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  1. If you live in a block of flats you will have this problem. Its why the postboxes are all in the entrance lobby (usually) and you know this when you buy/rent the place so my sympathy is limited. Would you expect your postman to enter the building and go around putting the mail through each and every door instead?
  2. Of what? Women being used against their will? They looked happy enough to me. Comparing that place to the convictions you mentioned is utterly ridiculous
  3. I watched that documentary about City Sauna, it was such a shame those women were having a gun held to their heads being forced to work there....
  4. I was unaware that David Blunkett was in charge of Sheffield/Rotherham (depending on where this actually is!) planning decisions. When was this?
  5. The function room at the top of that hill on the crossroads has been knocked down recently as well.
  6. It doesnt matter in the case of the OP, he only rents. So the landlord will probably want to put the rent up :hihi:
  7. Thats all well and good guys but how much do they charge for parking in Juba, South Sudan? if they can do it for free then we are all being ripped off(!!!)
  8. Are you sure about this? My understanding was that the gardens was deemed to be in the unsafe area for felling and the trees were on the pavement/outside the garden?
  9. Good, blocking people only doing their jobs no doubt, and refusing to move when asked to do so. ---------- Post added 08-02-2017 at 12:03 ---------- I see someone on the STAG Facebook group has come up with a suggestion of putting steel nails into the trees to try and make chopping them down more difficult. He was rightfully shouted down . An utterly moronic suggestion.
  10. You could always create articles for those people if they dont have one already, it gives your argument more clout.
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