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  1. I wonder if David Vardy would like to come to the next reunion in November?
  2. As I recall Kenneth he was a stout lad whose father, I feel pretty sure, worked on the trams and made model boats. One of the gallants of Sharrow Lane Juniors ! I think he also, like many of that generation, started his education at Denby St nursery. Recalled, remembered and respected.
  3. Presumably you would also shoot all the egrets, ibis and storks now populating the UK as a result of global warming, along with red kites and any other off-course avian visitor? Nigel Farage of the ornithological world?
  4. His wife told me he worked in the motor trade so that was probably him.
  5. Probably! But I visited the address supplied to me by a very helpful reader of this topic in a personal message and I am very sad to relate that Harvey Fox, formerly of Croydon St, Sharrow, passed away on 24th June from cancer aged 74. His brother Edwin, 82, survives him and lives in very poor health in Swinton. RIP Harvey Fox, a Fentonvillain! (i.e. one of the exclusive gang of playmates from the streets off Sharrow Lane in post war Sheffield who now meet regularly for relaxation and reminiscence.)
  6. Harvey, if you lived in Croydon St whdn a boy please message me. The gang of Fentonvillains, the Beatsons , Irelands, Brian Drabble, and many others have been reuniting for neafly 20 years and would like you and Edwin to join them. David France.
  7. Due to a misunderstanding over the existence of two Sheffield Forums I am now posting news of Sharrow Lane ~School reunions ONLY on Sheffield History Forum (Schools) at https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/17559-sharrow-lane-school-reunion-2019/ Please visit tat URL to see photos etc and receive news of future reunions etc. DF.
  8. I reckon I am pretty computer/internet savvy but this has me beaten. I have been talking to "helpline" who say there is a way to post photos - which I cannot see - but I have finally concluded that I am confused over which Sheffield Forum I am talking to. I had not realised there is a "Sheffield Forum" and a Sheffield History Forum.....which does make it easy to register photos. So......please would all Sharrovians follow me on the Sheffield History Forum where I will post this piece again WITH photos?
  9. Finally I have a few minutes to report on the latest Sharrow Lane School Reunion held on Wednesday 26th June. Altogether 29 former pupils and Sharrow residents turned up, the youngest aged 71 and the eldest, I think, 85. We had a terrific two hour session of exchanging memories and revelling in the atmosphere of the old Junior School Hall. With their permission, here is a list of those present: (The ladies consented to using their maiden names) Valerie Shaw; Christine France; Brian Milner; Tony Ford; Denis Anson; Mick Glossop; Jack wade; Alan Barnett; Tony Faulds MBE; Dave Holmes; Dave Storf; Ian Brelsford; Malcolm Gladwin; Ralph Holmes; Frank Turner; keith Spooner; John Beatson; Tony Hardwick; Roger Walker; John Smith; Phil Smith; Roger Stevenson; Graham Whitham; Darrell Whitham; Pauline Mackreal; Diane Goodwin; Ronald Hibbert and myself, David France. It was soon agreed that there should be another reunion later this year and so it has been decided there will be a special Christmas Lunch event at 1pm on Wednesday 27th November 2019 but places MUST be pre-booked through me. A price for the lunch will be published nearer the date. Watch this space! I do have a few photos from Wednesday which I would like to post on here but cannot find a way to do it.
  10. Thorpy, thank you very much for your kind comments. I'm entertaining visitors from Oz tonight but I will post the full "report" on the reunion as soon as possible, together with confirmation of the special Christmas Reunion we discussed today. But, yes, it was a great day and fantastic to see all those people from Sharrow's past.
  11. All I can say is keep watching this space! I will do my best to keep you in touch. David France.
  12. I am organising another reunion for all Sharrow Lane pupils who were there before 1956....and for the youngsters of Fentonville St, Langdon T, Priory Rd of that time. It will take place in the school cafe at 12 noon on Wednesday 26th June. If you would like to join us please be prepared to purchase food and drink at the cafe.....it doesn’t operate on thin air! Car parking is limited. I would appreciate a personal message so that I can give the cafe some idea of numbers in advance.
  13. I will be making a separate post about this but there will be another reunion for Sharrow Lane pupils pre 1955 at the school cafe 12 noon, Wednesday 26th June. Why pre 1955.?Because, sadly, space is limited. Please pass the word around.
  14. That photo is BRILLIANT! What a change in half a century.
  15. I saw these prefabs being built in the immediate period after VE day. My grandparents lived opposite Sky edge Avenue in Manor Lane, no. 116, and I used to play on the rocks overlooking the pig farm. An uncle was a labourer on the site and my mum’s sister and her husband were among the first tenants, living in what I think was number seven on the left hand side. Before work started there was a bridleway ran from Manor Lane all the way to St Johns Church at Hyde Park which we walked along to visit my great grandmother, Lizzie Poole who lived in a three storey house overlooking the canal wharf and railway sidings on Bernard Rd. They may have been basic but those prefabs were a god-send to the grateful tenants. My poem “Manor Lane “ is enshrined in the iron sculpture in Castle View Park and describes wartime Manor Lane and that area. Good times. Happy memories.
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