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  1. Looking to restore contact with Mike Reeves, manager at Arnold Lavers DIY for some years and keen cyclist. All info welcomed .
  2. I wonder if anyone at The Star/Sheffield Newspapers realises just how many people are abandoning them....and why. I gave in to the pressure to help them out (as if they are a charity) and took out a subscription but like so many other I eventually got fed up of the logging in palaver especially when it refused to recognise my user name and password and I have told them to stuff it because the product, the online and tablet editions, are not worth the hassle. I have made the point on Twitter that if journalists use social media in preference to the format of a newspaper they can hardly complain if people get so used to the garbage on social media that they can't tell the difference between gossip and journalism. The people of Sheffield used to get detailed accounts of council activities , court hearings, inquests and other routine necessities as well as hard news gleaned from police calls etc. Now they cut and paste press releases and treat any old "I" and "Me" story like headline scoops. Journalism it ain't and the likes of Len Doherty and Peter Harvey must be spinning in their graves. But just look at the advertising that the online issues carry. They aren't short of display ads even if classifieds have gone down. And the raw material/printing costs must have plummeted too. It's a sad day for everyone but most of all for those people who used to be proud to call themselves "readers".
  3. BBC does a lot of structured language courses for all levels. Try this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german/ Gute fahrt! Vielen gluck!
  4. Yes, Pembroke St....and everyone in that neighbourhood will recall the S and E Co-op in Napier St opposite the school yard. We all used to go there to get our milk tokens. And do you recall The Silver Slipper at the top of Pembroke St ? A knocking shop, apparently. I recall a police raid there one Saturday afternoon and everyone was carted off in a black maria. Could that have been Gordon Porter, same age, who lived in upper Pearl St and whose dad was the local lamplighter, maintaining all the gas lamps?
  5. Linda Dungworth might not be aware that for about 18 years the Fentonville St gang have been having annual reunions. If you put her in touch I will talk to her directly so she can join in.
  6. I like to think you will reassure her, tell her how proud you are of her, and grateful for all the sacrifices she made for you, stay as long as feasibly possible and ensure that her near neighbours don't forget her. The Sheffield people who are now in their nineties went through enough suffering in 1939-45 and the deprivations that followed without this catastrophic freak of nature. Our thoughts should be with them all and I hope many more will do as you are doing. Good health and stay safe!
  7. More's the pity. Valid photo ID driving licences should be be a requirement when taxing AND insuring a vehicle and the law should be catching up on what I suspect is a very large number of foreign licences which are either not genuine or invalid for other reasons. And it ought to be an offence to be driving a vehicle without a valid photo id licence in your physical possession.
  8. I spend hours remembering my early days in Sharrow and my life thereafter. Hasn't done me much harm as I reach 78 next week. I rejoice in my memories, revel in old friendships and revere my good fortune. Maybe that's the difference.
  9. Most home insurance policies will offer a mobile phone option or inclusion but the downside is that there will be a quite high penalty for making a claim and they don't usually offer new for old or like for like. And your next year's premium will be much higher!
  10. Pssst....there's another new one in Charles St just off Pinstone St. Very basic but it IS a Post Office.
  11. Chesterfield store closed last week without notice.
  12. not terribly difficult to find the culprit, eh....he/she presumably lives there ? not to mention the trail of white dots up to the front door!
  13. Either you've had this done to you, in which case hard luck, or you would and maybe HAVE already done this to someone. I hope not. There is no legal right to park outside one's house unless a space is specially agreed on the deeds or by licence from the local highways authority. The man who does this on Norfolk Road near Fitzwalter Road has no right to put cones outside his house and one day soon he may get the message! "There are no yellow lines". You wait. There will be soon! many of the free parking areas on the edge of the city centre are about to be reviewed. But on that same theme why on earth is parking not allowed on South St in front of Parkhill Flats ? Last Saturday , apart from a couple of people taking a chance, there was space for about thirty to forty cars but parking is prohibited from Mon to Saturday. Nobody actually lives on South St !!
  14. Sadly it isn't just the WMC trips that are fading into memory, the Clubs themselves are almost a distant piece of history. Yet Working Mens Clubs (how politically incorrect is that?) are a huge part of the fabric of Sheffield and South Yorkshire with thousands of stories about Club "turns", "stripper Sundays" and the inevitable Hammond Organ and a drummer. I'm sure that someone somewhere has written a book? My own fond memories are of trips from Upper Heeley, Midhill, Queens Road, Ecclesall Non Pol (Non-political) and Smitheywood Clubs, always to an east coast resort, and in many years in the 40s and 50s it was our only taste of a summer holiday. And out of all those trips I can't remember a single one where it rained ! But there was always a child who was sick on the bus and had to puke into a seaside bucket! Happy Days !
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