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  1. I think there has been sufficient time for any objections so we can settle on Devil May Care for the April book.
  2. I don't think the March meeting is set. Will probably be 11 March I would guess. It is just up to the individual whether they buy the book or get it from the library.
  3. Don't get me re-started on that one! :rant:
  4. You could always just share the hate you have already built up by having this piece of bilge inflicted on you.
  5. Revolutionary Road was one of the films mentioned as a possible for our next meet.
  6. Well it won't be the biggest in Europe etc due to IMAX screens.
  7. Thanks. Mine went to standby about 8pm on Saturday (I was out and wanted to record the boxing on ITV4) and it did not record. So it is not just the 1am-2am suggestion above. But I will fiddle with Services etc. Thanks again.
  8. For the last few days after my sky box has been on for (guessing) four hours or so a message comes up on screeen saying "Sky digital box about to go on standby, press back up to cancel". This means I cannot record anything more than 4 hours in advance (eg overnight) as the box switches itself to standby! I have certainly not set this up as a default, would not know how. I tried the old trick of turning the box off at the plug, in the hope it would clear this strange default setting, but to no avail. Any ideas how to fix this?
  9. I am already hating Mrs Dalloway. I see the March book is another Irish one, we are rather over-reprsesented methinks.
  10. I mainly go to the Showroom and there is still an increase in talking (not even whispering) and texting. I don't really mind adverts or trailers myself.
  11. Should anyone want to depress themselves they can watch former film group choice "Garage" on Film4 tonight at around 11pm. It has been labelled a "slapstick tragedy".
  12. I think I am going to have to bail on this one, folks. Have not even got a copy of the book yet.
  13. I rarely actually go on the forum these days, can't be bothered dealing with rude and intolerent people. But I have met lots of lovely people because I did go on the forum, including the fabulous shrop_lass to name only one.
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