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  1. I guess most of the time tbh the questions people are asking are actually wanting sheffield-ers opinions liek the bus question some people won't no how to use the first bus site and work out what bus they need etc its easier to say 'what bus do I need to go from the Rhallamshire to bents green' etc I have done it sometimes I find it easier
  2. it's sad how some things have changed like tizer , lucozade the taste of some chocolates and sweets the list goes on stuff you can never have a taste for again gone I miss old tizer and lucozade it was so nice I bought a bottle of lucozade not long ago I thought it had already been opened and gone out of date so flat horrible taste
  3. Asaw were you watching the back in time programme last night?
  4. Hello is anyone on here watching the ITV three part 'Trauma' tonight is the final episode its had very mixed reviews some reason I am watching it but can't work out why its very strange and I feel like its going to be a disapointment tonight but i'll have to wait and see.
  5. One example as to why many people don't bother posting on here anymore because a thread turns into pathetic bickering I like the moor market I agree that it shouldn't have moved the market to the moor but I like how new and clean it is compared to the old one although I think the design & layout of the new one isn't great two floors would have been better. I haven't been to Barnsley in years so I can't compare it although I am told by many it is nice and they prefer it to the Moor Market
  6. Wow I liked the carpenters version but this was great saw the video on Bodybuilding. coms forum never heard it from luther vandross
  7. Hello does anyone on here 'juice' I bought a juicer last year its fantastic I have tried all different recipes and trial and error found what I like what juices well etc one question I have though is if you juice do you make a few batches and store them in your fridge or do you just make one drink clean the machine and thats it for a while like me? I want to make a little batch and then have them over the course of the day or even two but a few people have told me different things like its not got the nutritious benefits after so many hours etc I have no idea if its true or not so I have just been making the jug it comes with 750ml and drinking that in one serving if you understand. 8 carrots, 3 tomatoes, 2 apples, 2 kiwis makes 750ml and it tastes really nice
  8. Yeah does the Ipad have Bluetooth ?
  9. I have a chromecast I just use youtube and netflix turn bluetooth on my iphone and stream it from the netflix or youtube app
  10. Hello can anyone reccomend me a place in sheffield for a few t shirts to be printed? I have the lettering and logo designed 14 letters total tried one play & they want £15 each t shirt I thought it was a little steep maybe im wrong I know its cheaper on the internet but would like to use a sheffield based firm I can also supply T shirt thanks Jack
  11. Michael Jackson - never can say goodbye Heart - Crazy on you
  12. Oh no he did some great songs!! I love ' Don't look any further ' it was voted one time the worst music video ever I thought it was funny and good lol RIP!!!!
  13. I can't believe they stopped it and the grid girls are will no longer be used its madness its all part of it the girls enjoy it no one is forcing them to do it they choose to do it they're models its what they do .
  14. On Bannercross shops a place called Seans or the banner crust can't remember what its called now but they used to sell it really nice dripping
  15. ^ its not a bad area at all you'll find there are a lot of these houses all over sheffield that house rehabilitation
  16. Hello I don't live to far the area is nice plenty of shops close transport the nether edge farmers market is great the next one is 18th March!
  17. Ive just got movie creater and theres no remove audio feature
  18. Hello I have a video I am going to upload to youtube but I want to disable the audio first what the best way to do this I have no video editing software on windows 10 thanks I tried doing it on Youtubes editing but there wasn't the option
  19. I watched Double Impact the other night Jean Claude Van Damme it was really good I read some reviews before hand and it didn't sound amazing decided to watch it something was drawing me to and I think it was really good 8/10 i'll not spoil it but its about two twins seperated at birth in hong kong and eventually reunited plenty of fighting action its like a classic film from the 90s
  20. Hello just thought I'd share this video my friend sent me of the GWR Class 800 train departing Leeds yesterday 23/1/18 (I am not a railfan) just thought anyone on here might want to see something
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