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  1. Hi Sheffield 123! still no luck in finding your half brother, i'm sorry about that,good suggestion from (handypandy) though to visit the mosque, there may be someone there who remembers your father, not forgetting that these people will now be 70+years of age if they are anything like me Sheffield 123 i cant remember what i did yesterday ...lol but the best of luck to you.
  2. Dont know if his wife was called Barbara or even if he was married rf2690!! i was only 15 years old at the time that i lived on Carlile road, so only knew him from being around the area, i would frequently see him in the Crown albeit i wasn't old enough to drink,bumped into him several years later in the Hen & Chicken in town,didn't know that he had a barbers shop on Park Hill though jane2008.
  3. Yes i remember Dougie he would cut my hair!! when he was sober:!!! that's why i had long hair, seem to remember that he took over from his father,he was a good laugh though.
  4. you welcome Sheffield123 i just wish i had more information for you!!one thing for sure your father was a real gentleman...my memory is not very good these days but if i remember anything else of interest to you i will let you know..once again good luck.
  5. Hi Sheffield 123 I remember your father(FRED) from Carlisle Road around the mid 60s,we would usually be having a beer or two at the Crown pub or the Alexandra Hotel, i really cant recall him being involved with any female but saying that i did lose touch with him towards the end of the 60s. so sorry to hear of his passing and hope very much that you will be successful in finding your half brother
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