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  1. You could try contacting/visiting the Polish Club on Eccleshall Road. Many of the old guys from that era went there. Someone may know something. What was his name by the way?
  2. Iv'e spotted some in the past, very close together. Turns out they were jets re fueling
  3. I'me not sure but I think my mum was the girl that makes the thing that drills the hole that holds the ring that drives the rod that turns the knob that works the thing-ummy bob Sorry couldn't resist that ;-)
  4. Try phoning this guy in Greasbrough. He makes them. Pro Custom 01709 555146 http://www.procustom.co.uk/
  5. Another yes for Stuart at Bill Beevers:thumbsup:
  6. I remember that, in Bourn Housteads wood basically on our old school cross-country course. I can’t remember why I was there, probably a mate heard about it. We were stood at the top of the first uphill section above the brook crossing. (We hated that bit on our cross country runs). In reality we hated it all. Bikes funnelled down from the start to the narrow crossing and just vanished into to quagmire. Strange how the odd memories that spring to mind. Thanks for reminding me how old I’m getting.
  7. I also agree with the dog problem/annoyance:thumbsup: No probs with laces though. I wear wellies:roll:
  8. The C0-Op was next door to Marriots (or very close} I cant remember the name of the fruit and veg shop just down from Lakins though Also It's Craven Road ;-)
  9. I remember on that was to do with an apocalypse or nuclear war. Some bits shot in the Ponds St area when they were doing some major re development. The title shots pictures a Traffic Warden with a bandaged head carrying a rifle. Can't remember the name though. Some shots also at the old Royal Infirmary
  10. Here is a war story linked to the good people of Treeton. My mother, aunty and gran were bombed out of their house on City road. (there is still a gap where the house was) As they sorted themselves out on the road a lorry carrying some miners stopped to help them. It was decided that the miners would give up their ride for them and they were taken to Treeton where a family put them up for (I don’t know how long). My Gran was an auxiliary at The Sheffield Infirmary where she walked to and from each day. I think the family that put them up was called Rutherford.
  11. Must admit I didn’t use the Duke much, I was a Crown and Wellow man(boy). But I happened to pass there yesterday and thought the same. Very sad the way it’s turned out down there. ---------- Post added 22-10-2017 at 11:23 ---------- Wot! You want to demolish the Lidl and a legendary chippie?
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