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  1. You could try Asda but can be pot luck with sizes if your confident on size you can go for click and collect usually ready in a few days to collect.
  2. I can assure you there is only one painted in Mainline colours it's the one mentioned by RollingJ. There isn't a 56 plate one or certainly not one what's in public service anyway.
  3. Wentworth doesn't have many shops or shopping mall. No railway line it has Hoober Stand up on the hill, but no refectory that I know of. But it's a nice affluent area with lovely churches. A great garden centre (if you've got deep pockets). Close by there's Elsecar it has a sort of shopping mall(Heritage Centre) with a café in the middle. with big green space across from the heritage centre, 2 railway lines (Although one is Heritage) but again no refectory and wouldn't say it was affluent. Don't think it's either of these two areas and I keep looking back at this thread because I want to know what area OP is thinking of it's bugging me now 🙂
  4. As mentioned the 98 is your best bet it's a more frequent service then the other services you've mentioned approx. every 20mins plus runs at night too. Depending on your fitness there's also the 7/8 from Penistone Rd(SWFC Ground) approx. every 10mins combined daytime and quicker to town if that's where your wanting to travel to. But your looking at probably a 10min walk at a steady pace.
  5. I used e-mail to contact the council tax department about a year ago after not getting through on the phone it was regarding paying back some council tax after they calculated the bill wrong. I made them an offer on the e-mail and just went ahead and paid the amount I was offering approx. 9 months later I got a response sorry for the delayed response(Seriously) But we cannot accept your offer of re-payment which was nice of them considering it was now paid off. You couldn't make it up. As for Veolia I have only had the need to contact them about 3/4 times but have always got through no problem and the request dealt with without hassle. Although it's more than a year ago since I last contacted them.
  6. Maybe what Elvis1935 is saying is. Example: If someone goes to machine for cash and only has say £10.50 in their account. They decide to withdraw £10 for some food. Machine withdraws £10 from their account but doesn't give them the cash this leaves them with 50p in their account. Now let's assume they've got an account without an overdraft facility or a pre-paid card. Then they're stuffed. Me personally I have 2 Credit Cards as back-ups for emergencies or if a machine eats my card (Personal experience). But I usually pay by card these days and rarely use a cash machine.
  7. It must have been a few years ago as they said they were heading to the Roundabout(Now long gone)
  8. There seems to be some confusion on here about Royal Mail buildings. Just to clarify the old Royal Mail building on Fitzalan Square is no longer anything to do with Royal Mail, I believe this now belongs to the university. The other Royal Mail building a few hundred yards away on Pond St is still used by Royal Mail and in everyday use.
  9. Knock it down if it's not that important, I'm sure we'll all be fine.
  10. Looks to me like the traffic light camera just before Lidl on Halifax Rd. There's also speed cameras around here a few hundred yards up the road.
  11. Currently operators have to offer a cash option for travel. Somehow London managed to get round this but no other area can go cashless.
  12. I've driven on the road hundred's of times. People state the design is poor. If you drive sensibly then the design shouldn't be an issue. Years ago I used to see some very idiotic driving on the road which put the drivers and other road users at risk. Lately it does appear drivers are a bit more sensible, although there's still the occasional idiot. Especially coming down towards Deepcar towards the rocks. Often overtaking when the painted lines clearly mean no overtaking. Trucks often doing over 40mph which is the speed limit on this road for trucks, I feel partly due to the fact they don't want to drive at 40mph as they know other vehicles will be inpatient and try to overtake when they either shouldn't or it's not safe to do so.
  13. Sorry re-read OP message and I thought they arrived at Doncaster Airport but there’s no mention of this they arrive at Stansted then get train to Doncaster. I tried to be helpful but failed :-) Anyway to be less helpful I think a taxi is the only realistic option of getting to Sheffield at that time.
  14. There's Stagecoach bus 737 what runs from Doncaster Airport to Sheffield.https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/timetablefinder.aspx?searchtext=737 Departs Robin Hood Airport at 2145 & 2245.
  15. CityBus Sheffield. You can use any bus in Sheffield regardless of operator is £4.50 for the day. Unless your travelling out of Sheffield then the price is more.
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