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  1. Well its getting nearer the time that she comes home it seems a lifetime but on the 11th Dec she will be in her new loving home but this week Lilly has to go for an operation to have her eyes tacked as her head hasnt grown into her wrinkles just yet So im hopeing my little bundle of joy will pull through and be ok she is booked into Chapel House Vets in Chesterfield on the 14th for her 1st Vacc and to let Chris who specilises in this breed to check her eye op but i know i have alot of people waiting for her pics i promise they will be up very soon xxx
  2. well i drove past past earlier and a man was lying on floor,scenes of crime were taking photographs when i drove back past so i wreckon a fatality but who knows there was also a jacket laid on floor just in front of the brick wall
  3. Me and my partner are looking at music for the wedding were having All Angels - Songbird to walk down the isle Take That- Rule the world to walk out with for our first dance Goo Goo Dolls- Iris and the song i picked to dance with my dad is Lauther Vandross - Dance with my father but has anyone got any differant ?
  4. Hi all i have a lovely Ronald Joyce wedding dress for sale size 10 and 2 baby pink bridesmaids dresses all both dresses have tags on size 10 adult and age 6 child never been worn. The wedding dress had pink and white sequins on and gems with a mirange skirt with clear gems on it beautiful dress first to see will buy want £100 for wedding dress and £50 for bridesmaid dresses message me for any more details i do have pics
  5. Hi me and my partner booked our wedding reception at stars n mayfair few week back for August next year we booked the wedding package to but we heard off our balloon lady that they are stopping the champange arrival and instead they are putting an extra 50 onto the buffet
  6. As the posts above me and my partner see this guy on a regular basis when were visiting family in Sheffield he strolls up and down the A57 minding his own business i have never seen this man shout abuse or spit and i have been driving past this guy now for the last 2 years 3 maybe 4 times a week on my way from Worksop to Sheff and Vise Versa, But over the past few week we havent come across him and its weird to not see him there somewhere on the stretch of road he walks on every day. I really hope he is ok and nothing serious has happened if the guy is happy to do this good luck to him least hes not sat on his ass doing sweet F.A allowing the benifits system to pay for him to sit in a chair and watch tv. Least hes out and about keeping fit and enjoying somthing he likes weather he mentally ill or not
  7. I bought a wooden one today off the lady on ebay white with pink sash crnt wait now
  8. Well i have to travel to Barnsley to pick my kiddies up from their dads
  9. Hi where did you get yours from ?
  10. Im so glad you had a lovely day it sounds like you are very happy and with your quote im looking forward to mine next year me and my partner were talking about this the other night and he suggested that he put sumat over his eyes so he couldent see me lol but i am getting married to a joker but he worth every breath i take he amazing and makes everyone laugh and smile my wedding day carnt come soon enough we already booked and payed deposit for most things so everything will be paid off by Feb 2012 then chill out time till big day x
  11. Thanyou i will have a peek i looked on Amazon to but just wondered if there anywhere in Sheffield that do them ?
  12. http://www.bloominlovelys.co.uk web page for her
  13. Hi were using Bloomin Lovelys for our wedding things she does chair covers balloon flowers etc she excellent lovely lady she called Sue look her up on Google xxx
  14. Can anyone tell me where i can purchase a wedding wishing well ???
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