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  1. I was in the park yesterday and was surprised to find the the boating lake has been drained. I cannot in my 79 years recall seeing it empty before although I suppose it must have been from time to time. Yesterday kids were running all over the amazing red brick bottom and someone remarked that it would be a good thing to put a little water back in so it freezes to make a safe skating rink. Follow it up Parks Department? Or too many elf and safety issues?
  2. Glad we got there eventually. And a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours ! DF
  3. Try this link: https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/search/?q=Meldrum&quick=1
  4. Look for the search box at the top of the page revealed when you use the Photos drop down in Sheffield History Forum (NOT Sheffield Forum) . Type Meldrum in and click and up it comes. Good luck!
  5. I wonder if the jerk who damaged my car whist I was playing jazz in the Indian Restaurant in 1980 is reading this? Remember how the Police refused to take action? Remember how I came to your house in City Road and made you pay up? One of my best moments, getting retribution from a mindless yob. But that was the last time that London Road was worth a visit. When I was a kid it was a vital, living community. I wouldn't risk my health walking there today, let alone eat. But that just about sums up Sheffield. I don't know where POT is but Sheffield has gone there. And not by SUT. (You have to be a certain age to understand that).
  6. I have posted some photos of workers at Thos Meldrums in the photos section of the Sheffield History Forum, having been unsuccessful at posting on this website. They are mostly folk from Sharrow/London Road area.
  7. My stepfather-in-law Billie Johnston worked there from about 1960 until his retirement in about 1985. He was a skilled turner who served his apprenticeship in Harland and Wolff in Belfast during the war. He lived on Wordsworth Avenue and was a regular at The Greyhound in Ecclesfield as well as Lane Top WMC. His language included a terminology peculiar to Shardlows, "duckboards" "fourthrows" and a couple of words I can't recall that referred to the sharp pieces of metal that got under the skin of his hands and the large containers that stood by the lathes for scrap. I recall being shocked by the rule of law that was imposed by shop stewards on matters of job pricing and piece work. Millions of people who drive cars, ride in buses or receive their goods from lorries could never imagine the sheer sweat, toil and determination of the people who worked there to give them the benefits of modern transport.
  8. Repeated attempts to put pics in on both Bing and Google Chrome but the alleged paste option advised by the Forum owners just don't work. Suggestions welcome.
  9. Think I'm going to have to give up on this. Sorry.
  10. Here are some photos of Meldrums' people. One is in the factory yard. The others are when they were having summer outings or nights out. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who can name any of the groups. If there are no photos with this reply, I apologise. The instructions from the Forum on inserting photos don't seem to work for me. (Dragging into the box or pasting). Another try:
  11. Recommendations welcomed for quotes for replating an EPNS tray, please. Thank you in anticipation.
  12. Hi Minimo, Meldrums is in John St although I didn't know they were still trading. they made stuff like car ramps, wheel braces and small tools. I'll look out the photos and post them on here.
  13. I recall my mum Kath France worked with a Mrs Odell when she was at Meldrum's in John St. Likely the same one? I posted a photo of Meldrum workers on the Forum a few years back. I also have other pics I could dig out. They were a very sociable lot but my Mum was sacked without notice after over 20 years with the firm when she asked for a lighter job on doctor's advice. I took them to ACAS and got her a large payout.
  14. There was a Brian Drabble on Fentonville St, too. Brian is now 81 and lives on Gosforth Valley (Dronfield) but sadly has poor health. He has been to a couple of reunions though. Brian is best remembered on the street for the caliper on his leg which never stopped him getting up to all kinds of tricks. His dad engineered a Hercules bike so that the left pedal freewheeled to allow his caliper to rest there whilst his right leg did all the work on a fixed gear with a Sturmey Archer hub. That bike took Brian on many long trips to the Plant at Donnie and even on one occasion to the big railway hub at Gorton. And "tracking" in Millhouses Woods and the cutting at Twentywell. I don't recall Brian ever setting foot in St John's though I have a feeling he was in a Boys Brigade pack somewhere.
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