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  1. The amount of email notifications this forum spews out is ridiculous. It should be an 'opt in' to agree to the barrage.
  2. I wont give money to an organisation deeply involved with pedophiles
  3. Personally I don't hold the BBC in high regard, nor do I contribute to the licence fee tax. However, time to time I will browse through the BBC news app , as occasionally they have a gem on there, unfortunately the odd gem tends to be surrounded by complete trash. Today I read an absolutely amazing piece on the BBC app about an ex Mafia guy, and the story of how he ended up in a Lancashire caravan park, it was beautifully written. However, the op-eds arent proof read, or quality checked, which is inexcusable. The BBC is a media giant, there is no excuse for the embarrassing grammatical/contextual standard of the op-eds they publish.
  4. A big issue seller with a smartphone is a success story. I have nothing but respect for big issue sellers, they are go getters, and why shouldn't they buy a nice phone for their hard work? As for your other gripes with homeless people, I do agree with you that there are some that are lazy and manipulative (same as all walks of life). However, there are many that have had terrible lives, abuse victims, mental health issues, victims of crime etc that have led to their situation. More should be done as a society to help these people, especially the approach to the treatment of serious drug addiction.
  5. Update: I ran the free trial of Malwarebytes as per the reccomendations in this thread. It detected 94 infections (no idea if this number is high or low, would be interested to know if this is above average or not?). Once they were quarantined and removed the problem stopped, and the laptop is also operating so much faster then before. Once again, thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. Thanks, I'll try Malware Bytes first. If that doesn't work I'll try the other suggestions you've all made. Thanks Wallace, Zach, and Ghozer, I really appreciate you all taking the time to help me out.
  7. Thanks so much for the reply. Forgive my ignorance, but are 'malware bytes' and 'virus checker' the names of specific software products?
  8. I'll have to Banner Crust a whirl afterr reading that. Roneys used to be good years ago, pants now though.
  9. Hi all. My mum needs to get her laptop looked at, it is almost unusable due to constant pop ups when browsing the internet. Whenever she is on the internet (regardless of browser choice), in the bottom right corner ads keep coming up that block a portion of the page being viewed. There is no small x on the ads to remove them, ao the inly way to move them is to click on it, then a new tab opens with the ad. That gives a small reprieve on the original page being viewed, but then a new ad will pop up in less then a minutes time. I've run some virus scanning software (Avast I think), which didn't detect any problems. Can anyone give me advice on how to fix this? Will I need to take it to a professional? Many thanks Joe
  10. That doesn't make any sense sorry. What are you trying to say?
  11. I never said "Russians" wanted Brexit. Why would you just randomly say that? Bizarre...
  12. It seems that the general consensus is that influencing the outcomes of foreign elections/policy decisions/favours etc.. is a new thing. Every country spies on eachother/manipulates elections/plays dirty. They all do it. We do it. The faux outrage is pathetic.
  13. To be fair, Joshua has 100+mil in the bank and he's still up for it. Thats decent. Also Joshua didnt make any excuses after he lost last time. Fair play. Robot maybe, arrogant nah. Boring, absolutely.
  14. How is it a con? If you can save a few quid on a purchase you would be buying anyway, why not? This place is crazy at times, people complaining about discounted goods?? I really hope I never end up being so bitter and negative.
  15. This thread needs locking and the key thrown away forever. There is no point debating Brexit anymore, it just leaves everyone stressed out or bored to death. Nothing positive ever happens from this discussion. Toxic and tiring.
  16. Don't care at all what people want to identify as. It's a free world, I have no place to oppose someones personal choice. But when I hear about kids getting gender reassignment surgeries, that winds me up. There are 6 year olds getting hormone therapies to aid a gender change. Thats unacceptable.
  17. It's going to be Warren or Biden. That's as bad as it gets. Warren built her entire career by lying about being a Native American, and Biden doesn't even know what day it is. They should've pushed Gabbard, she's the only one that couldve split the hardcore Trump voters. Instead, Hilary decided to call her a Russian asset with absolutely nothing to back it up. The Democrats are eating themselves.
  18. Heard it all before. Stormy Daniels, the Russia, now Ukraine. Not gonna happen. Evidence is required, there isnt a scrap of evidence for this Ukraine story. No evidence whatsoever. Halibut, I will give you my word that I would change my mind for good reason. But there is no evidence as far as I'm aware?
  19. Black/White/Gay/Straight/Asian/Transexual etc. are all part of the electorate. I don't understand your point?
  20. Fact: Black employment in the US is higher now then ever before. Yes or no, is my above statement true or not?
  21. Black unemployment levels are at an all time low in the US. (During obamas obamas presidency black unemployment doubled from 8% to 16%) The Dow is at an all time high. Id love to debate politics with anyone but I dont think it's a good fit if your just going to shout Orangeman Racist etc.... I welcome you all into a grown up chat about US politics though if you'd oblige me?
  22. Im not worried at all. Just curious as to why race or gender would have any relevance?
  23. It's boring mate, when people post and use words like 'sophistry', it just alienates people. I'd say 90% of people don't even know what 'sophistry' even means. You would come across better if you just spoke like a normal person, no need for the faux fancy vernacular.
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