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  1. You could also report it to the Council for littering. I did this when I saw someone launch a drinks can from the car in front on a motorway slip road. The Council in question were excellent in following it up and issuing a fixed-penalty notice. Hopefully that person will think again before polluting our environment.
  2. Presumably the cost of cleaning up this area of the city is many, many times the cost of this video. Rather than being reactive all the time, the Council is trying to be proactive by investing in education to try and change behaviour and reduce clean up costs. What's the problem?
  3. Hi all - does anyone have the contact details for a builder called Josh Green? Company Green Development. He did some work on our house a few years back - no complaints! - but we're now selling our house and could just do with a chat about something. Josh, if you're reading this please drop me a DM. Just to reiterate - his work was great, but just need details of something that was on an old email account that I can no longer access.
  4. Start a thread asking if beer is getting expensive in Sheffield... ...then complain when people who know what they're talking about comment...
  5. Well, at least there's that. Ok, we're not going to agree on this and clearly anything else is going to get moderated, which is a shame. But to round off: I'm honestly not some sensitive snowflake, but I don't think this is is acceptable and every comment I've seen on Twitter agrees. I guess the test will be whether it's still here in 3 months time...
  6. Lots of things are well established on the internet that aren't appropriate to be used to sell burgers.
  7. I don't know if you've trolling, but this really is absolute nonsense. I can't think of any restaurants that have "changed from one genre to the next". I'm not sure how long exactly they've been there, but Vito's for example has awards on their website going back to 2012. So at least six years. Rowsha similarly has been there years and recently doubled in size. As did Italian Express. Blind Monkey has just had a fortune spent on it. Walkley Beer Company is packed every night it opens. Rose House, whilst not to my taste, is always busy. I'm not saying the cafe bar wouldn't have been great for Walkley, and you're right that it's not as vibrant as Abbeydale or Ecclesall Road. But it isn't anywhere near as bad as you're making out.
  8. What's unprofessional about requesting people only call them during office hours? That's almost the definition of a professional business...?! I heard her on Chris Evans, she sounded great fun and I really want to try one of her pies. I hope she gets a good uptick in business because of it.
  9. Hundreds of sword dancers set to compete in Sheffield Sheffield will play host to hundreds of sword dancers this weekend (24 March), when the Dancing England Rapper Tournament (DERT) 2018 is held in the city. The biggest folk dance competition of its kind, the annual event sees ‘rapper’ dance teams from across the UK and overseas descend on the host city for a weekend of competitive dancing. This year 28 teams will be competing in Sheffield, including several from America and Europe, meaning over 400 sword dancers and musicians will be taking part. Rapper dancing is a traditional folk dance hailing from the North East of England. Fast and furious, it involves five people dancing with flexible swords known as ‘rappers’. The dance is usually performed in tight spaces such as pubs and includes intricate, inter-woven figures, high-speed spins, forward and backward somersaults, fast percussive stepping and interlocked swords known as ‘locks’. DERT 2018 will see teams perform at five Sheffield pubs, as well as Sheffield Cathedral, on Saturday 24th March. At each venue expert judges will award points to teams based on a number of criteria, including sword handling, stepping, kit and music. In the evening, a sold-out showcase and prize-giving at the Cathedral will see this year’s DERT champions crowned in front of over 600 rapper fans. The event is being organised by Sheffield Steel Rapper, one of Sheffield’s two rapper teams, who have been performing in the city and across the country since 2012. Laura English-Rose, part of the DERT 2018 organising committee, said: “It’s a huge honour to be hosting DERT in Sheffield and we can’t wait to welcome the world’s best rapper teams to our city. Rapper is an exciting, vibrant form of folk dance which is seeing growing numbers taking part every year. Sheffield is the city of morris and folk dance, so we know that audiences here are going be really enthusiastic about the performances, which always makes for a great atmosphere.” The competition starts at 11:00 and continues until 4:30. Dancing will take place at: The Church House, The Dove & Rainbow, Shakespeare’s, The Hillsborough Hotel, The Ship Inn and Sheffield Cathedral. For more information on the competition, including a full schedule of dance timings, team profiles and merchandise, visit https://www.dert2018.com, https://www.facebook.com/rappertournament, or follow @dert2018 on Twitter.
  10. (My bold) I think that's exactly it. You can't watch a movie and have some food out from the internet. The high street can't just be about shops - it has to give people other reasons to come into town. The planned bowling alley on the Moor will add to this. That's why I think the new city centre proposals by the council are pretty sensible; offices and residential to actually get more people based/living in the middle of town, combined with things you can't do from the internet, like the food hall and restoration of Leah's Yard for small, bespoke makers.
  11. I'm not so sure. There's only, what, three? Gerties, Pie Cafe and this new one? Oh and Gerry's I suppose, but that's pretty basic coffee and baked products. I think there's still space for more food-focused places in Walkley. Gerties on a weekend is absolutely packed, for example.
  12. Pedestrian struck on busy Sheffield road: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/pedestrian-struck-on-busy-sheffield-road-1-9038376
  13. http://www.welcometosheffield.co.uk/visit/news/2018/feb/20/sheffield-welcomes-uk-s-longest-running-folk-festival
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