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  1. Just ordered from ASG great price and Nice bloke on the phone Ron
  2. Thank you I am in S7 I will try them
  3. Hello all I was wondering where the best place was to get a bulk bag of ballast from delivered I tried a place called A57 Aggregates gave me a delivery date a few weeks ago never showed up tried to ring them and no answer so can anyone reccomend anywhere else?
  4. Hello with VE coming up I decided to research my Grandads role in WW2 I found his "tracer card" online I was wondering if anyone with ww2 knowledge could tell me anything from it where he was stationed any more detailed information his rank etc I can't don't no how to find out anymore than this card if you could help please get in touch I will message you his unit and service number if you know how to find out thanks..
  5. I am wondering why since the closing of B&Q makes you wait in a virtual queue? I understand since the stores are shut the website for delivery and click and collect will have a lot more people on but supermarkets don't have virtual queues or Amazon or Ebay ?
  6. Hello - WEEK 7 Update! Still no Internet or Phoneline now at week 7... Have spoke to the handler who is dealing with the fault Via Twitter and speaking to me on mobile every week now telling me the same thing that its a complex cable fault and they are replacing 450 metres of cabling it should be fixed by X date... I am just really stuck as to what I can do or say 7 weeks of no phone or internet they sent me a 4g box out of good will but that is awful very hit and miss sometimes and isn't exactly good enough for a family. I have been told I will get compensation £8 a day from the 12th but I want my phone and broadband back on and working.
  7. Thank you for the replys! No it hasn't been fixed yet they have now told me it should be repaired by thr 9th .... I tried unplugging it and waiting still the same I can't tell you how frustrating it is lol
  8. Just got in touch over twitter and now told they expect to have the service restored by the 9th ..... this is what I keep gettign told everytime I get in contact its always in a few days so annoying because there is nothing I can do
  9. Hello I was wondering if anyone else had been in a similar situation to what I am in regarding BT 4 weeks ago 9th Novemer my Phoneline and Broadband went off extremely poor slow internet and no landline I got in touch with BT on the 10th and was told engineers would have it fixed by the 12th november. Still not fixed I got in touch and told ''some faults turn out more complex'' its a loal network fault on the 13th I was told ''it looks like they hope to get this fixed today'' back and forth almost every day telling me the fault is bigger than they expected should be fixed by X day told it would be fixed by the 25th november still not fixed but engineers are working on it apparently it will be back on by the 6th of December and guess what its still not on.... I am truly disgusted because I keep getting told it will be fixed by a date and then they call me to tell me it will now be X date we are really sorry.... I've had no phone line and basically no internet its that slow (1.87mbps download & 0.30 upload) I just feel so hopeless & annoyed
  10. Hello does anyone know what is happening with the old Virgin active/esporta gym in millhouses it appears to be getting pulled down does anyone know what is going to be there?
  11. Hello I was wondering what is the point or what can the RAF Jets do when they get sent to escort a plane like the recent one today or the one they were sent to a few days ago about a woman kicking off on a jet2 plane? The one with the woman the other day she was said to have attempted to get in the cockpit and was kicking off how can two RAF jets help the plane?
  12. Hello I am wanting to learn/try Airbrushing T shirt designs I was wondering if anyone in Sheffield does this if you do could you send me a message would be good to have a look at your setup and some advice thanks!
  13. Thank you for that reply I can sort of understand it now what do you mean by mounting three plates?
  14. Hello I am learning about how Graphic Designs were done before modern computers I watched this video on how everything was cut out and postitioned before being sent off to a ''printer'' ... How did this printer colour things in I don't understand the next part to what would happen? @ 10:10 seconds
  15. Does anyone know of butchers in Sheffield that do a delivery service?
  16. Hello I thought I'd post this video of a fire engine leavign the station in Sheffield you might be interested my a few people have told me they always want to see it!
  17. I much prefer the ''Great British sauce co proper tomato sauce'' tastes really nice
  18. I have seen quite a few when walking over archer bridge near in the wooded area down the road to where esporta used to be next to the train
  19. It was an Esso I am after a picture of it from around 1990 ---> to when the shops were built I am not looking for one that is really old
  20. Yes I was looking for a recent picture before the shops were built within the last 20 years
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