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  1. I can't swim but I still think it should never have been closed. Definitely a good idea...and the same for Longley Park, too. Two is not going to be enough if we are going to have to live with "staycations". Sponsorship deals would help. For instance "The Amazon" pool at Millhouses and the Tesco pool at Longley. Just two of the names that have taken billions from Sheffielders these last 18 months.
  2. I don't want to be a killjoy but did nobody think where all the cars were going to be parked when they agreed to a funfair at the top of the Dronfield By Pass? Cars all over the place, grass verges made into a quagmire, very dangerous parking. Ridiculous.
  3. I have just been contacted by a friend from our street reunion group "The Fentonvillains" who reminds me that Grace Tebbutt was related to no less than three families who lived in three separate houses on Fentonville St, Sharrow, in the post-war years (and probably long before that). They were all called Barton but we have no idea of their relationship status....brothers, sisters, cousins etc. The Bartons who lived nearest to me at Number 46 were an elderly couple and their son. Father and son ran a painting and decorating business. They were the only people on our side of the street to have a phone and were very kind in allowing other folk to use it. That might mean there is an entry in an old phone book somewhere. Good luck!
  4. I feel sure that one of the few remaining Mayoral trees planted each year in Graves Park in the 50s and 60s is one planted by Grace Tebbutt. Sadly even though some trees survive, the brass plates on the concrete pillars have mostly been stolen. I feel sure Grace Tebbutt's is still there not far from the tennis courts on the Meadowhead approach. In the days when The Star and The Sheffield Telegraph followed the City Council (a.k.a. Sheffield Corporation) much more closely than they can be bothered these days, Grace's name was in almost every edition, along with the likes of Syd Dyson, Keeble Hawson, Jack Worrall, the Hattersley's, and the other stalwarts of The Town Hall. In those days Civic Pride was so evident you could almost reach out and touch it.........
  5. Many years ago I was a supporter of the freedom to use a Citizens Band Radio. I thought it could be such a fantastic social communications medium. How wrong I was! Idiots took over. Intelligent people got rid. Then comes, after a time, Facebook et al. And much the same thing has happened. How can we have liberal social communication when the bullies, the cheats, fraudsters and dimwits hi-jack it for their own ridiculous purpose? How I wish we could have decent, calm, logical exchange of views and information. We might even have a name for it. How about "Gossip"? It's what our mothers did. If there was a falling out the others "on the street" or "in our yard" made sure that no bad feelings remained. God Bless our mothers. God bless the good old days.
  6. You are right. Thank you for putting my memory straight. But in Sharrow and Nether Edge I think the "home made" potted beef created by Winnie, the shop assistant at Topham's Bakery on Wostenholme Road, was far superior. Made a couple of times a week, it filled the back room with delicious aromas of slow cooked beef. I delivered bread (on a bike with a basket) for them for a couple of years and it was one of my "perks" along with a bagful of cakes etc most nights.
  7. I have a recollection that Sutherlands were the first peacetime occupants of the former National Fire Service building in Ecclesall Road, alongside the Tesco/Shopping Centre. That would be from about 1946/7 . When they moved from there it became, eventually, that parade of shops that includes the Sheffield shop. Does anyone else recall that?
  8. Hi Alun. Got your message. Will PM you with my email address.
  9. To clarify....the A61 dual carriageway gives you a convenient route in either direction, to Sheffield OR the M1. As regards the commute, I can tell you that having commuted daily from 1. Grantham to Kings Cross and 2 Basingstoke to Waterloo, a commute from Chesterfield to Ecclesall Road would be a piece of cake. And the X17 Stagecoach bus is luxurious compared with other services. But anyway, if I HAVE to drive into the City I go Dronfield top/Jordanthorpe Parkway, Norton Water Tower, Blackstock Rd, Heeley Green, Richards Rd, Bramall Lane. 20 minutes.
  10. Because Chesterfield is actually a great place to live. Pre Covid we had a multiplicity of pubs and restaurants, much like the City, but with the advantage of an attractive town centre filled with diverse shops, may of whom were independents, a brilliant market most days of the week, lots of place to walk and cycle, some great new housing developments and the Peak District right on the doorstep....and the dual carriageway from Meadowhead to the M1 means you can get anywhere else fast and easy. My house six years ago cost £50k less than an identical house over the hill in Sheffield 8. Well worth a commute! (I have a relative who needs to go to London from time to time. You'd be amazed what a difference it makes getting a train from Chesterfield, shaving 30 mins off the journey home. ) (And parking in town is far cheaper...plus Chesterfield council tax payers get free parking up to 10am and after 3pm and there are many streets in the town centre with free limited 2 or 3 hour parking). Try it!
  11. OMG. I am very sorry to hear that. He had an Encyclopaedic knowledge of Sheffield Jazz in all its forms. I was fortunate to be able to play vibes at a number of venues in the 70s/early 80s and had worked with Dave when I was at Radio Sheffield 73 - 81. Sadly lost touch with it all after leaving the city and have had to give up the vibes due to spinal disease. Get my kicks on Amazon Music Unlimited now.
  12. I know it's 14 years since these postings but those concerned might like to know that Len Savage...Mr Nice Guy....retired from the City Police and moved back to his roots in Lincolnshire. He died just over 10 years ago aged 79. I was a rookie cop and Len was deputed to show me the ropes. We became lifelong friends. His widow Kath still lives at Kirton in Boston with his son. He was indeed a good man.
  13. I'm sure Dave Brennan (Radio Sheffield) would know but I'm afraid I have no contact details for Dave now. Very sad to hear of your loss. Covid is going to destroy what bits of the jazz scene were left.
  14. Why not go the whole hog...continue up the narrow and dangerous road through Barlow (that's after you've got through the Sheepbridge trading estate traffic) to Owler Bar, then to Longshaw, down to Hathersage and then up over Stanage, down Ringinglow Road and to wherever you like in Ecclesall Rd. By the time you arrive the traffic peak will have passed and you'll have had a beautiful scenic experience.
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