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  1. my treatment room is above the salon called international hair salon is right in city centre , will try on that , thank you so much , kannika
  2. i have Facebook page on the name of Mind & Sole Sheffield massage . migth try some more advertise on is a bit more but as i am from Thailand is can be a bit tricky about writing but will try to get some help , many thanks
  3. thank you all for great advice .i have now done the flyer and give away to people and put advert in here as sheffield forum. Is be nice to go on the radio but dont know where to start or who to contact but will try to find out ?
  4. HI . I have been open up for warm bamboo massage in sheffield town city center and been open about nearly 2 month now but can anyone suggested some idea how am I going to advertising it so people know what it is all about? Thank you so much for all your advice
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