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  1. You need to be careful and always look at the website address, if do not have https at the front, it will totally scam or phishing site
  2. I'm more into mainstream band or popular band like metallica, sum 41, blink 182, avenged sevenfold, etc
  3. Resident evil the last chapter. I give it 6/10. At last, the film series end. Even though so much critics about it. Finally its over. If you follow the film since RE1, you should watch it on theater and complete all the stories. If not, maybe another time for chillax popcorn time at home
  4. Maybe you can do the online work. Just go to any freelance site (there are lots of them) like freelancer, fivver, and just google about it, some work just require filling up data or maybe you got any IT or website background, there are so much job related to it
  5. 10 years ago? So around 2006 and 2007 film? Hurmmmm.. let me guess. maybe.. just maybe Grandma boy? But around that time, the cinema was famous with American Pie the naked mile and Scary Movie 4
  6. Hey everyone What is your favourite comedy movie?
  7. The Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis is a classic. Hauntingly beautiful.
  8. I watch Winged Migration and March of the Penguins quite often.
  9. the most overrated player right now is Diego Costa
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