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  1. What do people think of cycling and skateboarding on Sheffield Moor? I was in York last year when an elderly gent was injured by a cyclist. The police were called and the officer told the cyclist that cycles should be WALKED on footway and pedestrian shopping areas and skateboarding is NOT allowed These rules/laws are frequently obused in Sheffield. Who is responsible for these non insured riders?
  2. Dont forget that many Owls fans on here dont want to finish higher than 7th or you will be in the Premier League and they say they dont want that
  3. I rated Wagner and seemed to be doing OK without much money to spend
  4. I am looking forward to the start of the new season and wish ALL our local teams all the Best The lower divisions start 2 Aug but we have to wait another week now being in the TOP Division in Europe UTB
  5. Council rates do not give small bussineses a chance
  6. Blades to establish themselves by using the saying 'attack is the best form of defense' The Owls playoffs maybe, my prediction of Championship promoted Leeds Newcastle and Brentford
  7. CW buys players that fit OUR style of play No on else plays our style yet We at S2 trust our manager and his staff and just look at his record Compare it to yours before you reply please f
  8. Do you mean the Clarke who scored 2 at Hillsboro in the derby match when Jao had one wild kick and got you all bouncing again but not for long
  9. He is definately leaving this Month Portugal I beleive
  10. Anyone growing tomatoes outside and all potato growers your plants need protecting with a fungicide spray NOW The weather and conditions at the moment are just how quickly blight can spread Spray NOW
  11. I would like to see Che Adams back I was so surprised when he left
  12. My best friend is an Owls season ticket holder long term(50+years) and I hear his version of a match before posting on here He sees quite a few matches at the Lane and says for several seasons that for entertainment the Blades are way ahead
  13. It hurts so much for the Owls fans but the fact is you are in the Championship which is not that tough to get promoted from if you have the right manager
  14. I have a lot of 'Gardeners World' magazines that have been passed on to me and you are willing to have them I am in Sheffield 8 Norton
  15. The office used to be in the building in Meersbrook Park
  16. This post is about the Owls transfer rumours Leave us out of it please
  17. I have read that the figure was 18000+
  18. What do you really think he is worth? I like him and the Championship is cruel to some very skillfull players and he has suffered. He needs a fresh start and maybe will get one under SB. If he is for sale I would say £6m and CW may be tempted (subject to terms) He would fit into our style
  19. They will do well, a friend of mine used to get all his from the sewage plant and had bumper crops
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