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  1. This post is well over a year out of date (because I have been rubbish at remembering to do it!!) but I am here to add another recommendation and thanks to Jeff the Joiner and his team. They did a full renovation of the first floor of our house at the beginning of 2017; new windows, replastering two rooms and the stairs and landing (and new ceiling in the bedroom), new doors, new bannisters/rails on two flights of stairs and landing, rewiring - the whole works. Jeff project managed the whole thing, co-ordinating all the different jobs with his team, which took a lot of stress out of it, and making sure things were tidy when he was done. Everything came together nicely and in the expected time and budget - Jeff is always very clear about costs so there are no surprises. The results are great, a real improvement to the house which we are very pleased with. This was the second project Jeff has done for us - a few years ago he did a complete renovation of our attic room - and we will be after him again soon to get downstairs done. Its very clear that he is honest, trustworthy (I was happy to give him a set of house keys for the duration of the work), and takes a lot of pride in his work and getting things just right for his customers.
  2. No need to book, you are welcome just to turn up on the night - I will be at the hall from 7pm and the class starts at quarter past, so there is a bit of time for signing up and asking questions before we start. Its a big hall with lots of space. You can wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in - a lot of people wear leggings and T shirts, some like to dress up a bit more. It is a good idea at this time of year to have an extra layer that you can take off once you get warm. A long full skirt can be nice for swishing around in and it can be good to have a scarf to tie around your hips, especially one with sparkly bits, jingly bits, tassles or fringe on, but none of it is essential. I will have some hip scarves available for people to use on the night if they want to. For footwear I usually go barefoot, the floor in the hall is wooden and pretty well kept. It can be a bit cold at this time of year though so you might want to wear dance pumps/any shoes that are flexible and well fitting (or at a pinch those socks with grippy bits on the bottom). Looking forward to seeing you there :-) Cheers Cis x
  3. I have been teaching a weekly Belly dance class in Hillsborough for a few years and from Thursday 10th March I will be focussing the class on beginners. If anyone would like to give Belly dance a try, this would be an ideal time to start! It's great fun, its good for flexibility, core strength and posture, gets you moving and builds your confidence. Its is also a great excuse to acquire sparkly costumes and accessories :-) The class will run from Thursday evenings from 10th March, 7.15-8.15pm. It is held at the St Johns Memorial Hall in Hillsborough, which is on the corner of Forbes Road and Walkley Lane (close to the bus interchange and Hillsborough corner tram stop). Classes will cost £5 if you pay up front for a set of classes, £6 on a one-off basis. The pay-up-front system can be flexible to account for holidays or shift patterns and it doesn't matter if you cannot make it every week as the technique will be reviewed and recapped on a regular basis. Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome, there is no upper age limit. You don't need any special kit or costume (although you might find that you want to acquire some!). If you have any questions either shout up on this thread or PM me. Cheers Cis
  4. Hi - I run a Belly dance class in Hillsborough on Thursday evenings at the StJohns Memorial Hall (near Wetherspoon's). You would be very welcome to come along. The class is friendly and suitable for beginners.
  5. Adding another recommendation for Jeff the Joiner (jsmith2009), our attic looks great now, with a complete refurb, including new floor, new storage space, taking out an old partition wall, raising the ceiling and a couple of the stud walls replaced. Jeff is a great bloke and works with a great team, too: very impressed with plastering done by Rob and Adam has sorted out the electrics, will likely be having them all back in as we work our way through the rest of the house.
  6. I teach the Boomshanka class in Hillsboro and we are starting up for the New Year this Thursday(9th Jan), new dancers are very welcome. Its a mixed level class - I will be going over basics so beginners will be looked after but also adding on more challenging technique for the more experienced dancers. Everyone works at their own level and its a friendly, relaxed class. Cheers Cis x
  7. Interesting report on the BBC about how it is good for children to learn outdoors: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22122108 Exactly the sort of thing that Mayfield is good for!!
  8. Resurrecting this thread, as it seems that Mayfield is under threat again, thanks to financial issues. The centre is an important resource for Sheffield school kids and it would be a shame to lose it. A petition against the closure has been set up - you can find it here: https://Sheffield.moderngov.co.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?id=108 so it would be great if concerned folks could go sign, Cheers!
  9. Stannington carnival is also cancelled - a shame, as we were really looking forward to it!! Spoken to one of the organisers and they are hoping to reschedule for September, lets hope it has stopped raining by then!
  10. dropped you a pm about my classes in Hillsboro (trad Egyptian style mostly) on Tuesdays and Thursdays theres also trad-style classes in Grenoside and Wisewood with Jo - she has posted details on the other Bellydance thread Tribal style classes I am aware of are in the South of the city - theres Boomshanka (who I dance with, so you do get the occasional bit of thier style technique in my classes) at Meersbrook, but thats not American tribal style, its a slightly eccentric English version, a bit like Zehara and her Urban Gypsies from Manchester. Tasmin teaches American Tribal Fusion style at Woodhouse Workout, but thats 1) on a Monday night and 2)miles away from Walkley so not much help either - sorry! There is a trad style class at the gym in Walkley (Max fitness centre/Unity centre/whatever its called these days) opposite the Walkley Cottage pub, but not sure what is going on with this these days
  11. Depends on what you mean by 'authentic' outfit - Cleopatras at Meadowhall often have some pretty tops and belts but they are usually Indian made. I got my costumes in Cairo and Istanbul - thats definitely authentic, but also expensive :-). I also make my own costumes. The internet may be your best bet - lots of stuff on Ebay, or try http://www.theshimmyshop.co.uk (she made the costumes for Sophie Mae on 'Britains Got Talent'). Or go to http://www.wiggle.org.uk for links to lots of costumiers as well as loads of info on bellydance.
  12. Closest thing I can suggest for you Moodibloos is the Boomshanka Tribal classes at Meersbrook on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Drop them an email on boomshakatribal@yahoo.co.uk to find out which classes have spaces and where to find them. They are a brilliant bunch. I don't know of any classes in the City centre and most of the other classes I am aware of are in the north of the city (Burngreave, Walkley, Crookesmoor, Hillsboro', Grenoside, Wisewood etc) although I think Lianne may teach one near Norfolk Park - you could try emailing her on liannehankin@hotmail.co.uk to get more details. Otherwise, my Thursday classes are right by the Hillsbro' tram stop (at St Johns Memorial Hall, Forbes Road/Walkely lane, behind the Rawson Spring pub, Thursday 7.15pm), so easy to get to from town.... (my contact for more details is aunty_cis@yahoo.co.uk) hope you find something/somewhere suitable
  13. Or theres Bellydancing - I teach classes at Hillsbro' leisure centre on Tuesday evenings (free if you are a member of fitness unlimited) and at The Memorial Hall (bottom of Walkley Lane) on Thursday evenings - £5/hour lesson or £24 for 6 lessons. Its a lot of fun and a bit different.... drop me an email on aunty_cis@yahoo.co.uk if you want more details.
  14. I'm the teacher - so I can't give you an unbiased opinion on how good the class is (although I do get a lot of good feedback), but I can tell you it is usually pretty full. Some people have been coming since it started 2 and a half years ago and there are usually a couple of newbies each week too. If you want to come make sure you call the Leisure Centre to book a place first thing on a Monday morning (8 am). The class are a great bunch with a sense of humour, you don't need to worry about feeling silly. I have been doing belly dancing myself for about 10 years and have even taken a few classes in Cairo. Its quite addictive when you get into it - and a good excuse to dress up, although you don't have to. Hope I'll see you in class soon!
  15. Hows about switching to the new Wednesday Boomshanka class and coming to my class in hillsbro on the Thursday? Its much easier to get into than the class at the leisure centre - no need to book! Just out of interest - anyone out there interested in a daytime bellydance class in the Hillsbro area?
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