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  1. Don't you think the Blades are doing great? I do and the reason is the just play to win every game and it is working Would you turn a pay rise down if your employer was supplying a good product and wanted to reward his employees. NO
  2. Sheffield United are on a high because we now have an owner who is passionate about football and watches more football games on video than most people in the game. He has regular meetings with all the staff running the club ie the meetings in Dubai last week and has decided on many updates for the ground, the squad of players, the training ground etc Success on the pitch is just reward for all this effort from many people and the supporters are appreciating every second of it. The atmosphere at matches is electric and if we get to play in Europe we will give it 110% as always UTB
  3. The Prince watches loads of matches on TV all over the world, pleased he has invested at this time Onwards and upwards UTB
  4. The Owls have played Man City in the cup not too long ago at Main Rd, seem to remember the Owls scored first and the result 6-1, maybe the same again
  5. So both our teams are in the draw tonight, who would you like to play and home or away? I am a blade and would like Wednesday at Bramall Lane.
  6. TV rights for showing Premiership matches around the world are huge and the clubs involved get a persentage of this. No one can quibble really can they
  7. Loyalty points are only awarded to season ticket holders I think but maybe wrong
  8. McBurnie and the Moosey don't look fully fit yet. Billy was very unlucky not to be on the scoresheet. Altogether a good all round performance and nice to see plenty of fresh legs on the pitch in the second half Looking forward to good battle on Tuesday night UTB
  9. He was a star at Swansea and is entitled to be a spectator ANYWHERE
  10. You could have had Wickham ages ago but had no cash or bottle
  11. Not the best home performance of the season so far but I think the most important. West Ham came to stifle our style and it worked to a degree. We battled well and got a well worked goal to seal the result UTB
  12. You sound like an Owls fan posting on a Blades post
  13. I like this striking combination- young and speedy Our toughest test yet but no fear TThe ref only lives 8mls from the ground seems stange UTB
  14. We just need to play our normal game and aim to keep a clean sheet, Liverpool seem to be strolling but they were lucky winners at Bramall Lane so no fear and City are not unbeatable either UTB
  15. Pretty evenly matched but a tough one. More bookings than goals so ?
  16. Turners Bakers in Sheffield Moorfoot Market bakes and sells Exellant sourdough bread (SUPERB) but can be ordered. They do bake the best bread in Sheffield.
  17. Try Autoways Bodyshop on the road at the back of Macro They are spot on with everything
  18. VAR today has rescinded a RED card for Basham today. First positive for us after 16 games
  19. Totally agree with you. No one was very exited when the teamsheet was announced and CW explaining changes to come during the afternoon was very surprising and to me was part of the defeat The Magpies came for a fight and didn't really get one tonight Onwards and upwards and see what the Canaries can do to us UTB
  20. Warnock would shake your players up and kickstart your season' hope this is true for you
  21. Any views on the 3rd round draw for the local teams? The Blades were knocked out by a non-league team at this stage last year at home so will history repeat itself? The Owls match should tell the supporters as to what standard they are at. Rotherham not through yet All the best anyway.
  22. I'm a supporter of both the Uniteds that played on Sunday but I am a Blades Supporter for nearly 70yrs but have admired and followed the results of Manchester since Matt Busby was manager but on Sunday they learned a lesson from us I'm a supporter of both the Uniteds that played on Sunday but I am a Blades Supporter for nearly 70yrs but have admired and followed the results of Manchester since Matt Busby was manager but on Sunday they learned a lesson from us
  23. Mousset was clobbered early in the game and it slowed him down, he is an excellant buy, fast,strong and reads the game well
  24. No disrespect for Jaggers but I think if John Egan had played Man Utd would not have got any shots in. Our goalkeeper played well and no chance with the goals
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