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  1. Donald Trump is achieving one thing at least. He is making Kim Jong-Un look like a responsible statesman.
  2. I used to love the way he got Cameron wound up, with his cool attitude, until he was nearly exploding. It is impossible to do that with the charisma and personality free zone that is Theresa (my Maggie) May.
  3. That is a bad fault actually. In my opinion they should be earnings related. Sick pay and Unemployment Benefit used to be. When did this stop? I think it was some time in the 1970's.
  4. I wish i had learned Spanish when I was younger. I am struggling with it at present.
  5. All young people think the same. But don't forget, as a person you never grow old. You are always yourself, it is just that you are surrounded by young people who think they know it all. They think they are the first people to think the way they do, but there is nothing new under the Sun. That is the way of the world, you may learn if you try.
  6. Certain posters are falling over themselves in the rush to defend the capitalist work masters. It is a sad reflection of how low these peoples self esteem has become that they feel they have to debase themselves before their paymasters.
  7. I think the perpetrators hoped that by now the heat would be off. Instead it just as intense as ever. One of them will crack one day. They may even have convinced themselves that they are innocent. But the truth will out. Even then excuses will be made and the murderers will probably walk free.
  8. Mutton headed would be correct also. He is a brexiter, is he not, and they are all sheep. Lambs to the slaughter.
  9. That is evolution. But the human body is still not capable of hard manual work after the age of about 65 though. To expect old people to do that kind of work is inhuman. Also the brain slows down, and calculations, for instance, that were once second nature become slower. As an engineer, I can still do the work, both as an engineer, and if necessary as a mechanic, but it takes me longer than a man in his thirties. When I was a young man, we had no problem with looking after our old people, and admired them for the contribution they had made whilst they were young to our well being. Why does this government suddenly want to encourage young people to despise older people? There is something not right here.
  10. Yes, that is another point. When power stations were first being built, in the 19th and early twentieth century, the only fuel was coal. So obviously all plant was built to use coal, a brutal fuel to win. As time has moved on, we are discovering far better methods, which have less effect on humans, and the planet. In the grand scheme of things, all methods of using power will have detrimental effect, as something cannot be obtained from nothing. Solar power is probably the way forward. If the total output of the Sun could be harnessed for one second, it would supply mankind's needs for one million years. Even though we will only ever be able to obtain the merest fraction of that the potential is colossal.
  11. Do you think it is worth his while bothering? To be honest I cannot see any point in this farce at all. The country is going to hell, what difference does it make who is steering the handcart? I will be out of the equation, but I wonder where you will all be in twenty years time. I am only glad I will not be here to see the humiliation of my country.
  12. As we are moving onwards, I think more and more people are realising what a foaming at the mouth maniac Theresa May is. Our deranged Foreign Secretary makes a bigger fool of himself hourly. I may have to turn my allegiance back to Corbyn, at least he is not running around like a headless chicken. I think if the Liberals had a better leader, they would make a good showing.
  13. Your and my ideas of manufacturing are totally different. By manufacturing I mean a product. Doctors, in the main, produce well and healthy people, when given an ill person. An Engineer creates a product to the requirements of whoever requests his services. Whether he or she builds it themselves, or employs others to do it, is bye the bye. Both are wealth creators, as are the people supporting them. Capitalists are just casino men, whose like can be found in any betting shop throughout the world. Spivs. They are drones on wealth creators, the world could continue quite well, and better, come to that, without them.
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