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  1. 101 - Pond St to Gleadless via Hurlfield Rd 102 Pond st to Gleadless via Gleadless Common 105 - Pond St to Arbourthorne. 61 Southey- City- Nether Edge via Washington Road
  2. It's been like that for at least a year. But since meters are working nearer the village I wouldn't risk parking without a ticket.
  3. Thanks for that. You are absolutely right. You have jogged my memory. I wonder where he is now?
  4. Gruesome topic of conversation but highly relevant since in the 60s murders were very few and far between, unlike the present day. I was a probationer PC working the beat on Ellesmere Road when I was sent to guard the door of a house near All Saints Church where an old lady had been found battered to death. A young male neighbour was later found guilty of the crime and sentenced to a period of detention. That was probably 1962 or 63 and I would have thought was one of only two or three murders that year in the whole of the city. But can you imagine a time when in the streets around Burngreave and Pitsmoor there was ALWAYS a copper walking the beat, 24 hours of the day ? That's how it was for most of the Central Division, dozens of coppers walking the beat, on foot, 24/7, armed only with a whistle and a stick ! They WERE the good old days!
  5. I drive a Toyota hybrid. (and thus an automatic box). The handbook says you should not move it into neutral whilst waiting at traffic lights etc but hold it on the footbrake. That's why an increasing number of cars are seen with brake lights on whilst standing. Annoying but just look elsewhere. And as for "fog" rear lights in heavy rain. Agreed they are not necessary on some road surfaces but where there is heavy spray these high intensity rear lamps could save lives. And they help stop people tailgating at a time when they should be leaving even greater space .
  6. Or stole your bike from the back yard while you were at school! B*****d !
  7. Since no-one replying to this thread has so far owned up to having legal qualifications...and you are simply asking for observations...I would say this: It is simply a case of "Did I do this? Answer No. Do I feel strongly enough to refuse to pay the fixed penalty but to contest it in a Magistrates Court? That's for you alone to decide but I'd advise you bear the following in mind: Legal representation would probably get you off but you have no hope of legal aid (now the Tories have virtually eliminated it) and it might cost you more than the Fixed Penalty if you cannot persuade the Court to award you costs; Secondly a Court fine would almost certainly be higher than the Fixed Penalty. And you could be made to pay THEIR costs. Third, you would have a lot of hassle. But if you won you would feel vindicated. If you lost, an appeal would be expensive. But I agree, if you didn't drop the fag end then it is an injustice. And we should not tolerate a system where some anonymous, invisible council official can, purely on his word, rack up a fixed penalty income for his bosses and, possibly, a bonus on his wages. At least if you go to court you can insist on cross examining the official, getting him to specify his location and possibly proving that he could not possibly have seen the alleged action from his viewpoint. Maybe your best course of action is to challenge the council now in a formal letter setting out your innocence and to hope that they will see it as too trivial an offence to merit risking them having to pay costs. I would also consider carefully using the word "perjury" in relation to the PACE statement of evidence. I hope that helps your train of thought. A close relative who IS legally qualified advises you to take photographs of the location....you, not someone else, and to show them to the council to point out any irregularities in the witness statement and to appeal to "their better nature" and to cancel the FP ticket. She says in a similar circumstance she would not contest it if she were a smoker (the first question a prosecutor would ask) but would contest it if she were not a smoker. She is not allowed to air her professional opinions on Forums such as this. One further point from me....is the witness a council employee of on the payroll of a private firm? If so, one has to ask if they aren't running a racket. It's not unkown in relation to parking tickets. Good luck!
  8. we had much the same experience at the cafe/restaurant in Weston Park Museum which appears to be run by the same company. We decided there and then we wouldn't return. Don't know who runs the cafe at the top of Botanical Gardens but that's also a no-no for us after waiting over 40 minutes for our order. With so much competition around you'd have thought that these people would up their game. Noise is so often a problem. I have hearing aids which makes "clamour" much worse and among other places I will not go back to are the restaurant at Wentworth garden centre and the cafe in Graves Park where mums and babies spend most of the day. Muzak ? Don't get me started!
  9. Not heard that metaphor before. It's a cracker!
  10. Worksop has much to offer with a variety of old and new homes, especially those close to the restored Chesterfield Canal and the village of Shireoaks. With all the mining activity now eradicated, and with the beauty of Clumber Park close by, I recommend you take a look at that area but be aware that very large distribution depots are taking the place of colliery spoilheaps and the movement of hundreds of large artic lorries is the new environmental spoiler. On the other hand Worksop sits between the A1 and the M1 so is better for getting easy access to north/south routes. The stretch of canal at Shireoaks (where there is a marina) back towards Harthill is said to be one of the most beautiful in the country. There are also frequent train services to Sheffield and Lincoln.
  11. Well some unmarked Q cars in S Yorks and Derbyshire are grey BMWs with small blue flashing LEDs but a SEAT ? No, I don't think so. But I have noticed a rise in recent years in pretend emergency vehicles with sirens, horns and even alternating flashing headlamps. Trouble is with an absent Police Force these idiots can easily get away with it. I think you were wise not to "take him on" but I do advise you spend a small amount of cash on a dashcam, or better still, two dashcams to cover front and rear. Then you can submit the evidence on-line to the relevant police force. They might even get off their arse and follow it up.
  12. I wonder if anyone can recall with experiences of The Joke Shop in Rockingham St, just off The Moor? A lad from our street, the much lamented Roger Knight, was a devotee, spending his ample pocket money on stink bombs, itching powder and farting cushions. What about you? What was your favourite jape? Did you get the slipper in class for trying out a new "joke"? And who was the owner? What happened to it? Answers please !
  13. In the Fifties my mum had a regular 6am slot which meant that I had to cart a big suitcase full of washing about a mile and half either the previous night or at 5.15 on the day....before doing my paper round and going to school. And then collecting it (on our wooden wheelbarrow) either at 8.30 or teatime that night. There was a big storage bay for old prams/barrows and a storage area for clothes etc. So far as I'm aware nobody ever stole anything. The atmosphere in the wash-house was amazing. Up to around 30 women toiling hard for two hours at a time under the watchful eye of Albert Poole, the supervisor, who was also distantly related to my mum.
  14. Hi Rod (my recollection is you were called Robin?) I am sending you a personal message. Look forward to hearing from you. David France
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