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  1. If I was you, I'd just start writing! The hardest part is staring at a blank page. Once you get going, it get's easier. Don't worry about it being perfect - you can always edit it later. It's a lovely feeling editing your work into something good! Maybe write a loose (one page) plan of how you'd like it to go, beginning, middle and end, and take it from there. Good luck!
  2. Of course it's wrong. It's dividing people up into 'us and them', and sewing hatred of the 'other'.
  3. Thank you so much for everyone who downloaded! My book is now for sale on amazon, if anyone's interested Just search for Blowfish by H L FOX, (don't want to post a link in case it's against the rules!) Thank you to everyone who got in contact and offered support - It means a lot:thumbsup:
  4. A book! A whole book, by myself! I'm right proud AND, I'm going to publish it on 1/12/16! Anyone who wants to pick up a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review on Goodreads or amazon, it's here, on instafreebie. It's a crime novel, set in Sheffield and London. I'd say over 18's only, due to subject matter. Here's the blurb: Someone is watching. Still on maternity leave from Scotland Yard, Detective Inspector Rose Porter is asked to come back to investigate the disappearance of the troubled son of a family friend. Initially reluctant to become involved, her detective instincts draw her into the case. What at first looks like a simple lovers' quarrel turned bad takes a darker turn, as the clues lead her into the world of internet trolling, stalking, and harassment. The trail Rose follows collides with a much bigger open case: women are being abused online, and then they vanish. Rose is determined to find out how the two cases fit together, even as other officers warn her that she's interfering in their own investigation. She tries to let it go but she can't. Because now she's the target. Thanks for reading!
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