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  1. You are right. Thank you for putting my memory straight. But in Sharrow and Nether Edge I think the "home made" potted beef created by Winnie, the shop assistant at Topham's Bakery on Wostenholme Road, was far superior. Made a couple of times a week, it filled the back room with delicious aromas of slow cooked beef. I delivered bread (on a bike with a basket) for them for a couple of years and it was one of my "perks" along with a bagful of cakes etc most nights.
  2. I have a recollection that Sutherlands were the first peacetime occupants of the former National Fire Service building in Ecclesall Road, alongside the Tesco/Shopping Centre. That would be from about 1946/7 . When they moved from there it became, eventually, that parade of shops that includes the Sheffield shop. Does anyone else recall that?
  3. Hi Alun. Got your message. Will PM you with my email address.
  4. To clarify....the A61 dual carriageway gives you a convenient route in either direction, to Sheffield OR the M1. As regards the commute, I can tell you that having commuted daily from 1. Grantham to Kings Cross and 2 Basingstoke to Waterloo, a commute from Chesterfield to Ecclesall Road would be a piece of cake. And the X17 Stagecoach bus is luxurious compared with other services. But anyway, if I HAVE to drive into the City I go Dronfield top/Jordanthorpe Parkway, Norton Water Tower, Blackstock Rd, Heeley Green, Richards Rd, Bramall Lane. 20 minutes.
  5. Because Chesterfield is actually a great place to live. Pre Covid we had a multiplicity of pubs and restaurants, much like the City, but with the advantage of an attractive town centre filled with diverse shops, may of whom were independents, a brilliant market most days of the week, lots of place to walk and cycle, some great new housing developments and the Peak District right on the doorstep....and the dual carriageway from Meadowhead to the M1 means you can get anywhere else fast and easy. My house six years ago cost £50k less than an identical house over the hill in Sheffield 8. Well worth a commute! (I have a relative who needs to go to London from time to time. You'd be amazed what a difference it makes getting a train from Chesterfield, shaving 30 mins off the journey home. ) (And parking in town is far cheaper...plus Chesterfield council tax payers get free parking up to 10am and after 3pm and there are many streets in the town centre with free limited 2 or 3 hour parking). Try it!
  6. OMG. I am very sorry to hear that. He had an Encyclopaedic knowledge of Sheffield Jazz in all its forms. I was fortunate to be able to play vibes at a number of venues in the 70s/early 80s and had worked with Dave when I was at Radio Sheffield 73 - 81. Sadly lost touch with it all after leaving the city and have had to give up the vibes due to spinal disease. Get my kicks on Amazon Music Unlimited now.
  7. I know it's 14 years since these postings but those concerned might like to know that Len Savage...Mr Nice Guy....retired from the City Police and moved back to his roots in Lincolnshire. He died just over 10 years ago aged 79. I was a rookie cop and Len was deputed to show me the ropes. We became lifelong friends. His widow Kath still lives at Kirton in Boston with his son. He was indeed a good man.
  8. I'm sure Dave Brennan (Radio Sheffield) would know but I'm afraid I have no contact details for Dave now. Very sad to hear of your loss. Covid is going to destroy what bits of the jazz scene were left.
  9. Why not go the whole hog...continue up the narrow and dangerous road through Barlow (that's after you've got through the Sheepbridge trading estate traffic) to Owler Bar, then to Longshaw, down to Hathersage and then up over Stanage, down Ringinglow Road and to wherever you like in Ecclesall Rd. By the time you arrive the traffic peak will have passed and you'll have had a beautiful scenic experience.
  10. Brimington to WhittMoor roundabout. Plenty of nearby free parking. X17 stagecoach express bus (uses bus lanes through Woodseats) luxurious seating. Listen to headphones. relax. Usually 20 to 30 mins max. Off bus at Decathlon, walk briskly up Ecclesall Rd, staying healthy and no parking probs. Simples.
  11. I find it hard to believe your mother allowed you to play on the cobbles of Franklin St, Rod, but it would have been that experience which would have given you, as it did so many of us, the antibodies that have kept us alive all these years. Playing in the muck, in my case in the cobbles of Stemp St, along the kerbs where dogs left their mark, making pitch balls on hot summer days, must have imbued us with all the germs we were ever likely to encounter....until now. And a tin bath in front of the fire on a Friday night (whether you were mucky or not) wouldn't have erased the pathogens, although in your case it's most unlikely you needed a tin bath in Ventnor Place (ha-ha) . Hankies? Who needed them? Mrs Robinson had a ready supplies of Izal toilet paper for that and I dare say so did your mum. Air pollution? Life was a succession of industrial smells be it the fumes from the school's coke boiler, the waft of brewery ale (especially at Denby St nursery) or the penetrating stench of hot metal from a multitude of furnaces and milling machines. And the luxurious scent of newly baked breadcakes from Topham's by way of appetite raising contrast. Life was very, very good. And better. Brilliant!
  12. There are lots of us still around. Go to this website for the update. Welcome High Storrians : Alumni : High Storrs School Note that there is now no Old Centralians Association. It was dissolved and The Highstorrians was formed a couple of years ago. It is all very quiet at the moment because of Covid but register on the site to keep up to date with reunions etc.
  13. If anyone knows or knew any of the members of the (in)famous Sheffield Ramblers Club (NOT the Ramblers Association) they might be interested in this short video from 1988 showing members on a rare trip to Lincolnshire. This ramble in the area to the north of Grantham took in a session at The Houblon Arms at Oasby where the landlord was so pleased to accommodate them he used to provide a free Pie and Pea and Chip supper for everyone. The Club members were famous for their extensive song book and in the video you can hear them singing two favourites, Swaledale and Hail Smiling Morn. I was the ramble leader on that day and recorded the video on my first video camera. The film can be seen on youtube at: https://youtu.be/XotmKw6HyRU
  14. Looking to restore contact with Mike Reeves, manager at Arnold Lavers DIY for some years and keen cyclist. All info welcomed .
  15. I wonder if anyone at The Star/Sheffield Newspapers realises just how many people are abandoning them....and why. I gave in to the pressure to help them out (as if they are a charity) and took out a subscription but like so many other I eventually got fed up of the logging in palaver especially when it refused to recognise my user name and password and I have told them to stuff it because the product, the online and tablet editions, are not worth the hassle. I have made the point on Twitter that if journalists use social media in preference to the format of a newspaper they can hardly complain if people get so used to the garbage on social media that they can't tell the difference between gossip and journalism. The people of Sheffield used to get detailed accounts of council activities , court hearings, inquests and other routine necessities as well as hard news gleaned from police calls etc. Now they cut and paste press releases and treat any old "I" and "Me" story like headline scoops. Journalism it ain't and the likes of Len Doherty and Peter Harvey must be spinning in their graves. But just look at the advertising that the online issues carry. They aren't short of display ads even if classifieds have gone down. And the raw material/printing costs must have plummeted too. It's a sad day for everyone but most of all for those people who used to be proud to call themselves "readers".
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