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  1. Black/White/Gay/Straight/Asian/Transexual etc. are all part of the electorate. I don't understand your point?
  2. Fact: Black employment in the US is higher now then ever before. Yes or no, is my above statement true or not?
  3. Black unemployment levels are at an all time low in the US. (During obamas obamas presidency black unemployment doubled from 8% to 16%) The Dow is at an all time high. Id love to debate politics with anyone but I dont think it's a good fit if your just going to shout Orangeman Racist etc.... I welcome you all into a grown up chat about US politics though if you'd oblige me?
  4. Im not worried at all. Just curious as to why race or gender would have any relevance?
  5. It's boring mate, when people post and use words like 'sophistry', it just alienates people. I'd say 90% of people don't even know what 'sophistry' even means. You would come across better if you just spoke like a normal person, no need for the faux fancy vernacular.
  6. That's very true. 70 on a motorway is ridiculously easy to do. Anyone that cant handle that should never be allowed behind the wheel. On occasion Ive looked down at my speedo when im mentally in auto pilot on a long drive at night and im doing 120mph+. Im in total control, there are no other cars on the road,. Ive not had anything close to an accident and I drive over 1000miles a week.
  7. Really? Such a ridiculous reply, that's actually made my day reading that. The kicker that makes it so good is that I think may even have been serious.
  8. Couldn't agree more. And anyone that wants to make a ridiculous claim that the smell offends them, or even more hilariously, that the smell impairs their driving, presumably also oppose; bonfires, manure spreading in the countryside, any odour from a restaurant extractor fan, gardeners who assault our senses with freshly cut grass etc.. The earth belongs to us all. If you dont like a smell, move away from it. And please, don't embarrass yourself claiming the odour impairs drivers. No one is buying that guff.
  9. With all due respect, I have to question your mental state for making a comment like that. Bizarre.
  10. Trump made a statement disavowing the chants. End of story. Eh?? There is a presidential campaign happening right now, how could you not know that?
  11. Genuine question, what would be your criteria for the pound to have 'fallen below the euro or dollar'? Also, still waiting to hear which UK stocks you have sold and reinvested in 'European stocks'?
  12. I asked him to specify which investments he took out of the UK, to reinvest into 'European'stock. As for the rest of your post, it's impressive you already know the terms and agreements of a Brexit which hasn't even happened yet.
  13. You're an intelligent person clearly, it's a real shame you'd degrade yourself like this.
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