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  1. Thanks athy Apparently I cannot private message until I have made five posts which this is. That done I can and will message in private. Thanks to all for your help.
  2. Hi I am new to Sheffield Forum and find it a little strange to find my way around. If this reaches you I don't mind giving my second email address which is thecres43@btinternet.com and we can go from there. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone help. I am looking to find John Hallam. He is the only child of Norman and Margaret Hallam The last contact I had with them they lived in fulmere road parsons cross. Sadly Norman and Margaret will have passed on. John will be in his sixties now. They left there and went to live Boston for three or four on an exchange system and returned to the same address in parsons cross. I worked with Norman during that time. He worked for Wigfalls both in Boston and Sheffield for most of his working life. My name is Bill Daubney and I still live in Boston.
  4. Norman Hallam worked there for many years as a field engineer. About 1963 he transferred down to Boston. Most thursdays we went up to Mowbray st. for various reasons. First port of call was the canteen for breakfast. Tom Keefe was transport manager , Harry Berry foreman and Ron Miller next in line. Albert Coe walked around with hand full of paperwork. I think he was stock controller or something like that. Steve with his pint tea mug and his little office was in charge of aerial work. I think Tom Keefe was a bit of a pig to most staff but we were ok as we always went up with veg and potatoes rose bushes from a renowned boston grower. During the strawberry season we spent the previous day picking strawberries to fill the van. They were always in great demand. Norman spent about four or five years and then became homesick returning to his old house 13 fulmere road parsons cross. He was a good mate. I could go on for ever about those days.With a bit of thought a few more name will come back. Bob Warrington at rutland road has just popped up. I presume you were at mowbray street. What period would that be? Hope to chat at length soon.
  5. I worked for Wigfalls at Boston Lincs for 26 years from april 1961 and have many memories including many staff at Sheffield. I would like to make contact with old staff.
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