt It, the building is still there and maybe it's name was apt because who'd a thought it would be, what it is nowadays. Bet you can't guess
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