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  1. Hi Rod (my recollection is you were called Robin?) I am sending you a personal message. Look forward to hearing from you. David France
  2. Everyone remembers Mr Willey!!! The head teacher was pipe-smoking Mr Davies (Morris 10 at the gate). The tuck shop was a must, for those who had spending money ! Were you also in the local Scouts (St Johns Meths?). If you scan much earlier entries under "Sharrow Lane School" you will find many such former pupils' memories and lists of teachers and classmates. There is also, in case you had missed it, a parallel forum called Sheffield History Forum but which attracts a completely different set of followers. Happy to meet up when you have spare moments on your next trip to Sheffield. The "kids" from Fentonville St off Sharrow Lane have been having regular reunions for about 18 years and our gatherings have also been attended by "kids" from Priory Rd, Priory Place, Langdon St etc. Our next Fentonvillains lunchtime gathering is going to take place in early November. The group spans the years 1938 to 1946 (DoB) and includes Peter and Bob Ireland, John Vernon, Mick Glossop, Denis Anson, Brian Drabble, Valerie Shaw, Judith Whitehead, my sister Christine and also Barbara Walker who although not a Sharrow Lane pupil lived on the street where her father ran the best chippy in the district. We have lost touch with Philip Stansfield who would be about your age, and are aware that Peter Green, same age, died some years ago. Other names from that time are Edwin Fox, Warner Baxter and Graham Reaney who were also about your age. There were many others who hung around the Fentonville - Washington Road complex but most of that group went to Pomona St or St Mathias schools.
  3. Michael Green I remember, as does Valerie but we can't put faces to the other names, I'm afraid. It seems your mum passed away quite young? That is very sad. And as for you and your exploits we are filled with admiration for your achievements. I wonder how many of the teachers who were colleagues of your mum you can recall. One of them, Mrs Robinson, who lived at Totley, had a son who is the voice of Radio Sheffield, Rony Robinson. I'm sure you also recall Miss Cole the head teacher and Miss Vick the head of the primary school. It's a very sad building now. The primary school is derelict and the junior/senior buildings are mostly a community centre. The vibrant playgrounds are filled with cars, as are the adjacent streets. Compared with the Sharrow of your youth the district is a much less happy place. When you are talking to Diane please say Guten Tag from me. I learned German at High Storrs GS and it came in handy from time to time, especially when I was serving with the RAFVR in Rheindahlen. I quite envy her living on the Rhine. By the sounds of things you are now living somewhere near Sheffield so you might want to join in some of the reunion activities where many of the pre 1953 cohorts still come along. Good to hear from you. David France
  4. I certainly do ! Your mum was a treasure and was much loved by us Sharrovians. Your sister Diane was in the same class as myself and someone else who follows this site, Valerie Shaw (as was) and others with whom we are also in touch. You might like to drop me a personal message or tell us all on the Forum what happened to the Goodfellow family from Ventnor Place!
  5. At the end of September only eight people have responded positively to the Christmas Reunion notice. They have paid their deposits and are happy to continue with the event. The negative response comes in spite of a vigorous show of hands at the last get-together in favour of it. However in view of the negative response I will play no further part in it, nor anything in the future. Sorry. You cannot expect to have the use of the former School and, in particular, the cafe for free. I don't think the cost of the Christmas lunch was excessive considering the work involved and the disruption to normal day-to-day business. In saying this I do not include the three former pupils who contacted me to say they would like to be there but are currently receiving treatment or are experiencing serious health issues. They WOULD have liked to be there. If anyone reading this still wants to be a part of it they should visit the cafe and pay their £5 deposit as soon as possible. DF
  6. Don't be silly. It is obvious that public transport systems require staffing and maintenance but that money wold be raised by the extra levy on council tax....i.e. the 20% "hike" you yourself refer to. The history of SYPT's free bus services for shoppers and pensioners showed fully that when people have the opportunity they use it. SYPTE were made to stop free buses by a certain Iron Lady, the same one who wrecked the steel industry and much more besides. Now "pensioners" have to be almost in their grave before they get a bus pass and we all know that a future Tory government would axe them altogether. Fortunately, technology is now allowing ticketing options which mean several new options can be explored, like the Oyster card in London, but with a much more flexible pricing system so that card holders of certain classifications would pay differential, mean-average, low fares as they are already doing in Holland, for example. Not free all the time but with time-sectors built in for off peak travel.
  7. I was the founding chairman of Prelude...it was my idea. I had to give it up when my job took me away from the area. I would like to think it helped a lot of people find a new partner/life although the predatory males pretending to be unmarried were a serious concern. By the way, it wasn't founded in the 70s, it was started in 1980 at Bramall Lane SUFC Social Club. Unfortunately I cannot recall any of the names of the committee but I would be pleased to hear from them. It all kicked off when I wrote to The Star responding to a letter from a lady who was newly single and found difficulty in meeting potential new partners. I was myself "newly single" at the time.
  8. What's a 20% hike in council tax compared with the annual running cost of a car? Even an old banger will cost hundreds in insurance and tax, will depreciate by 20% per annum and will take money from your wallet for petrol, tyres and servicing. Moreover the whole family benefits from free public transport, not just the car drivers.
  9. It isn't a case of "Would it?" The time has run out already. We MUST stop using cars and we MUST stop the acquisitive society which is clogging our roads with lorries and vans full of stuff which will be dumped and discarded with a few short years. You don't have to ask "can it be done?". It WAS done, very successfully before the 60s. In Sheffield we had trams that went within a short walking distance of most areas, buses that filled in the gaps and took us, along with frequent cheap train services, to our rambles in Derbyshire and our holidays in Bournemouth or Brid. We had bikes on roads that were safer. Just look at the photos of "Old Sheffield" in the 50s. Castlegate and High Street thronged with people. No Meadowhell, no supermarkets. But we didn't starve, We actually ENJOYED our weekend trips "down t' town". Cinemas were full of families. Parks were full of mums and dads and kids. We didn't have much money but we had A LIFE! Free public transport wouldn't actually cost that much compared with the £zillions squandered on car depreciation and running costs, road maintenance, costly traffic lights and air pollution. Fewer people would die or be injured. The NHS would be relieved of a significant burden. It is sad but it just won't happen. Good dreams don't come true.
  10. In the years 1951 - 1953 my class at Sharrow Lane was under the supervision of Mr "Fozzy" Foster. Here are as many of the names of classmates that I can remember. I wonder how many are still around and where are they now? I have put a (D) on those who I know are recently deceased. Barry Knowles Peter Crowther Billy Gillot Frank Wheata Michael Bagguley Michael Walker David Vardy John Rutherford Jack Colbridge Bob Gorrill Ian Beale David Wales (D) Bob ireland Roy Whittaker David Jackson Tom Tuft (D) Michael Green Roger Holden Derek Nutton Trevor Bingley John Walker Keith Spooner Michael Folger Rodney Furness Raymond Tomlinson David Hardcastle Gordon Fleming David France
  11. Please see my latest posting regarding the Christmas Lunch re-union. So far I have onoy had two responses. If there is insufficient interest it will be cancelled. DF
  12. Details of the much-requested next reunion of pupils from the years 1948-1958 are now available. It will take place at noon on Wednesday 27 November in the school hall cafe. Numbers will be strictly limited to 30 but if demand is sufficient then an additional date can be arranged. THIS WILL BE A CHRISTMAS LUNCH EVENT with turkey, pigs in blankets and all the trimmings, and an attractive seasonal vegetarian option. A hot drink, cracker and mints is included in the price. Dessert will be a choice of a mincemeat crumble or a chocolate pudding. One course £10.95, two courses £11.95. A decision is yet to be made on whether to make wine available or to accept corkage. A deposit of £5 will be required. Closing date for the deposit will be 12 November. I am happy to arrange for table reservations for groups who notify me of numbers in advance. I will also seek permission to have music to accompany carols etc if we get a good crowd. To participate in this event please respond to this notice as soon as possible. I will be monitoring responses. Or send me a personal message through this Forum. DO NOT SEND MONEY JUST YET! I will give details of how this will be done in the course of the next couple of weeks. But it is essential that, if this event is to happen and be successful, you tell all your peer group and get them to respond quickly. I shall also be posting this notice on the Sheffield History Forum and will be contacting all those whose email addresses I already have. If you don't get an email from me it will be because I don't have your email address listed. David France (1946-53)
  13. I wonder if David Vardy would like to come to the next reunion in November?
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